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Take Me For What I Am Master Post

So. There are one hundred four fifteen lots of episodes of Supernatural to date; one hundred five sixteen lots plus one if we count the Ghostfacers webisodes as one full-length episode that's part of the series.

Alison Bechdel and Liz Wallace came up with a tripartite test for movies they're willing to watch. These movies must
1) have at least two female characters with speaking roles
2) who speak to each other
3) about something other than a man.

Most episodes of Supernatural fail the Bechdel test.

[personal profile] dira is, last I looked, writing a series of fics that fix all the episodes of Stargate SG-1 that fail Bechdel. My plan is to spend this hiatus of Supernatural going Dira one better: I'll write a Bechdel fixit fic for every episode of Supernatural.

Table courtesy of [ profile] 100_prompts; I'm swapping a table from [ profile] 10_prompts for the Writer's Choice line of the 100_prompts table, because I can and because that brings me to a total of 105 prompts. I'm also scamming a couple ten-prompt tables from [community profile] 100_women and adding a couple writer's choices, which I'm pulling from a 100_women fifty-prompt table, to bring this up to the sixth season finale, and another 100_women fifty-prompt table to cover the anime series and season seven. And a third such table to get through seasons eight and nine. And what the hell, the novels and comics. Title from "Take Me Or Leave Me" from RENT.

