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An interesting article in today's Sunday Mirror. It's mostly about Laurence's own mental health following his divorce (possible trigger warning for panic attacks), but at the end he discusses his thoughts on returning to the Lewis universe and his conversations with Kevin Whately on the subject. Not quite getting my hopes up yet, but it's sounding optimistic!

He also has very nice things to say about Lewis fans :)

Laurence Fox Sunday Mirror article
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Movies that progress linearly have been pretty standard for a while, with even big names like The Shawshank Redemption or The Godfather having scenes occur in a chronological fashion (give or take a flashback here and there). However, despite there being an entire Seinfeld episode based around arbitrarily telling a story in reverse, the idea of a movie having its narrative unfold backwards hasn’t really caught on in a meaningful way. According to Variety, though, Netflix is going to give it a try with an original film called Shimmer Lake, a “crime thriller” that happens in reverse.

Variety says it’s about a “local sheriff’s quest to unlock the mystery of three small-town criminals and a bank heist gone wrong.” The movie will show each day of the investigation in reverse, presumably culminating in the heist itself so the viewer can see how it actually went down. Shimmer ...

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Sep. 25th, 2016 06:14 pm
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the only thing i'm certain of about Pony Island is that I'm not sure I'll ever be finished with it in the same way I'm not sure I'm finished with Undertale.

it's just one of THOSE games, man. 

meta on several levels. 

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Love Is Lifting These Queer Couples Higher In Incredible Trick Photo Series

They’ve been swept off their feet!

Finally…the gay agenda is almost complete. We’re growing more powerful by the minute.

l e v i t a t e t h e g a y s

from Tumblr http://ift.tt/2d9BTvP

Yuletide and other things

Sep. 25th, 2016 02:10 pm
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After sort of taking a break from Yuletide (I ended up writing a treat, and someone wrote a treat for me, even though I wasn't signed up) last year I think I'll sign up this year. I was surprised to see that two other people nominated the little commercial fandom I nominated--the Android Rock Paper Scissors ad I fell in love with. I love stories of unlikely friendships and people sticking up for one another and having each other's backs (like, oh rlly, you say, pointing to the ridiculous amount of fanworks about Steve and Bucky), and there's so much potential for stories around these little characters, I think. So I've added it to the pimping post, too, and I confess it's one I hope someone writes for me so I can write something else that I've sort of vaguely got an idea for.

I'm definitely more on the fence about Festivids. I couldn't even get signed up last year and in the end, I was okay with that since taking off the year for all the challenges was a good one. I have a vid I'd like to make for a usually eligible fandom, but I also can just…make it without that, if I can find the external footage I'd like to work with to supplement the canon.

Speaking of challenges: thanks for the sometimes hilarious responses to my post about the Stucky Big Bang. I'm still bitter and angry about the whole thing and the way the mods just basically fucked those of us who aren't BNFs over, and the complete lack of support for making all of our fics more visible. It's been incredibly soul crushing to put that much work in and have no support, but even more just galling to see how much praise is heaped on them over it--but the most amazing thing? They said they're going to do it again. Ah ha ha ha. I can only hope that most of the smart people know better now and will run like the wind once it's announced, or will already be participating in a Stucky Big Bang that is being run on LJ for next year (I was going to link to it, but I can't find it on this computer and LJ utterly sucks at searches). All the credulous people will probably be excited, though.

You know what makes having a story bomb and disappear even worse? Weird or creepy comments, especially when they're almost the only comments you get. Like, are you insulting me, or is this your idea of a compliment, I can't tell. Or did you simply feel you had to share your antipathy toward [thing] because you needed a place to air grievances and I seemed like someone who'd care (hint: I'm not). The downright awful ones you can delete, sometimes, but occasionally you're just flummoxed and left with only a WTF? I know not every comment deserves a response (I'm one of those people who believes in responding to comments, and it's not exactly like it's a hardship), but so often I'm just left feeling deflated and can only sit there going, "thanks for sharing" in a regretful, Leslie Knope sort of voice.

Time to try to pep talk myself into finishing a fic.

ETA: Oh, and I meant to say--I watched the first few episodes of Kristen Bell's new series The Good Place, and I thought it was cute and okay but I was totally blown away by the guy who plays her soulmate, Chidi Anagonye (William Jackson Harper). Like, I immediately was upset that nominations for Yuletide happened so early that I wouldn't be able to nominate it, since it hadn't premiered yet. But it was on the tagset! Someone did somehow manage to nominate it, and now there might actually be fic for Chidi and Tahani Al-Jamil (oh god, I love her) and all the rest of the characters. I am really happy with this. The show is charming and weird and that slightly askew quality that I really enjoy, but seriously, Harper as Chidi is just a thing of beauty and I'm completely in love.
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Mr Chilly, North Harrow, London HA1

Evening RGLers! After last week's Good Beer Guide pub deluge, here's what's been happening everywhere else.

Our featured article is for Mr Chilly, who is neither an underprepared arctic explorer nor an anthropomorphised ice cream but a small North Indian restaurant near North Harrow station. Try the biryani!

