2017-Jul-24, Monday 20:08
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*spends two hours crocheting part of a shawl that is supposed, excluding any row-currently-in-progress, to be rectangular throughout the process*

*puts it down for several hours*

*picks it back up and discovers it's trapezoidal*

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2017-Jul-22, Saturday 22:09
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Do scented soaps and lotions taste good to kittan?

Clearly I am approaching due for either figuring out how to clip Thea's claw tips or how to apply the red plastic thingies.


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2017-Jul-20, Thursday 11:24
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Belatedly, Maple Syrup Rebellion is up!

Still selling fiction! Don't forget you can get bonus stories from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer if you buy stories from me!

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2017-Jul-16, Sunday 21:11
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I am doing divination the next two days over [personal profile] alexeigynaix way. First card-equivalent is free, money-wise, though I do ask every querent to say something kind or encouraging to someone else by way of payment.

Other than that, don't expect to see much of me online until Tuesday.


[personal profile] balsamandash is doing a one-card draw, too.

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2017-Jul-15, Saturday 22:09
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well, at least my [community profile] pod_together—the one I didn't drop—has finally come together all the way? GOOD THING TOO as today is fic deadline :P

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2017-Jul-15, Saturday 12:52
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Do you want to explain

Why you are handing me


(Script for stageplay)

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2017-Jul-12, Wednesday 13:55
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Finally figured out how to write Pancake Rebellion 2 for the most recent fiction-sale prompt. Sent it off to beta. Still selling fiction!

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2017-Jul-08, Saturday 22:33
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Online storefront for disabled activist merch. Raising funds for ADAPT, which has been in US news recently doing sit-ins at senators' offices till either the senator in question opposes Orangecare or the cops haul the activists away.

I need ALL those shirts.
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(the magic HTML code there is "<big>&#129348;</big>")
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"Wishlists are only for December!" "JULY."*

Why should the sharing around of wishlists be restricted to the shopping season for the (heavily Christian-inflected) December festival of Commercialmas?

Write out a list of things you really want. Don't be afraid to include expensive things, and don't be afraid to write an extensive list (to wish is not to be greedy), but don't leave out things that don't cost any money. Then, when you see someone else's wishlist, consider how you might fulfill one of the wisher's requests.

No one is obligated to fill anyone else's wishes, but please do try to make some wishes come true: this is simply a good-cheer effort to increase the kindness and generosity on display in the world.

Happy gifting!

* pun intended :P

I'm going to sort my wishlist by price tag, for reasons. PM me for mailing address if applicable :) but (1) moving here (2) honestly expecting hardly any y'all can afford to look more expensive on the list than "Freeeeee" anyway. I'm also gonna just toss my Paypal here, and also bump my fiction sale.

$$$$ / beyond price )

$$$ )

$$ )

$ )

Freeeeee )

self-care checklist

2017-Jul-05, Wednesday 13:10
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Okay, so you feel like total crap. Have you:

☐ refilled your water cup in the past two hours?
   (No? Go drink water.)
☐ eaten in the past four hours?
   (No? Go eat food.)
☐ had tea or coffee in the past six hours?
   (No? Go have caffeine—unless it's too close to sleep time.)
☐ taken all your meds at appropriate times in the past twenty-four hours?
   (No? Make sure to take your meds.)
☐ slept at least seven and a half hours in the past twenty-four hours?
   (No? Go nap.)
☐ made sure your breathing is okay? (Tired is a symptom of not breathing right!)
   (No? Take your inhaler.)
☐ grounded and centered and shielded in the past twenty-four hours?
   (No? Go do those.)
☐ showered in the past twenty-four hours?
   (No? Go shower.)
☐ practiced devotion in the past twenty-four hours?
   (No? Go practice.)
☐ practiced magic in the past twenty-four hours?
   (No? Go practice.)
☐ cleansed with holy water in the past two days?
   (No? Go cleanse.)
☐ done something for the sole purpose of enjoying yourself in the past two days?
   (No? Go have fun.)

☐ been doing too much physically in the past week?
☐ been doing too little physically in the past week?
   (Too much? Go rest. Too little? Get moving.)

