2017-Apr-15, Saturday

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2017-Apr-15, Saturday 12:18
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Heeeey so PSA for anyone who reads and/or comments on anything I write in this here Dreamwidth journal:

Ableism is banned in my space.

Do not insult people whom you perceive as having capabilities—physical, mental, emotional, or etc—less than your own. Whether you think such people are listening or not.

Do not use language that insults and demeans disabled people. To name only a very few examples, "stupid", "lame", and "lazy" are forbidden words around here. I do not CARE what your reasoning for using such words is. (Unless such a word has been applied to you a few hundred times and you are claiming it with pride. I know a few people doing that with "lame".) Do not use such words. Do not use convoluted ways of conveying the insulting meaning without using the specific forbidden words.

Do not express support for measures to eliminate disabled people. For instance, do not express a desire to cure autism (nor to support Autism $peak$), to selectively abort Down's fetuses, or to legalize medically assisted suicide no matter how terminally ill or low-perceived-quality-of-life the patient.

Do not sympathize with abled parents or caretakers of disabled people who murder their disabled charges.

Do. Not. Be. Ableist. In. My. Space.

Got it? Good.
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