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let me introduce myself, I'm someone of beer wealth and champagne taste

So there are friending memes and things going around and people might see me around and want to get to know me a little! Therefore, this post. (Which is edited from its initial version, because I decided to turn it into my sticky post.)

I am increasingly posting almost everything under lock instead of publicly. I do not particularly care for this change, but certain persons who I do not care to name make it necessary.

I tend to grant access in sporadic batches, after I have got to know people well enough to recognize your respective handles. I realize this is an approach that, in combination with the previous paragraph, makes it difficult to make friends.

A note about journal rules: Don't be ableist. Don't be racist. Don't be sexist or homophobic or transphobic or or or or. I'm not perfect on any of these issues, I admit, but to the best of your ability, keep the bigotry out of my journal.

I am:

* genderqueer
** I'm agender, leaning third-gender. I used to be genderfluid and might be again, but not now. My pronouns are they/their/them.

* female-assigned-at-birth and generally read female
** My presentation tends to be femme earrings and sometimes necklaces or pendants, and as androgynous as I can manage in everything else.

* lesbian
** Defined as "non-man attracted to non-men".

* gray-asexual
** Multiplayer sex is so not on my priorities list, and solo player isn't often there either. That said, there is this one woman in Pittsburgh who is probably not reading this who, if she said to me "let's you and me horizontal tango", I would break land speed records getting to the assignation. (She's straight, though. It ain't happening.) Also someone across the pond, who knows who they are, and we Have Talked about the subject but we keep Not Talking about the subject and I get the distinct impression it is Not Happening.

* polyamorous
** See above.

* gray-aromantic-fluid
** See above, sort of?

* autistic

* disabled
** Social anxiety disorder, asthma, depression, ADHD. Three contradictory diagnoses wrt my hand pain.

* white
** Half Irish. Fifteen percent English, including (to my sorrow) that one guy from the Mayflower famous for shooting Massachusetts Natives (that is, Miles Standish), and also various relations of major players in the Salem Witch Trials. Ten percent German, eight percent Dad-hasn't-found-those-records-yet, and assorted others nearly all European. Like, my most recent ancestor of color who wasn't also at least half white is rumored to have been Pocahontas's sister. (I suspect that rumor of being invented by that ancestor's descendants for any of various reasons, but that gives you a timeframe.)

* Hellenic polytheist
** I like the phrasing I had of this bullet before I changed it from 'atheist', so I leave it here: "Celticy-Greekish-paganlike cradle-Catholic Unitarian-Universalist okay-fuck-organized-atheism-I-will-totally-go-start-a-nontheist-religion-now atheist".
** In January 2015, Athena spoke to me. It's kind of hard to stay an atheist after having a bunch of knowledge about what a deity wants from one slammed directly into one's brain.
** My devotional journaling is under access lock at [personal profile] alexeigynaix.

* activist
** Mostly my activism is Internet-based, because social anxiety and time/money constraints. But damn it I am still an activist.

* late twenties
** I was born on 6 Gamelion, in the fourth year of the 691st Olympiad, according to HMEPA.
** I like hobbit birthday presents quite as much as the ordinary kind.

* NOT living with my folks anymore!

* broke

* working full-time for the state government
** Most of my coworkers are of the opinion that since the state is pretending to pay us what we're worth, we should pretend to work to the best of our ability. Between that attitude and the 'drown it in a bathtub' approach to government, it is no fucking wonder our government doesn't work!
** I do not hold that opinion. I should, because three guesses where the fucking hand diagnoses came from, but I don't.

* no longer studying Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University (Ecampus), with minor in Writing
** Used to be going for a minor in Queer Studies, but financial constraints prohibit it. :(

* a writer
** Check out my original fiction, mostly flash-length, and my poetry at Sunbow Publications and [personal profile] alexconall.
** Many novels live in my head. Like, we're talking a dozen or so totally different worlds, some of which have multiple novels.

* a fanficcer
** Most of [ profile] EllieMurasaki is Supernatural fic, and most of that is flash fic, but there are many other fandoms there as well. Notably absent is Sailor Moon, because I am NOT importing the stories I wrote when I was twelve (if you want to read them that bad, they are on the Wayback Machine, but I am not saying where), but I plan to fix that.

