2017-Feb-01, Wednesday

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I accidentally a thrifting. Because of reasons.

So now I have a doll, and a stand for her. (She came with a pretty floral bonnet and dress to match, and bloomers, socks, and booties. But those won't, like, do.) Cloth body, and I think the head, hands, and feet are ceramic? Bigger than a Barbie, but I can't find my ruler so I'm not sure dimensions beyond that.

There's a couple stains on the body and a mark on the face. How do I best remove these without damaging the doll?

Short of buying a Barbie hairbrush, best way to detangle the hair?

How might I go about [finding someone who will be competent at] changing her eyes from brown to gray without spoiling the look of her?

(Did I mention I don't own a sewing machine, can't sew a straight seam with or without a sewing machine, and don't need more craft projects to never finish? But, um.)

(I believe I shall begin the embroidery on the peplos, once I acquire suitable materials which probably won't be terribly soon, with an eight-spoked circle that people will graciously admit bears some resemblance to a spider and thus evokes the story of Arakhne.)


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