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Black Rock Dove with what is probably a black-headed gull, but I’m a bit confused about the ripple pattern plumage. (19.10.14)

Dream Diary

Nov. 1st, 2014 07:00 am
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Bit f an elaborate one, this. Let's see if I can get it all down before it fades,

For some reason (I forget why already) I need to get a picture of Superman onto my phone. So I go down to my local corner shop where, instead of the usual family member behind the counter there's my landlord, Mr V; I don't see anything unusual about this. I ask him to get me a picture of Supes. He fiddles with my phone, and while he's doing that, I mention that I'm going to the local college to see a comedian. When I offer to pay, Mr V waves it away and asks me to pick up 40 litres of oil from the comedian's manager while I'm there, and just to go to the guy's office and take it if he isn't there. I'm a bit dubious about this, but I agree, asking what kind of oil it is, machine oil, vegetable oil, etc. Mr V's English seems to desert him at this point, and he is unable or reluctant to elaborate.

At the college/theatre/hotel — my dream couldn't seem to decide on what it was — I wander around for a bit looking for the manager's office until I come across the comedian's room, where he's lying in bed reading a book. I don't know who the comedian is now; my brain is saying that he looked like Lou Abbott, but wasn't him. I ask him if he knows where his manager's office is. Abbott says that he'll be along in a bit, so I should sit down and wait for him, so I do, making conversation while I'm waiting.

At some point, I pick up Abbot's book and start leafing through it. It's a biography of the comedy duo. Abbott says that it's his manager's, and he was just looking through it, making some joke about how he needed to look up the details of his life so he could keep it straight. I find a bit on brickbat oil, which is apparently a reference to an old sketch.

Turning a few pages, I find some bank notes serving as a book mark: two tens and two fives, all in sterling. I remark to Abbott that that's a good way to lose money, and ponder aloud about taking it, remarking that if it had been in dollars I wouldn't bother. Abbott opines that his manager wouldn't miss it, making a crack about how he makes more money than Abbott does. In the end, I decide to take half, so that the manager won't lose his place.

For some reason, Abbott becomes Tom Baker, and we're now in a car, driving downtown to the shops. On a whim, I look up "oil" in the index of the book, and find an entry: oil, methods of persuading someone to pick up forty cans of, which is apparently a famous sketch of the comedy duo's. I figure that Mr V was actually making a reference to the sketch when he asked me to pick up the oil, and that he'd been confused when I hadn't played along. I thank Tom Baker/Lou Abbott for the lift, get out of the car, and then wake up.

Brickbat oil is purple, by the way.

More Links Than A Bag Of Sausages

Nov. 1st, 2014 03:47 am
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Spike/Buffy banner by [personal profile] comlodge.

[profile] sueworld2003 found some great Buffyverse cosplay .

DenOfGeek includes Hush and I've Got You Under My Skin in their "55 Genuinely Scary TV Episodes". "Who can forget the Gentlemen? Those leering smiling freaks, they would give nightmares nightmares...We have all seen the demonic possession arc in many genre series and films. It’s old hat at this point, right? Not in this episode of Angel that saw an Ethros Demon possessing the body of a seemingly innocent child"

USAToday recommends Fear, Itself in their "Not trick-or-treating? Binge on these great Halloween-themed TV episodes". "Buffy always did Halloween episodes well, but this one is our personal favorite. It’s got your favorite characters in silly costumes (a Halloween TV must) and plenty of Sunnydale supernatural to go along with".

RedWedgeMagazine discusses "Sartrean Themes in Joss Whedon’s Angel: A Marxist Interpretation". Got that.

Fall Colors in Western Maryland

Nov. 1st, 2014 03:01 am
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Fall Colors in Western Maryland

Photographer: John Chumack

Summary Authors: John Chumack; Jim Foster


While driving home to Ohio from the Washington, D.C. area in late October, I stopped at Sideling Hill in western Maryland to snap the autumn scene above -- my view is to the east. Vibrant reds and golds of sugar maples, scarlets and coppers of oaks, yellows of hickories, and bronzes of beeches lit up the landscape. Mid to late October is typically when the fall colors peak in the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains. Fog hanging in a distant valley accents this attention-getting scene. Photo taken on October 20, 2014.


Photo details: Camera Model: Canon EOS 6D; Lens: EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM; Focal Length: 82mm; Aperture: f/7.1; Exposure Time: 0.0040 s (1/250); ISO equiv: 100.

Saturday's words

Nov. 1st, 2014 07:01 am
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It's Saturday -- keep writing!

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Elementary 3.01

Nov. 1st, 2014 07:36 am
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A great season premiere. S2 had been a mixed affair, not least because as opposed to s1, where you had individual cases but also long term developments (from sober companion and client to friends and partners, Joan's decision to change jobs permanently, Sherlock dealing with the Irene matter, to put it unspoilery), in s2 what long term developments there were had to do with Mycroft and that wasn't the best of arcs, Joan except for the last ep as in something of a standstill, and not coincidentally the standout s2 episodes were all either one shots independent from ongoing developments (the Philip Seymour Hofmann inspired one comes to mind, as does the one with Sherlock's old pen pal) or continuing fallouts from the previous season (the one with Moriarty). Wait, I take it back, there was also the Marcus Bell mini arc which WAS good. But you'll notice none of these, except the Moriarty one, had much to do with Joan (and even the Moriarty one only a little - yes, the thing with the portrait was fanfic inspiring fun, but they didn't really interact in this episode). And part of the charm of the show is the equal partnership, so not a few viewers during s2 often asked in frustration "where's the Joan of it?".

Well, looks like the show found a way to address this... )


Nov. 1st, 2014 02:07 am
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What is with all these trifling, trifling men scoring in Shondaland? So far the only credible hookups on this show have been Connor's.
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Title: Your B Movie Future is Closer Than You Think
Author: [personal profile] fenellaevangela
Prompt: Rebecca Drysdale goes into a bar and meets . . . Mako Mori (Pacific Rim)!
Fandoms: Rebecca Drysdale is a Time Traveling Lesbian, Pacific Rim (2013)
Word count: 932
Rating/Contents: Teen/No warnings needed.

Read on AO3

Halloween night

Oct. 31st, 2014 09:40 pm
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All the Halloween ficlets are done. Thank you to everyone who prompted me! The longer ones were posted or reposted on AO3:

Winternight (MCU, 1200 wds) - Jane and Thor at an Asgardian autumn/day-of-the-dead festival (post-Thor 2).

waited long enough (MCU, 1400 wds) - Natasha-centric timestamp fic for Written in Blood and Bone.

Out of the Cold (MCU, 1600 wds) - My take on the "Steve and Bucky can't get warm after 70 years frozen" fic trope.

Wolf Run (White Collar, 2200 wds) - Another fic in the Peter-and-Diana-are-werewolves universe.

The rest of the (shorter) fics are linked from the original post.

Otherwise, 'tis a quiet night. We're too far out in the country to get trick-or-treaters (though I usually try to have candy on hand just in case, after a decade we've yet to get a single one, and this year I didn't bother). I have a glass of wine, and now I'm gonna work on this month's reward package for the Kismet Patreon backers.


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