* utterly fascinated by magic and folklore
** I do tarot readings. Entertainment purposes only, of course—which statement is for legal purposes, you understand, because apparently there is no relevant difference between "entertainment" and "religion".
** As soon as I get my set of stamped copper Greek-alphabet oracle discs patinaed up and polished shiny, I will be happy to do divinatory draws with that. Again, entertainment purposes only.
** "When you pray or sacrifice, you usually don't get an immediate response—sometimes you have to wait a few months to see whether the crops come in well or whether you conceive and deliver a healthy baby. When you cast the dice or read the entrails or put a question to the Pythia, you get an answer almost immediately. Interpreting it may take you longer, but at least you know that someone has heard you. Divination, then, more than any other religious act, confirms not only that the gods exist, but that they pay attention to us." —Sarah Iles Johnston, Ancient Greek Divination

* learning knitting and crochet
** See icon? Is my favorite crochet project yet.

* trying to get back into cross-stitch and making jewelry
** I found the thing I want to finish cross-stitching for this Giftmas! I haven't taken it out of the bag yet.
** The problem with trying to make jewelry for sale is I want to keep everything I make.

* trying to get healthier
** Nutrition is hard when you typically think about meals either a week in advance (cooking and all) or an hour later than you meant to eat.
** Exercise is time-consuming and also ow-making.

* seriously overbooked
** Stress is bad for me.

* refusing to let people's poor opinions of me define me

Commenting culture stuff is swiped from [personal profile] silveradept here with some modifications (CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported):

I welcome all of the following types of comments on ANY of my entries:

* Single or two word comments, e.g. , woo!, yay, yes, no, please, thanks, absolutely, agreed, seconded, so much, no way, etc.
* "+1" or Facebook style "like".
* Otherwise brief comments, e.g. single sentences.
* A comment that is a punctuation mark(s) to let me know you read, e.g. a period, an asterisk.
* A comment that is a punctuation mark(s) to express your response, e.g. an exclamation mark or question mark.
* A comment that is an emoticon(s) to express your response, e.g. \o/, <3, :), :(, :-D, :-P, etc.
* Long, wordy comments. Rambling is totally okay.
* Comments and links on related topics.
* Comments on single links, entities, paragraphs, topics, or words in the entry. I throw out a lot of things each entry, and I don't expect anyone to have to come up with a coherent comment on each and every one of them to comment.
* Sequential commentary. It's totally okay to comment about one thing as you read it, then another thing in a separate comment, then a third thing after you've chewed on it for a while and feel ready to talk about it.
* Incoherent comments. It’s all good. I would rather have you here and showing interest,, even if it's just a *flail*, than for you to stay silent because you are afraid or unable to get the perfect comment out.
* Talking amongst yourselves in the comments is fine. I like creating a place where people get to interact!

I also welcome:

* Comments on older entries, access-locked or public.
* Comments on VERY OLD entries, access-locked or public. I have many years of archives.
* Comments from people who are not subscribed to me.
* Comments from people who I’ve never met.
* Comments from people who haven’t talked to me in awhile.
* Comments from people who’ve never talked to me.
* I like knowing the provenance of new commenters. If you're new, I'd love to know where you came from and what brought you here.

My great anxiety is that there's nobody out there and I'm shouting into the wind. If you’re feeling like you want to comment with something, feel free to comment with what feels good and comfortable to you, whether that’s leaving a !!! or an essay. If you don't have the spoons for any comment, that's okay, too. No pressure, no obligations.

How I reply to comments:

* I mostly try to reply to comments.
* I normally try to reply to comments as soon after they arrive as I can.
* My comments might try to elicit more discussion and longer-form commentary. I like discussions. But sometimes I don't know what to say in response.
* You are never obligated to reply to a reply, nor to write longer-form than you wish.
* If you would like a response to a comment, I encourage you to let me know. “I would appreciate a response to this if possible,” etc. is totally fine with me.
* Absentminded. If I have forgotten to reply to something you want a reply to, a poke is totally okay.

Linking to my entries:

* If it’s public, it’s fair game.
* It’s access-locked, ask me.
* Please do not archive my work without asking me first.
* If you do link to me elsewhere, it warms my heart if you tell me where you linked, but it's not a requirement.
* If something I linked or wrote inspired you, it warms my heart if you link me to it. Also not a requirement.

Transformative works:

* Please do. I haven't figured out how I'm Creative Commons licensing the journal as a whole yet, but fanworks of my works are the shiniest thing.

Subscriptions and access:

* If you want to subscribe to me, be welcome!
* I like new subscribers. I also respect access-locks - if something you created is That Awesome, I'll ask for permission before excerpting or posting elsewhere.
* I may not add you back—I tend to evaluate based on what's available on your entries page. If you're mostly access only, it may take some comments or a conversation in a third space before I have an idea of whether I want to subscribe.
* I give access en masse at sporadic intervals, generally to mutual subscribers whose names I've come to recognize. You not having access is not a slight, it's a sign that I don't know you yet, or that I do but haven't thought about giving access to people in a while.

If you have been banned from my journal and still wish to speak to me? Don't.

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