☐ been doing too much mentally in the past week?
☐ been doing too little mentally in the past week?
   (Too much? Go rest. Too little? Get moving.)

☐ been doing too much emotionally in the past week?
☐ been doing too little emotionally in the past week?
   (Too much? Go rest. Too little? Get moving.)

☐ been doing too much socially in the past week?
☐ been doing too little socially in the past week?
   (Too much? Go rest. Too little? Get moving.)

☐ been doing too much creatively in the past week?
☐ been doing too little creatively in the past week?
   (Too much? Go rest. Too little? Get moving.)

☐ been doing too much spiritually in the past week?
☐ been doing too little spiritually in the past week?
   (Too much? Go rest. Too little? Get moving.)

☐ been experiencing a flare-up of a chronic condition in the past week?
   (Yes? Go take care of yourself.)

☐ made a todo tada list today?
   (No? Go make one.)
☐ been making progress on changing todos to tadas today?
   (No? Go accomplish things.)

Other references:
Everything Is Awful And I'm Not Okay by [ profile] eponis
You Feel Like Shit: an interactive self-care guide

Creative Commons License
self-care checklist by alexseanchai is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

This license means you are free—and, I add, encouraged—to copy, adapt, modify, and distribute this checklist so that it can help you in the way best suited to your own needs; you only need to credit [personal profile] alexseanchai and, preferably, link back here. :)

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2017-Jul-04, Tuesday 13:31
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Poetry Fishbowl on the theme of "gender, orientation, and identity" over [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith way! Go leave prompts, get poems!

For illustrative purposes, one of my prompts is "Nothing scares a man with a sword more than a woman with a pen."

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2017-Jul-03, Monday 12:00
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Bumping the fiction for sale post!

I am falling about a hundred dollars short on my mid-July student loan payment because I used that money to pay the security deposit on the new apartment; I've put in for a student loan forbearance but I can't be sure I'll get it. So I would really very much appreciate if people were to buy short fiction from me! Details at the link, and as a bonus you can get fiction from [personal profile] dialecticdreamer for the same money you give me!

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2017-Jul-03, Monday 11:57
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Wait, shit, did I ever find a decent free Win7 program to record webcam video, now that Movie Maker has crapped the fuck out on me? I don't think I did. /o\


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2017-Jul-02, Sunday 22:30
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Silly-ass question.

Pennsylvania State University tells me &‌amp;#988; should get a capital digamma, &‌amp;#990; capital qoppa (or koppa, I suppose), and &‌amp;#992; capital sampi. I need these for in-story math reasons. Now, in the previous instances of the entities I escaped the ampersand; in the next instances, I shall not: &‌#988; &‌#990; &‌#992;

Please observe how I'm not getting the pretty symbols. But &#275; gives me the e-with-macron ē no trouble, and ✓ you see is the checkmark that &#10003; is meant for! And if I copy-paste the symbols I want directly from PSU's page, like Ϝ Ϟ Ϡ, I have no trouble—but I like the HTML entities for reasons and I am confused.

What is the problem here? :(

*previews* wait why is the escaping the ampersand not working either? o_O

ETA for DW support benefit: typing these out so it better be the right ampersand: &#988; should result in Ϝ and screenshotting: and saving and then viewing and then screenshotting... Editing again but this time I am copy-pasting from above: &‌amp;#990; &‌#990; and screenshotting: and saving and viewing and screenshotting...

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2017-Jul-02, Sunday 15:36
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oh good, Thea ate all her food today

...I mean, I forgot to feed her last night, sooo

but she hasn't been eating as much as she ought to be? so.

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2017-Jul-01, Saturday 17:25
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I went out to get my prescription and some photos and a pack of white zip ties. While out I put a foot wrong on the sidewalk and went down hard. I didn't actually hurt myself that badly—lost a square inch of skin and a couple drops of blood on the right knee; wasn't nearly so bad on the left or on the heel of either hand—but good fucking gods did it amp my overall pain levels from 6ish to 8ish what the fuck OW.

And I didn't even get the right zip ties. I got what Walgreens had, because I'd already banged myself up when I got to Walgreens and I didn't want to continue on to Walmart!

