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It's been a week since I posted the most recent Epic Bechdel fic wtfbbq gack.

Title: Take Me For What I Am: Dim
Rating: PG
Summary: Paramedics see a lot of domestic violence cases. Coda to 1x02 "Wendigo".
Pairings: None.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 160

The paramedic took Tommy's wrist, turning it over, then shifted her attention to the same marks on Haley. "These are ligature marks," she said. "You mind telling me what really happened?"

"We were attacked by a grizzly," Haley said steadily.

"Your hands were tied," the paramedic explained, as though Haley hadn't been hanging by her wrists from the ceiling. "If you don't want to press charges—"

"There's no charges to press," Haley interrupted.

"If you don't want to press charges," the paramedic repeated, "that's your business. And I can understand if you don't want to tell anyone what happened. But I take a dim view of people lying to me. Especially when they're not even trying to make it convincing."

Haley looked down at the bruises around her wrists.

"Sometimes a black eye really is from walking into a door," the paramedic continued. "But grizzlies don't use rope."

Haley looked up. "It was a grizzly. It's dead—it's gonna be dead," she corrected. "We're safe."

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Interesting. I like the juxtaposition of lies and lies here. I mean, how on earth do you tell the EMT that a wendigo decided to keep you like an Icelander keep salted whale?

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I love this little tag. Mostly because it's something that I often wonder about myself: How do the minor characters deal with the fallout?
And it's pretty difficult to come up with a convincing lie that explains claw wounds and ligature marks at the same time.

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After a little thinking I came up with: "There was a crazy guy trying to feed us to his dancing bear." Totally convincing, right? :D
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I love the idea of these codas and this one in particular. The real world implications aren't really shown on the show as much as they could be.

A little disturbing too, although I can't say exactly why.

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I really liked Haley and her devotion to her family. This was awesomesauce. And the little slip up at the end - great.