2012-Oct-27, Saturday

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I will be debt-free—no student loans, no car loan, no credit card debt, no personal loans, nothing—and ready to move into an apartment all my own on or before October 1, 2015, at which point I will also have at least $1000 in a savings account designated 'emergency fund', at least $1000 in a different savings account designated 'apartment furnishings & sundries', and total savings of at least $3500. I will achieve this without reducing my contribution to my 457(b) account (which does not count toward the $3500 savings) below $50 per paycheck or my contribution to the State Employees' Charitable Campaign below $25 per paycheck. I will achieve this by snowballing payments on my existing debts, moving $50 per paycheck directly into savings, and not spending shit beyond the $50 per paycheck allotted for spending shit plus any excess from the allotments for gas and food, though I will endeavor to put any such excess toward debt and savings equally.


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