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2017-Jul-01, Saturday 12:29
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Poetry folks who are Seanan McGuire fans, you want to go pledge $5/mo to her Patreon. The first poem's up and it's stellar and I already want to fanfic it.

I mean, you may not have the able-and-willing to go pledge $5/mo to McGuire's Patreon. But I'm pretty sure you want to. :-D

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2017-Jun-30, Friday 14:13
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Bumping the fiction for sale! post because I just paid the security deposit for the new apartment. Which was in fact due Jul 3. I thought it was due the same time as the August rent! So now I have a student loan payment coming due in two weeks that I no longer have the cash on hand for. Please buy stories!

Or simply throw money in my Paypal. Gifts are most welcome! I'm also okay with loans, but if you want to do a loan, PM me so we can talk payment plan before sending the money. :)

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2017-Jun-29, Thursday 14:15
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Pancake Rebellion (cn death), sponsored by depizan.

Sponsor more fiction here! Help me raise moving expenses money!

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2017-Jun-29, Thursday 11:04
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ahahaha apparently I'm writing a 375-word story about pancake rebellions. because [personal profile] lonespark said over Ana Mardoll way,
Also I feel like "Rebellions are built on (fill-in-the-blank)" could be a good writing prompt?

"Some rebellions, they say, are built on hope. That might be true, but if I had to pin it down I'd say this one was built on a fanatical devotion to high-quality pancakes."
and someone said "I would read that" and I observed I'd just upthread advertised my fiction sale so "Pay me; one pancake rebellion coming right up!" and someone who perhaps desires to remain unnamed dropped $15 in my Paypal.

...shit what exactly makes a high-quality pancake. (Not Bisquick! Which is possibly all I've ever used.) [personal profile] madgastronomer? *pokes Google*

ETA: I wrote the thing. Lemme make sure it's good and then I'll post it.


[personal profile] jjhunter is hosting another How Are You? (In Haiku).

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2017-Jun-28, Wednesday 11:31
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I watched Disney's Robin Hood last night. Things I wanted to say during the movie but didn't because the point of the exercise was Not Typing:

* If Little John is so heavy the Sheriff and his men wouldn't be able to get his neck in the noose, how did Robin Hood—a MUCH smaller than either Little John or the Sheriff—swing Little John and himself into the tree where they're having this conversation?

* Romani stereotypes, enough said. Also are those clip-ons or did Robin legit pierce his ears at some point? I doubt clip-ons, somehow...

* Helium balloons. In the reign of Richard Lionheart.

* Why do I have the feeling this movie is a lot more intensely political in the current climate? ETA: omg A POX ON THE PHONY ORANGE POTUS
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"Which parade?" asked Annmarie, thinking of the St. Patrick's parade and the homecoming parade and the Peach Festival parade that her hometown put on at appropriate intervals.

"The Parade," Kenni answered, flinging their arms wide, "the only worldwide party that started as a riot. Maybe call it the Know Yourself Parade, because it's all about being who you are."


Sponsor more fiction! Help me raise moving expenses money!

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2017-Jun-27, Tuesday 12:06
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What is a good free software to make maps in, please? Because like. This is not quality mapmaking! (Below done in Paint.)

image )

I've been linked to something on DriveThruRPG designed for worldbuilding (which is in fact what I'm doing) but that's thirty bucks.
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I am selling, and calling for prompts for, short stories. Send me money by Paypal and send me your handle and a prompt or three, either in the Paypal notes or in a comment or PM; I'll write a story to one of your prompts, length to be determined by dividing your Paypaled sum in dollars by $0.04/word. (Give or take. I figure if you pay for one thousand words and get eleven hundred, you won't object.)

I write best in fantasy and fairy tales. I love writing multiply marginalized characters. You can read a lot of my work at [ profile] EllieMurasaki; let us not have the argument about whether stories that would be considered fanfiction without question were they written to present-day media canons are in fact fanfiction when the canons are public domain by age. (Because, you know, if a bunch of my most recent stuff on AO3 is fanfic, so is most of Disney's animated canon!) I particularly wish to point you to The Finch on the Apple Bough (an Aschenputtel retelling with an acearo Cinderella) and Learning Foresight (a modern-set trans-affirming retelling of part of the tale of Tiresias from Ovid's Metamorphoses) as exemplars of my current work.