We've got lots of new articles. Let's kick things off in Morden, with a branch of Wimpy and the Morden Hall Bookshop, which sells second hand books from an old National Trust building in the park. Up the Northern line a few stops is Vijaya Krishna, a South Indian restaurant in Tooting, while back down in the other direction there's Bamboo Basket, a Chinese/Malay tea shop and cafe in Epsom. Ram's in Kenton is a veggie (and Jain-friendly) Indian restaurant that has a buffet with unlimited puri (mmm, delicious carbs), while all the way over in Eltham, the Yak and Yeti does a reasonable lunch deal.

Of course there are some pub updates too: the Duke of York in Surbiton and the Albert Tavern in South Norwood (both owned by Greene King), the Cape bar in Wapping, the Cricketers pub in Croydon (great for tram watching), the Barley Mow in Epsom, the Villiers Arms in Oxhey (as confirmed last week, Oxhey is indeed a real place) and the Railway Tavern in Bexley. I judge it would be quite a challenge to create a (theoretical, even!) pub crawl to visit all seven of those in one day, even though you would be unaffected by the temporary closure of the Gospel Oak to Barking line (it's shut until next February).

Finally, some closures to report: Italian restaurant Tentazoni has moved from Bermondsey to Notting Hill, while the Charlotte in Crayford, the Dover Castle (a Sam Smith's) in Marylebone and the branch of Spirited Wines in Putney have all closed.

Exchanges, life, TV

Sep. 25th, 2016 10:54 pm
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You know, I could have sworn at one point I had all the best intentions of not signing up for anymore exchanges until yuletide AND YET. (Speaking of which: Secret Wars made it in! Fannish landmark: evidence post accepted!)

I signed up for [community profile] trickortreatex (and only just today remembered to post on the letter post). I need to do canon review, but I'm excited to start on my assignment.

I'm waffling on signing up for [community profile] artfeverfest  because, as always, I have jitters about IS MY ART GOOD ENOUGH FOR A GIFT. Idk, mates. Idk.

I saw the fandom folks on Saturday. It was lovely, as always. They helped me with the resolution of a Star Wars fic I'm working on (ie: "it's Star Wars, A Wizard Did It is fine") -- and I got to explain about how the Fake Dating FOR GREAT JUSTICE fic is in fact Fake Dating for the recognition of the legal personhood of clones FOR GREAT JUSTICE and not hyperbole (aka that time I accidentally talked myself into shipping a thing and now there's a subplot about smuggling a political prisoner to safety). I learned a bunch of stuff about Dragon Age (a surprising amount of people are Secretly Elven Gods, I have to say). We did a fair amount of talking about Voltron -- accidentally gave myself a headcanon /fails. There was even bonding over Yuletide Wanks Of Yesteryear at one point, lmao. I missed these people so much.

TV-wise, Lucifer is back! I know, I was suprised too, because it's been what, six months since last season? Anyway, enjoyed S2 premiere a lot. Star Wars Rebels is also back, right after I marathoned S1 and S2 to be ready on time. I want to watch Nirvana on Fire, because several people have said it's good, but at the same time I want to watch a k-drama and/or something involving time-travel. What's everyone watching?

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Defeat hurts, but this looks pretty bad too: while celebrating a win in an FIM Motocross of Nations race on Sunday, the bike of a lapped rider came flying toward Jason Anderson and smacked him in the head. Video of the incident looks brutal, but Anderson’s race team later reported that he is OK.


Drabble: Getting Serious

Sep. 25th, 2016 04:14 pm
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Title: Getting Serious
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Rating: PG
Word count: 100 x 2
Characters/pairings: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy.
Challenge: Written for [community profile] dracoharry100/[livejournal.com profile] dracoharry100's prompt #451: Serious.
This is part 33 of my H/D Auror Series (LJ/IJ/DW).
It starts at part one: The Beginning (LJ/IJ/DW).
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
Beta(s): [personal profile] sevfan and [personal profile] emynn.
Authors Notes: Braving the Snake's den.

Getting Serious )

Round 5,270,009

Sep. 25th, 2016 02:10 pm
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Still trying to get a handle on single women.

New TV!

Sep. 25th, 2016 05:08 pm
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Hulu annoyingly isn't highlighting the new shows this year so I have no idea if I've missed anything interesting so far. Please let me know if there's something worth watching I haven't listed here!

This is Us: I will freely admit I only watched this because of the nonstop ads for it during the Olympics. But I also have a weakness for heartfelt family dramas, which this certainly is. It verged on sappy at times, but still managed a good sense of humor and a rather clever plot twist that I'll admit I didn't see coming. I'll probably keep watching.

The Good Place: I loved it. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson are hilarious. The idea is super clever and they're clearly having fun with it. I have no idea how they'll stretch it for even one full season let alone more than that, but for now I'm on board.

Lethal Weapon: About 10 minutes in I had the uncomfortable realization that I'm not sure the writers ever actually watched any of the movies. Or if they did, they don't seem to have understood the appeal of them at all. The whole hour felt very awkward.

