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I watched Disney's Robin Hood last night. Things I wanted to say during the movie but didn't because the point of the exercise was Not Typing:

* If Little John is so heavy the Sheriff and his men wouldn't be able to get his neck in the noose, how did Robin Hood—a MUCH smaller than either Little John or the Sheriff—swing Little John and himself into the tree where they're having this conversation?

* Romani stereotypes, enough said. Also are those clip-ons or did Robin legit pierce his ears at some point? I doubt clip-ons, somehow...

* Helium balloons. In the reign of Richard Lionheart.

* Why do I have the feeling this movie is a lot more intensely political in the current climate? ETA: omg A POX ON THE PHONY ORANGE POTUS
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Robin Hood stories (and their success/popularity) are often a response to the political climate! King Arthur, too, usually at different times. (Which is why I am somewhat bemused that both have been adapted for the BBC in recent years. Though I guess Robin Hood is a lot less recent than it feels now, because I know I was watching it during my first degree...)
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Because Robin is magic.

That is the answer to all of these questions except for the unfortunate Romani stereotypes. Helium balloons: magic. Swinging Little John around: magic. Robin is a trickster demi-urge of the forest and no limitations can be placed upon him.


(This was my faaaavouuuuriiiiite movie as a child, after I had moved on from The Jungle Book, aka "boy, wan' watch BOY".)
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Romani??? IIRC, they hadn't arrived in Europe yet by the time of King John's death in the early 13th century. Is that one of the stereotypes you mean?
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Yes, that.
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He totally had them pierced yup.

I always figured that Little John and Robin had that maneuver rehearsed and part of it was Little John just asserting himself to make sure he was in the right position for it.

It super is. It SUUUUUPER is.