2017-Mar-01, Wednesday

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There is a spoiler on Facebook for Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2017). To wit: spoiler and commentary )
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..dear past!Alex: what was your reasoning for buying identical sets of melting/pouring pots for candlemaking and soapmaking and not labeling them? I'm very interested.

(I suspect the set with the candle thermometer in is the candlemaking set. But I can't prove it.)

(I will go to bed hours earlier than usual, I promise.)

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2017-Mar-01, Wednesday 20:25
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Is something wrong with the Feedly website? It keeps refreshing and refreshing and refreshing and making it impossible to actually read any of the aggregated stories.

ETA: My problem seems actually to be Firefox. Because a Facebook group and Little Red Tarot are also affected, and I am here informed that other people are experiencing no problems with Feedly.


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let me hear your voice tonight

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