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2017-Jun-26, Monday 01:11
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My LibraryThing says I have six books that weigh in excess of six pounds. Clearly one of those books is Books Georg, at ten thousand nine hundred pounds. But I detect no way to not count Books Georg here, or even to discern which record in my catalog is Books Georg—and there might be five more statistical outliers here!

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2017-Jun-26, Monday 12:30
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As I'm sure [personal profile] dialecticdreamer knew, my fabric for doll peplos and himation are not in fact unwrinkled, despite having spent hours and hours being flattened by piles of books. I have hung both pieces of fabric in the bathroom and shall now go take a long steamy shower. Then go buy gold or bronze spray paint for the helmet, and also one of those rectangular clear plastic rulers in adequate size so that I can use the rotary cutter I bought yesterday to cut the fabric to size!

After that, or anyway after shower, not necessarily after shopping, I need to deal with what is probably a dried cat vomit. (Under the coffee table, where one does not think to look.) How best, please? I've got spray-on carpet cleaner, which I think is my best option? ETA: carpet all clean \o/ thanks y'all

That's like five cat vomits in the past few days, after a month-plus of none, and also Thea is again not eating most of her food. I worry. What do?

YO [personal profile] synecdochic you know Thea—do I need to be picky about her dry food, and if so, what am I looking for?

Also it finally occurred to me that the way to keep Thea from breaking the blinds on my bedroom window is to raise the blinds some. There's blackout curtains, which is why it took forever for me to figure out where her hide is (it's the windowsill), so the light levels in my bedroom should be unaffected, but it is too late for several of the flat bits of blinds. Oh well; my security deposit here wasn't refundable anyway.

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2017-Jun-26, Monday 14:22
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I was going to have to run the dryer a second go anyway, so I took out the sufficiently dry stuff and threw in the peplos and himation fabric with a soaked washcloth on the principle that there wasn't enough water left in the insufficiently dry stuff to steam up and de-wrinkle the fabric. Which is now not not wrinkled, but certainly less wrinkled. Yay?

I think the saffron one shrank when I washed it before. I'm sure it and the violet started the same size. I hope it's still bigger than 18" x 19"? The violet I should be fine on 15" x 20", I think.

Errandy tiem!
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I am selling, and calling for prompts for, short stories. Send me money by Paypal and send me your handle and a prompt or three, either in the Paypal notes or in a comment or PM; I'll write a story to one of your prompts, length to be determined by dividing your Paypaled sum in dollars by $0.04/word. (Give or take. I figure if you pay for one thousand words and get eleven hundred, you won't object.)

I write best in fantasy and fairy tales. I love writing multiply marginalized characters. You can read a lot of my work at [archiveofourown.org profile] EllieMurasaki; let us not have the argument about whether stories that would be considered fanfiction without question were they written to present-day media canons are in fact fanfiction when the canons are public domain by age. (Because, you know, if a bunch of my most recent stuff on AO3 is fanfic, so is most of Disney's animated canon!) I particularly wish to point you to The Finch on the Apple Bough (an Aschenputtel retelling with an acearo Cinderella) and Learning Foresight (a modern-set trans-affirming retelling of part of the tale of Tiresias from Ovid's Metamorphoses) as exemplars of my current work.

I should warn you up front that this sale is a fundraiser for [thing I am not quite willing to talk about in public yet, because it is not quite 100% certainly happening] moving expenses for my sister and me to get an apartment together, one bedroom bigger than the apartment I'm in! Moving will take up epic fucktons of my time and energy in the next two months. So do not expect to receive your story until, idk, October? Though I shall certainly endeavor to get it finished and posted sooner!

If you buy a story having boosted the signal and linked me to where you boosted the signal, I'll bump up the word count you paid for by fifty words per signal boost. If you boost the signal without buying a story and link me to where you boosted the signal, drop me a prompt when you drop me the link and I'll write a three-sentence excerpt of a story to that prompt.

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer, as described at her journal, is offering more words to the same donation! Thank you, [personal profile] dialecticdreamer!

Fiction that has sprung from this:

Pride Parade
Pancake Rebellion and Maple Syrup Rebellion
an excerpt of the Phalēron novel ([locked])


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