2017-May-15, Monday

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2017-May-15, Monday 11:39
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Either my recording of Thea purring really is just thirty seconds of static or I'm installing FFmpeg wrong on both desktop and laptop and thus Audacity isn,'t going to make any attempt to process the audio for conversion to mp3. Or both!

VLC admits only to the static—and I couldn't even hear that until I turned both VLC's and laptop's volume up as far as they'd go. :(

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2017-May-15, Monday 14:31
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Thea cannot find a comfy spot on my lap. She keeps getting up, walking around without getting off, and settling again.

Okay, kitty, time for more washcloth and bacitracin, and then I have to go to work.

...yes, Thea, the bathroom with the door closed is a place of hideous torment. (I managed to take off a couple scabs, which was probably more hurtful than helpful...)


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