2017-Feb-09, Thursday

Silly question

2017-Feb-09, Thursday 21:31
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It occurred to me I need, during the doll prep process, to apply spiritual/energetic/magical cleansing techniques. Lustral water is safe for doll, I'm sure, or at any rate plain water didn't do damage before. Obviously sound cleansing will do no harm either. The silly question is, do I need to worry about the smell of smoke from a candle or an incense? I know cigarette smoke can stick to dolls, but I'm not sure how much smoke exposure is necessary for that to be a concern.

I'm planning "work on doll" as my bribe for completing at least three, sometime this weekend, of:

✓ fold and away all the laundry, including that washed and dried this weekend
✓ visible progress on living room chaos
* visible progress on bedroom chaos
* clean bathroom
* clean kitchen
* at least 500 words written on any one of Val Brown, a memoir, or a Hellenion project


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