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Yuugi said, after Jounouchi stole a piece of the Puzzle but before Yuugi got to the point that that was the last piece left, that he'd never gotten this far on the Puzzle before. And then of course he solved it that same night. Strikes me as significant. How so, not sure...

Yuugi wasn't wearing a collar through most of that first episode of Season 0, or the corresponding manga chapter. Then he solves the Puzzle and poof, collar. Literally poof, in the anime; there simply isn't time for him to go anywhere between Yuugi putting the last piece in the Puzzle and Yami Yuugi confronting Ushio. (In the manga, there's plenty of time; Yuugi is at home when he finishes the Puzzle, not at the school like in the anime, and in both the confrontation with Ushio happens at the school.) Strikes me as significant. How so, not sure...
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Ugh, you're bringing up all my latent Yu-Gi-Oh feelings...

Okay, so, unfortunately, this story isn't on the internet anymore, and the only copy I've still got of it is on my dead computer which basically just a paperweight at this point, but...

There was this story, that explained all that, and I thought they did an excellent job. That Yami Yuugi chose to wear a collar, because he dipped inside Yuugi's head and that was something that Yuugi found intimidating, and Yami Yuugi was trying to intimidate Ushio. Because that's a large part of dealing with Shadows - presentation, and intimidation. If your opponent is not working with their full faculties, you have a better chance of winning, and when your soul could be the price of losing, you make and take every advantage you can. UGH, I WISH I STILL HAD THAT STORY SO I COULD SHOW IT TO YOU, because I feel the explanation was better than my attempts here.

Uh, not that I'm trying to force headcanons on you. But geez, now I'm thinking of returning to this fandom, because I had a lot of fun in it, once upon a time.
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I think that story was Bit of a Change by esama! I have a copy if you'd like it, Alex. In-story, Yuugi later continues to wear an actual physical collar as a symbol to himself of Yami's protection of him.


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I think she's gradually putting all her fic up on ao3 again, but that one's been unavailable anywhere but her yahoo group for a while, so I doubt it will be put back up.

What email shall I send it to, or would you prefer some other method of transfer?