2017-Jun-07, Wednesday

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2017-Jun-07, Wednesday 10:56
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I know a lot of organizations do the "be a pen pal with a prisoner" thing. (Offhand I know of Black and Pink, the Church of the Larger Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, and various smaller religious organizations. None of which, of course, are mine.)

Does anyone do, or has anyone done, this thing personally?

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2017-Jun-07, Wednesday 12:27
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[personal profile] umadoshi is wondering: "why the difference [between DW and LJ comms' activity levels]?" and "what (if anything) can maybe be done to change that?"

So I have a challenge for you:

Choose three Dreamwidth communities you subscribe to that you want to see more active. Post to each of your chosen comms this week.

Repeat challenge as you feel necessary :)

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2017-Jun-07, Wednesday 15:21
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Well that didn't go according to plan.

*resumes glaring at the academic works on Homeric-era looms*


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