I should warn you up front that this sale is a fundraiser for [thing I am not quite willing to talk about in public yet, because it is not quite 100% certainly happening] moving expenses for my sister and me to get an apartment together, one bedroom bigger than the apartment I'm in! Moving will take up epic fucktons of my time and energy in the next two months. So do not expect to receive your story until, idk, October? Though I shall certainly endeavor to get it finished and posted sooner!

If you buy a story having boosted the signal and linked me to where you boosted the signal, I'll bump up the word count you paid for by fifty words per signal boost. If you boost the signal without buying a story and link me to where you boosted the signal, drop me a prompt when you drop me the link and I'll write a three-sentence excerpt of a story to that prompt.

[personal profile] dialecticdreamer, as described at her journal, is offering more words to the same donation! Thank you, [personal profile] dialecticdreamer!

Fiction that has sprung from this:

Pride Parade
Pancake Rebellion and Maple Syrup Rebellion
an excerpt of the Phalēron novel ([locked])

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2017-Jun-26, Monday 14:22
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I was going to have to run the dryer a second go anyway, so I took out the sufficiently dry stuff and threw in the peplos and himation fabric with a soaked washcloth on the principle that there wasn't enough water left in the insufficiently dry stuff to steam up and de-wrinkle the fabric. Which is now not not wrinkled, but certainly less wrinkled. Yay?

I think the saffron one shrank when I washed it before. I'm sure it and the violet started the same size. I hope it's still bigger than 18" x 19"? The violet I should be fine on 15" x 20", I think.

Errandy tiem!

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2017-Jun-26, Monday 12:30
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As I'm sure [personal profile] dialecticdreamer knew, my fabric for doll peplos and himation are not in fact unwrinkled, despite having spent hours and hours being flattened by piles of books. I have hung both pieces of fabric in the bathroom and shall now go take a long steamy shower. Then go buy gold or bronze spray paint for the helmet, and also one of those rectangular clear plastic rulers in adequate size so that I can use the rotary cutter I bought yesterday to cut the fabric to size!

After that, or anyway after shower, not necessarily after shopping, I need to deal with what is probably a dried cat vomit. (Under the coffee table, where one does not think to look.) How best, please? I've got spray-on carpet cleaner, which I think is my best option? ETA: carpet all clean \o/ thanks y'all

That's like five cat vomits in the past few days, after a month-plus of none, and also Thea is again not eating most of her food. I worry. What do?

YO [personal profile] synecdochic you know Thea—do I need to be picky about her dry food, and if so, what am I looking for?

Also it finally occurred to me that the way to keep Thea from breaking the blinds on my bedroom window is to raise the blinds some. There's blackout curtains, which is why it took forever for me to figure out where her hide is (it's the windowsill), so the light levels in my bedroom should be unaffected, but it is too late for several of the flat bits of blinds. Oh well; my security deposit here wasn't refundable anyway.

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2017-Jun-26, Monday 01:11
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My LibraryThing says I have six books that weigh in excess of six pounds. Clearly one of those books is Books Georg, at ten thousand nine hundred pounds. But I detect no way to not count Books Georg here, or even to discern which record in my catalog is Books Georg—and there might be five more statistical outliers here!

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 23:37
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I de-stuffed doll in preparation for hand-washing in cold water and Woolite, and it's a good thing I bought a thing of polyester doll stuffing earlier today because some of the stains and most of the off-white-ness were the stuffing's fault. So the old stuffing is all trashed now.

I noted the Woolite bottle's warning against ingesting it and decided I had perhaps better not use a roasting pan to wash doll in; looking at size and flexibility of de-stuffed doll, I repurposed the bottom half of a gallon milk jug.

Doll is currently lying on a washcloth on a plastic bag on the stovetop, for lack of other flat surfaces. Tomorrow when doll is dry, I will triple-check that doll is clean, and if so, stuff doll.

I've also got the sandals hopefully done. And the pencil marks on the feet from where I traced them onto the brown felt washed right off in the Woolite water!