Take Me For What I Am

001.PilotCrash 002.WendigoDim 003.Dead in the WaterFutile 004.Phantom TravelerErratic 005.Bloody MaryLoved
006.SkinSoft 007.HookmanHold 008.BugsShackles 009.HomeBroken 010.AsylumPrecious
011.ScarecrowOdds and Ends 012.FaithTea 013.Route 666Twisted 014.NightmareEcho 015.The BendersSoothe
016.ShadowFight 017.Hell HouseNaked 018.Something WickedPush 019.ProvenanceAlive 020.Dead Man's BloodNew
021.SalvationBorn 022.Devil's TrapMurmur 023.In My Time of DyingDevious 024.Everybody Loves a ClownIsolation 025.BloodlustStarve
026.Children Shouldn'tBreakable 027.Simon SaidWinter 028.No ExitIgnore 029.The Usual SuspectsColour 030.Crossroad BluesGrace
031.CroatoanBelong 032.HuntedChoke 033.PlaythingsReach 034.NightshifterDifficult 035.Houses of the HolyHeat
036.Born Under a Bad SignVeneer 037.Tall TalesFall 038.RoadkillNightmare 039.HeartContagious 040.Hollywood BabylonGood riddance
041.Folsom Prison BluesGoodbye 042.What Should Never BeScarred 043.AHBL Part OneLast dance 044.AHBL Part TwoBurn 045.Magnificent SevenSteady
046.The Kids Are AlrightMonster 047.Bad Day at Black RockVoodoo 048.Sin CityShine 049.Bedtime StoriesIntent 050.Red Sky at MorningCamping
051.Fresh BloodGrave 052.Supernatural ChristmasMachine 053.Malleus MaleficarumDestination 054.Dream a Little Dream of MeNowhere 055.Mystery SpotGarden
056.Jus in BelloI know 057.GhostfacersDust 058.Long-Distance CallDream 059.Time Is On My SideDestiny 060.No Rest for the WickedSpring
061.Lazarus RisingSigh 062.Are You There, God?Fingertips 063.In the BeginningWaiting 064.MetamorphosisWhisper 065.Monster MovieRevenge
066.Yellow FeverJuly 067.It's the Great PumpkinDesire 068.Wishful ThinkingFree 069.Last SummerCelebration 070.Heaven and HellStars
071.Family RemainsMorgue 072.Criss AngelSpace 073.After School SpecialWhitewash 074.Sex and ViolenceAlone 075.Death Takes a HolidayComa
076.On the Head of a PinLetters 077.It's a Terrible LifePhone call 078.End of This BookMusic 079.Jump the SharkSilence 080.The RaptureCards
081.When the Levee BreaksEmblem 082.Lucifer RisingElephant 083.Sympathy for the DevilMonopoly 084.Good God, Y'allReality 085.Free to Be You and MeSerenity
086.The EndBone 087.Fallen IdolsChalk dust 088.I BelieveManuscript 089.Curious CaseInk 090.Changing ChannelsPerfection
091.The Real GhostbustersRing 092.Abandon All HopeDrive 093.Sam, InterruptedMissing 094.Swap MeatFull moon 095.The Song Remains the SameNew direction
096.My Bloody ValentineCell 097.Dead Men Don't Wear PlaidDeviate 098.Dark Side of the MoonEnclosed 099.99 ProblemsFollow 100.Point of No ReturnOcean
101.Hammer of the GodsPromise 102.The Devil You KnowLost 103.Two Minutes to MidnightBeginnings 104.Swan SongSnare 105.Ghostfacers WebisodesSilence II
106.Exile on Main St.Engineer 107.Two and a Half MenSun 108.The Third ManArouse 109.Weekend at Bobby'sRebel 110.Live Free or TwihardMountain
111.Handle the TruthOurs 112.Family MattersPolitics 113.All Dogs Go to HeavenFuneral 114.Clap Your HandsChoice 115.Caged HeatCulture
116.Appointment in SamarraJury 117.Like a VirginSanctuary 118.UnforgivenMild 119.Mannequin 3Fierce 120.The French MistakeTime
121.There Were NoneComeback 122.My Heart Will Go OnVeil 123.FrontierlandPride 124.Mommy DearestPathos 125.Would Be KingHuman
126.Let It BleedClaw 127.Knew Too MuchSmooth 128.Alter EgoBiology 129.RoadkillPain 130.HomeWine
131.Ghost on the HighwaySand 132.Savage BloodQueen 133.Till Death Do Us PartHistory 134.Temptation of the DemonElectricity 135.Everlasting LoveIllness/Disease
136.Spirit of VegasHorizon 137.MoonlightComedy 138.NightmareStranger 139.Darkness CallingTree 140.What Lives in the LakeCotton
141.ReunionSmoke 142.Devil's TrapFaith 143.In My Time of DyingGold 144.Rising SonAssumption 145.CrossroadCoffee
146.LoserTalent 147.What IsRun 148.AHBL 1Thirty 149.AHBL 2Walk 150.New BossTentacles
151.Hello Cruel WorldPurple 152.Girl Next DoorHeat 153.Defending Your LifeWolf 154.Shut Up, Dr. PhilSpirit 155.Slash FictionEra
156.The MentalistsVibration 157.Time for a WeddingToy 158.Win FriendsSurrender 159.Death's DoorDeep 160.BabysittingPages
161.Time After TimeFortune 162.Slice GirlsRain 163.Plucky Pennywhistle'sWeapon 164.Repo ManJudge 165.Out with the OldHigh
166.Born-Again IdentityBound 167.Party On, GarthFly 168.Of Grave ImportanceIcon 169.D&D TattooTrail 170.Reading is FundamentalTight
171.There Will Be BloodTantalize 172.Survival of the FittestFound 173.Talk About KevinSafe 174.Tiger MommyMinute 175.HeartacheRace
176.BittenReunion 177.Blood BrotherLight 178.Southern ComfortPeace 179.Slice of KevinPink 180.Hunteri HeroiciGlass
181.Citizen FangForbidden 182.Torn and FrayedWarrior 183.LARP and the Real GirlPrediction 184.As Time Goes ByCycle 185.Trial and ErrorSoundtrack
186.Everybody Hates HitlerUgly 187.Man's Best Friend with BenefitsSober 188.Remember the TitansHealth 189.Goodbye StrangerPanic 190.Freaks and GeeksSilk
191.Taxi DriverEducation 192.Pac-Man FeverLegend 193.The Great EscapistTeeth 194.Clip ShowIndecision 195.SacrificeVictim
196.9x01Girlfriend 197.9x02Cherry 198.9x03Fifty 199.9x04Alien 200.9x05Wilt
201.9x06Ghost 202.9x07Puberty 203.9x08Butterfly 204.9x09Mask 205.9x10Partner
206.9x11Penetrate 207.9x12Disarm 208.9x13Thirsty 209.9x14Invitation 210.9x15Criminal
211.9x16Temple 212.9x17Smoke 213.9x18Rock & Roll 214.9x19Consent 215.9x20Lock
216.9x21Bronze 217.9x22Magic 218.9x23Lipstick 219.Work 220.Witch's CanyonCourt
221.Bone KeySavior 222.Heart of the DragonPaper 223.Unholy CauseSimple 224.War of the SonsSilence 225.One Year GoneSnow
226.Coyote's KissLiar 227.Night TerrorRing 228.Rite of PassageMedal 229.Fresh MeatGrief 230.OriginsFight
231.Rising SonEach 232.Beginning's EndStar 233.Dogs of EdinburghNavigate 234.Supernatural Book of MonstersVoid 235.John Winchester's JournalVillain
236.Bobby Singer's GuideHope 237.Carved in FleshDarkness 238.Celestial 239.Beautiful 240.Awe

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[personal profile] somnolentblue 2010-05-15 06:10 am (UTC)(link)
I sincerely wish you the best of luck with that task.
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[personal profile] neotoma 2010-05-15 12:21 pm (UTC)(link)
wooo. You like a real challenge, don't you? I'm mean, there are entire episodes with no female characters at all!
neotoma: Gabriel is up to no good (Gabriel Up to No Good)

[personal profile] neotoma 2010-05-15 03:08 pm (UTC)(link)
Bystanders for the outsider POV! Could work!
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I look forward to all the Jo & Ellen fic. ;)
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[personal profile] darkemeralds 2010-05-15 06:49 pm (UTC)(link)
Dear god, you're a brave writer.

I don't think SPN is Bechdel-fixable without creating a whole slew of OFC's. Best of luck to you. I look forward to watching your progress on this.
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Great project idea.
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Oh my goodness gracious you have written so many!
I look forward to it and thank you!
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[personal profile] screamqueen 2012-09-04 04:46 am (UTC)(link)
This is amazing, wow!