Aug. 11th, 2012

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I am conducting a Scientific Experiment, to wit, measuring the effect of alcohol on [personal profile] alexseanchais. I may have misremembered the size of a standard drink and therefore had more than I was planning, and all at once because I don't actually like the taste of even the most tolerable-tasting alcohol I have experienced.

How do people think they can drive when they know they've had alcohol recently? Because the only reason I am typing coherently is because the F and J keys have the little bumps on them and my fingers know what they're doing. The keyboard is NOT WHERE IT APPEARS TO BE. If the keyboard's not, then the road and the steering wheel aren't either. I am not curious enough to test my reflexes.

Also I am feeling cheated. I know many stories of people who are most creative while under the influence and I am NOT FEELING IT. But then it's only been half an hour. The night is young. (I am not, however, having any more alcohol. My head is not screwed on straight and I do not like it.)


alexseanchai: quill, ink bottle, and calligraphy (Default)
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