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Silly-ass question.

Pennsylvania State University tells me &‌amp;#988; should get a capital digamma, &‌amp;#990; capital qoppa (or koppa, I suppose), and &‌amp;#992; capital sampi. I need these for in-story math reasons. Now, in the previous instances of the entities I escaped the ampersand; in the next instances, I shall not: &‌#988; &‌#990; &‌#992;

Please observe how I'm not getting the pretty symbols. But ē gives me the e-with-macron ē no trouble, and ✓ you see is the checkmark that ✓ is meant for! And if I copy-paste the symbols I want directly from PSU's page, like Ϝ Ϟ Ϡ, I have no trouble—but I like the HTML entities for reasons and I am confused.

What is the problem here? :(

*previews* wait why is the escaping the ampersand not working either? o_O

ETA for DW support benefit: typing these out so it better be the right ampersand: Ϝ should result in Ϝ and screenshotting: and saving and then viewing and then screenshotting... Editing again but this time I am copy-pasting from above: &‌amp;#990; &‌#990; and screenshotting: and saving and viewing and screenshotting...
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I am confused beyond the dreams of copypasta because I as seeing strings of symbols and digits whether or not you have escaped the ampersand.

It's all Greek to me, alas.
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Hmm. Were you using the RTE and or Word to write this entry by any chance? (Kinda clutching at straws here. You should probably open a support request instead of paying attention to me.)
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Hmm. W3c schools indicates that Ϝ and Ϝ and Ϝ should all display digamma, Ϟ and Ϟ should display koppa, and Ϡ and Ϡ should display sampi. Maybe it's a font thing? *hits preview, watches it work* ... okay, IDEK what I did there, I just copied the numbers out of the example under "try it" on
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I don't know! My only thought is that somehow in trying to escape those ampersands, you confused the unicode reader and it decided to not parse anything? But that doesn't make sense either!