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"Wishlists are only for December!" "JULY."

"Wishlists are only for December!" "JULY."*

Why should the sharing around of wishlists be restricted to the shopping season for the (heavily Christian-inflected) December festival of Commercialmas?

Write out a list of things you really want. Don't be afraid to include expensive things, and don't be afraid to write an extensive list (to wish is not to be greedy), but don't leave out things that don't cost any money. Then, when you see someone else's wishlist, consider how you might fulfill one of the wisher's requests.

No one is obligated to fill anyone else's wishes, but please do try to make some wishes come true: this is simply a good-cheer effort to increase the kindness and generosity on display in the world.

Happy gifting!

* pun intended :P

I'm going to sort my wishlist by price tag, for reasons. PM me for mailing address if applicable :) but (1) moving here (2) honestly expecting hardly any y'all can afford to look more expensive on the list than "Freeeeee" anyway. I'm also gonna just toss my Paypal here, and also bump my fiction sale.

$$$$ / beyond price
* a promise that neither Betsy DeVos nor President Orange will be tanking the nonprofit-or-governmental-employment federal-student-loan forgiveness program
* an all-expenses-paid, guaranteed-safe trip to Greece for a month or so, with an interested friend or three
* an all-expenses-paid, guaranteed-safe trip to Ireland for a month or so, with an interested friend or three
* enough money to clear out my credit card debt (est. $13,000)
* enough money to finish my bachelor's at OSU (est. $10,000)
* actual emergency fund (est. $2000)
* the IUP student loan paid off (est. $1200)

* the OSU student loan paid off (est. $800)
* new twin mattress (est. $400)
* new laptop (est. $400)
* new phone (est. $200)
* Queer Religion ($121)

* Prayer in Greek Religion ($85 used)
* Queer Spiritual Spaces ($60)
* the wooden tarot and the earthbound oracle ($55)
* Pagan Priests ($45)
* Disability/Postmodernity ($44)
* Ancient Greek Religion ($34)
* Structure and History in Greek Mythology and Ritual ($31)
* The Seer in Ancient Greece ($30)
* Savage Energies ($27)
* Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, Vol. 2 ($25)
* The Earth, the Temple, and the Gods ($25)
* Athenian Religion ($25 used)
* Children and Childhood in Classical Athens ($23)
* The Flavor Bible ($23)
* Delphi ($22)
* Inside Out ($20)
* The Oracle ($16)
* Food of the Gods ($15)
* Women's Work ($15)
* Gulliver's Travels / The Odyssey ($15 used)
* Eleusis ($14 used)
* Mindful Eating ($14)
* Fire in the Head ($12)
* American Gods ($12)

* The Food and Wine of Greece ($9 used)
* The Philosopher's Kitchen ($8 used)
* The Complete Greek Cookbook ($7 used)
* Ritual ($7 used)
* The Spoken Word Revolution redux ($7 used)
* Writing the Sacred into the Real ($6 used)

* fic from any of my previous [community profile] jukebox_fest requests
* fic from any of my previous [community profile] once_upon_fic requests
* fic of fairy tales with lots more queerness and transness and disability and whatnot
* recs for stories that treat polytheistic religion respectfully
* comments and/or kudos on [ profile] EllieMurasaki fanworks, especially more recent stuff

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