Designated Survivor: I used to like Keifer Sutherland once upon a time. But years of steadily worsening 24 kind of ruined him for me and I gave up on him. On the other hand, Maggie Q. Which means I might have to keep watching at least another few episodes. On the other other hand, I feel like Battlestar Galactica did this storyline better and I only liked about 2 seasons of that show.

The Exorcist: As a big fan of the movie I'll admit my expectations were very low, but I was happily surprised by it. Well written, well acted, and genuinely creepy. Alfonso Herrera is a bit of a revelation (pun intended) as Father Tomas (in an obviously very different role than Sense8). It's great seeing Geena Davis in anything. And the possessed kids are fucked up. Fair warning: there's some pretty graphic animal violence in the first episode.
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In our latest D&D session:
- we explored the library and then burned it down
- we decided to try and ally with the huge sentient magical spider instead of fighting it: the enemy of my enemy, the enemy in this case being the approaching army
- my undead cat familiar is very invested in me learning necromancy. She is suspiciously familiar with the details of the army of the undead that devastated the world and killed some of the gods eighty years ago. Oh and she also accidentally revealed that not all of the necromancers who led that army are dead (my familiars are so cool)
- there is still a demon in my head, but at least now my character wants to get rid of her too
- my character can turn into a gargoyle now.

Speaking of death, LB and I recently attended the funeral of our "honorary grandfather", who babysat us when we were kids. I hadn't seen him in about ten years, but his widow was very happy that we came. It was a very religious and serious ceremony. Afterwards LB and I discussed which songs we wanted to be played at our funerals, we both agreed we wanted something a bit lighter. I suggested the theme song from Ghostbusters, LB for some reason wasn't convinced…

Today together with dad and LB we wandered around on the Kahlenberg, really more of a hill near Vienna. It was sunny and very nice. We even saw a snake! I saw snakes much more often when I was a kid, but not in several years, so I'm happy I finally saw one again. I think it was a small Aesculapian snake, but I'm not sure.

Now for some reason I'm exhausted, it's barely 11pm yet and I usually go to bed later. WCOH Sweden-Europe went to OT, which I wasn't thrilled by, but then Team Europe won :)

The week wasn't very productive, but at least since DD moved in (more on that later) I've been eating very well, and it's nice to live and cook and eat with someone else again. Next step, actually Do More. I've started dreading my therapy sessions because having to admit how little I've done is embarrassing. Ah well, there's still hope.
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Here Is What A Fully Restored BMW M1 Procar Looks Like (So Great)
All images via Canepa

There were only 40 chassis produced for the BMW M1 Procar Championship racing series between 1979 and 1980, and you’re looking at No. 31. It was a backup race car that didn’t make it to the track, instead living its life as a road car. Now, it’s been restored to its Procar glory—while staying street legal.


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According to the British Academy Of Film And Television Arts (via Variety), Monty Python member Terry Jones has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia, a rare form of dementia. As CNN explains, this syndrome is “often a result of strokes or head injuries and can occur in other neurological disorders, including brain tumors and Alzheimer’s disease.” BAFTA revealed Jones’ diagnosis while announcing that it would pay tribute to him during the 25th annual British Academy Cymru Awards—which specifically honor Welsh performers—on October 2.

Fellow Monty Python member Eric Idle tweeted his thanks to fans who had been offering “kind responses” regarding Jones, and has also been retweeting a lot of tributes to him over the last few days.


Sep. 25th, 2016 09:27 pm
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I've been listening to shanties while drawing polar explorers and, well, things happen. Deb was Australian, see? So funny!

My conscience would like to point out that the album Northwest Passage came out six years after Silas died, so he would not be singing it in 1910, but since when did respect for chronology trump a good gag? Not ever.

Gosh it feels nice to draw something silly again ...
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People tend to get older as time passes, and it’s generally not all that bad. As you get older, you learn how to talk, how to walk, and how to drive a car, and eventually you might even get to the point where no longer have to care about anything beyond who is currently on your lawn. In Hollywood, though, aging is a little different. Being too young or too old can significantly impact your career, since there are very few prominent superhero roles (or just roles in general) for people who are outside of a certain age range. In fact, a woman sued IMDB a few years ago for revealing that she was actually older than she looked, believing (probably correctly) that it would put her career in jeopardy.

Now, though, actors and actresses no longer need to worry about people knowing how old they are, because California ...

[ SECRET POST #3553 ]

Sep. 25th, 2016 03:36 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #3553 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


More! )


Secrets Left to Post: 02 pages, 44 secrets from Secret Submission Post #508.
Secrets Not Posted: [ 0 - broken links ], [ 0 - not!secrets ], [ 0 - not!fandom ], [ 0 - too big ], [ 0 - repeat ].
Current Secret Submissions Post: here.
Suggestions, comments, and concerns should go here.

To finish the day with a smile...

Sep. 25th, 2016 08:28 pm
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Hillary Clinton's Appearance on 'Between Two Ferns' Breaks Records for Funny or Die (Exclusive)
(If you have not seen it, it's embedded in the article. It's worth watching.) (30 million people aren't wrong. *g*)

And under here, my favourite tweets )


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