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Harry Potter sedoretu fic.

I call not writing it.

(I also call not mentioning it in Anne Walsh's hearing. Ever.)
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That would be the logical extension -- sadly, I can't see a functional sedoretu in the Harry's parents' generations (partly because we know almost no women other than Lily there).
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I think it's workable that you'd have a James/Lily/Sirius/Remus sedoretu in that universe - after all, James is going to marry Sirius one way or another, and Remus goes where Sirius goes - and that gives you a reason for Peter to feel excluded/unwanted enough to be targeted by Voldemort, and meanwhile it gives you delicious, delicious angst as Remus's sedoretu stops trusting him!

wriiite iiiit. aaat leeast the Harry/Ron/Hermione/Ginny veeeersion.
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I think I am missing something here. Are you opposed to sedoretu fic in general, or just in HP fandom?
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Ah. Gotcha. You're not into SGA at all, are you? I have a friend who's writing adorable SGA sedoretu right now.
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Yep, it's on AO3 - they're by Verity. So you've probably seen them. :)
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? What's the deal with Anne Walsh, whoever that is?

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It's fine, dear - Anne already writes it...
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From comments, this seems like an interesting thing. *s*