Now I will wash the doll stand (which looks like part steel, part aluminum) in dish soap and hot water. I mean. It should work.

It worked. And now I am pressing the peplos and himation cloths by means of smoothing them out and putting heavy books on them overnight. Hopefully this works? Because I don't want to buy an iron or an ironing board?

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 21:02
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Doll head is 7" circumference, above eyebrows and ears.

talking through the helmet construction )

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 19:54
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The Delphic Maxims on an unrolled scroll.

The same scroll, complete and closed.

Both attributes down. Unless we're counting the helmet as an attribute.


2017-Jun-25, Sunday 17:26
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image )

One attribute down.

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 14:36
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Fucking cheap-ass fragile-ass MATCHES. Went to light scented candle. Match lit. Match BROKE. Lit match FLEW. damage except matchhead-sized scorch mark on kitchen floor, because had just poured cup of water, dumped that on match. BUT.


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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 11:59
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image )

Doll's parchment scroll isn't quite dry yet, but I brought it inside anyway because it's a bit humid out. Above you see the scroll, with the paper it came from adjacent so you can see the difference the tea dyeing made. In another hour or so I will write the Delphic Maxims in Greek letters on it, as many as I can fit, and add toothpicks and glue and a piece of thread as wikihow directs.

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 11:50
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Dare I machine-wash my doll body, given that the ceramic hands and feet are not removable? Because this page suggests hand washing if blotting with a washcloth and baby shampoo doesn't work. Well, it didn't work, and the cloth is a little dingy as well as the darker spots, so. But hand washing looks like too much work.
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I'm doing wikihow's tea scroll for the scroll doll will hold in one hand. If that doesn't end up looking good enough, I can always try the coffee-and-burning one.

Because I haven't figured out how to put together doll's loom yet, I'm going back to the knitting with toothpicks idea. I've glued one seed bead each to the ends of two toothpicks, and when those dry I'll have needles to knit with.

I did a nontrivial, if also not large, amount of quilting a couple days ago—I gotta toss the results in today's laundry and then photos for you—and lessons learned: I need an ironing board and an iron to press my freaking cloth with! To say nothing of a rotary cutter! (I don't want to spend money, though...) I also need to set up the sewing machine I bought months ago! What is probably going to happen here is I'll go buy the rotary cutter, cut the peplos and himation fabric to their respective sizes, and just hold them in place (un-hemmed) with pins. I should at least embroider one spider on the peplos? I don't know if I will.

I need to figure out the construction of the helmet. Sandals will be simpler.

Fuck styling the hair, fuck making the eyes gray, I'm on a bit of a timetable here. But I do need to clean the cloth of the doll body and also clean the doll stand.

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2017-Jun-22, Thursday 15:35
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so many recruits Mulan's village. why no one recognize?

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2017-Jun-22, Thursday 14:30
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Police are literally dragging people away [from the protests at Sen. McConnell's office over Trumpcare], including those who are disabled or in wheelchairs, leaving the hall of the Senate offices streaked with blood.

*flails in fucking useless disabled who rapidly losing all words*

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2017-Jun-22, Thursday 10:27
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So guess who just forgot microwave timers work mm:ss and oven timers hh:mm least it's not too terribly oversteeped tea, and a tea bag instead of looseleaf

;_; ;_; ;_;

2017-Jun-21, Wednesday 08:36
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I just ate probably my last Thin Mint in this lifetime.

(Unless they pull a gluten-free recipe out of their hats. IN WHICH CASE.)

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2017-Jun-20, Tuesday 20:08
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function.exe is failing to execute

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2017-Jun-20, Tuesday 18:09
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sucky things:

* headache
* asthma
* chronic pain
* spoon deficit
* EF deficit
* dirty apartment


* sisters
* lake view
* familiar musics
* familiar movies
* tea
* internet friends

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2017-Jun-20, Tuesday 09:47
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okay cat I'm up is nine-thirty, not eleven-thirty; thanks, cat

cat what is so important about up

cat if I am on the toilet assume my lap is occupied

cat did you eat more than two bites last night

cat yes I hear your hungry noises

cat this is your own fault

...the last empty can had an orange label so I had better grab one of the blue ones


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let me hear your voice tonight

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