2017-Jan-08, Sunday

#yuletide, y'all

2017-Jan-08, Sunday 13:09
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(1:08:06 PM) AlexSeanchai: also I found two pennies in the laundry room
(1:08:09 PM) AlexSeanchai: I am a wealthy queer
(1:08:21 PM) Kaesa|8726: well that's your two cents.

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2017-Jan-08, Sunday 18:29
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Task Manager says my desktop C: disk is using 100% suddenly and for no apparent reason? (I am not sure what metric this is even on, because disk space isn't it.) And taking deciseconds instead of milliseconds to respond? And making a loud humming noise that is worrying me? I restarted the machine and it's still at it? ???

...I did order the new machine, it'll be here Tuesday, but I would like this one not to do confusing things in the meanwhile. Especially since I don't expect I'll have time to set up the new one till Friday.

...and now I have typed this entry, it's back to quiet, millisecond response times, and a use graph spiking from nil to medium. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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