2014-Nov-19, Wednesday

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So there are friending memes and things going around and people might see me around and want to get to know me a little! Therefore, this post. (Which is edited from its initial version, because I decided to turn it into my sticky post.)

I am increasingly posting almost everything under lock instead of publicly. I do not particularly care for this change, but certain persons who I do not care to name make it necessary.

I tend to grant access in sporadic batches, after I have got to know people well enough to recognize your respective handles. I realize this is an approach that, in combination with the previous paragraph, makes it difficult to make friends.

A note about journal rules: Don't be ableist. Don't be racist. Don't be sexist or homophobic or transphobic or or or or. I'm not perfect on any of these issues, I admit, but to the best of your ability, keep the bigotry out of my journal.

I am:

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If you have been banned from my journal and still wish to speak to me? Don't.


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