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Title: Jump By Your Will
Rating: PG
Summary: So what's the real reason Sam said yes in "The End"? Spoilers for 5x21 "Two Minutes to Midnight".
Pairings: None.
Warnings: Nothing not seen in the episodes.
Word Count: 100

"Singer Salvage. I'm busy. Leave a message."

"Bobby, hey, it's Sam. Dean's number isn't working. Tell him—tell him everything's gonna be okay. I've got a plan. It's a crazy stupid plan, I know, but—when Dad was possessed, he beat the demon, right? He got control. If he could, I can, right? I know, I couldn't beat Meg, and Lucifer's stronger, but so am I. And I don't need to hold on long. Just long enough. So. Yeah. Tell him I—hell, just tell him to call me, my number's the same. I don't want to die thinking—"
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