Aug. 22nd, 2012

alexseanchai: Sydney Imbeau as Claire as Castiel in Supernatural, killing a demon (Clairestiel)
[ profile] kamikazeremix signups are open, and I'm no closer to figuring out what I want remixed than I was a month ago. Something focused on a female character, for sure. RPF isn't allowed, which wouldn't bother me except I'd like to see what someone else does with my Sam/Genevieve, so while I wait for the official mod ruling on French Mistake fics, what female-focused Supernatural fic of mine would you like to see someone else's take on? Minimum word count for fics submitted for remixing is five hundred words, and I have most of four pages of those on AO3, but if there's a gem among the teenyfics that you want to see expanded upon, go ahead and mention it, I might just expand it myself and then submit the expanded version for remixing. (The Sam/Genevieve is under two hundred words, so.)


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