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ahahaha apparently I'm writing a 375-word story about pancake rebellions. because [personal profile] lonespark said over Ana Mardoll way,
Also I feel like "Rebellions are built on (fill-in-the-blank)" could be a good writing prompt?

"Some rebellions, they say, are built on hope. That might be true, but if I had to pin it down I'd say this one was built on a fanatical devotion to high-quality pancakes."
and someone said "I would read that" and I observed I'd just upthread advertised my fiction sale so "Pay me; one pancake rebellion coming right up!" and someone who perhaps desires to remain unnamed dropped $15 in my Paypal.

...shit what exactly makes a high-quality pancake. (Not Bisquick! Which is possibly all I've ever used.) [personal profile] madgastronomer? *pokes Google*

ETA: I wrote the thing. Lemme make sure it's good and then I'll post it.


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Which culture are you writing in? Different cultures have different pancakes...
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Could do, but in the USA you have both british and french (oh, and dutch) pancake influences, so you kind of have the makings of a pancake war of independence!
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And a buckwheat one...

But I wouldn't put baking powder in. Or vanilla. Or Malted Milk powder...
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[personal profile] madgastronomer 2017-06-29 04:28 pm (UTC)(link)
Crepes are crepes, which are different from pancakes.
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But I still wouldn't use those ingredients for English pancakes...
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Well done
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I'm going to generally agree with your uncle here, although I've never had pancakes with malted milk before.

Qualities of a good US-style pancake: loft or fluffiness, tenderness, flavor.

Not personally a fan of buckwheat, but definitely a valid choice.
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Ehehehe! Love it.

Buckwheat and buttermilk. *sage nod*
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also: belatedly, I was going to say a good inspiration for a pancake rebellion is either (a) it is fuel for the rebel forces; (b) some sort of pancake brand with Aunt-Jemima type racist a advertising? I don't know

I am very excite to see what you came up with!