2017-Jul-01, Saturday

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2017-Jul-01, Saturday 12:29
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Poetry folks who are Seanan McGuire fans, you want to go pledge $5/mo to her Patreon. The first poem's up and it's stellar and I already want to fanfic it.

I mean, you may not have the able-and-willing to go pledge $5/mo to McGuire's Patreon. But I'm pretty sure you want to. :-D

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2017-Jul-01, Saturday 17:25
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I went out to get my prescription and some photos and a pack of white zip ties. While out I put a foot wrong on the sidewalk and went down hard. I didn't actually hurt myself that badly—lost a square inch of skin and a couple drops of blood on the right knee; wasn't nearly so bad on the left or on the heel of either hand—but good fucking gods did it amp my overall pain levels from 6ish to 8ish what the fuck OW.

And I didn't even get the right zip ties. I got what Walgreens had, because I'd already banged myself up when I got to Walgreens and I didn't want to continue on to Walmart!


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