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Title: Penalties in Minutes
Author: [personal profile] fahye
Reader: [personal profile] intransitive ([ profile] exmanhater)
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Pairing: Jonathan Toews/Patrick Kane
Length: 35:49
Summary: And yeah, maybe Patrick has ranted at him a bit about how you can't always treat sex like a powerplay, Jonathan, but Pat knows as well as Jon that the best plays fall in that sweet spot between preparation and inspiration.

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Oct. 25th, 2014 05:36 pm
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Yuletide placeholder!

Constantine Reportage

Oct. 25th, 2014 02:50 pm
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Full disclosure: I am not a super-fan of this character, but I like him well enough that I stayed up late last night to watch the pilot of the show. (I regretted this somewhat this morning.) And I'm pretty OK with the decision to watch the thing, because there was enough Done Right to balance out the Wrong/Annoying/WTF. In many ways, this episode felt really like a pilot and not a presentative episode of what the show's going to be like as a whole: lots of exposition crammed in (and I mean crammed into every second of almost each shot, for good or ill), characters not really standing out (other than Constantine himself), and a whole lot of "look, look, this is cool and shiny! People will like it! Buy it!" I fervently hope that this frenetic, sales-focus approach will dissipate over the next few episodes and just let the stories breathe, because there is a lot that the writers can do here with a lot of talent.

Among the Things Done Right: I like Matt Ryan as Constantine--he looks perfect, and even though his accent isn't, strictly speaking, correct, it's good, and his speech has the cadence and tone that I imagined for the character. He's good at weary, but not whiny at all, and he acts like a man who knows the cost of too much and not enough power. His looks, as I said, are almost eerily like the character stepped off the comic book page. Of course, when we see him as a person, I kept thinking, dude cannot tie a tie! Depending on your feelings about the character, this either makes him adorably rumpled or distractedly uncaring, both of which (again) Matt Ryan carries off well. The settings around him were a bit on the generic side (probably to hide the fact that they are NOT London), but the effects for the spirit world overlaying ours were very, very nicely done. I also like the look of the magic that we saw--wards and glyphs all over the place, a lot of dramatic flame, and a nice bit of scare/ick during the cold open involving cockroaches. Another plus was Jasper's hideout, which is basically the most awesome occult library ever, and contains the helmet of Doctor Fate(!)*, as well as a bunch of other, plot-related things. The entire episode could have taken place in this setting, and I would have been fine. Harold Perrineau's appearances were good in the same way, although far more cryptic. Still, though, an entire episode of his character and Constantine sniping at each other, and I'd put up my feet and settle in quite contentedly.

But the flip side of this is that because there was Harold Perrineau's character, and Chas, and one other guy whose name I've forgotten, the token female character got almost totally sidelined, even though she was supposed to be a featured character. (I know the actress isn't a regular on the series, and her character was written out by the end of the episode, in a way that felt like a DM trying to compensate when a pivotal PC suddenly has to leave the table early.) I felt sorry for her, mostly. The dynamic between her and Constantine was very much like the Doctor and a new companion, and I think people's experience of the show depended a lot on their tolerance for that sort of power imbalance. Half of the dialogue was like this:

John: [Cryptic statement about Liv's powers/the occult/adversaries.]
Liv: [Reasonable question or freakout about any of the above.]
John: [Deflection or cryptic warning about adversaries.]
Live: *eyeroll* or *distracted*

Matt Ryan's performance saved this from being condescending nonsense; he never acted as though he knew more than she or thought her inferior. It seemed more like he was juggling too many things in his head to answer properly. The other half of the time, a plot element would come along and interrupt the conversation, stopping any power imbalance talk in its tracks. In the end, I really didn't blame Liv for leaving, although it was mostly because I hadn't even had a chance to invest in her one way or another.

My biggest other quibble with this pilot was the decision to bring Constantine's past mistakes forward so quickly. The adorable-child-in-peril plot device is something that really, really grates on me, because there's only so many times it can be used before it gets old. This episode brought it out... about four times in total: twice in flashback, once in explanation of said flashback, and once in person during the big showdown at the end. I think a far more effective method of introducing this plot element would have come at the very end of an episode that built to it. After a prolonged fight against a much scarier demonic villain, a sidekick character demands to know why Constantine risks life and limb to help people he's never met and/or barely knows, and in a tight close up, he says something like, "Wasn't fast enough before. Never gonna let that happen again." BAM--compelling character shown through his actions, rather than just words, and a tortured soul to boot. I think it's fine for characters to mysterious pasts or refer to stories we never learn the entire truth about. Not everything has to be Chekov's gun. I would have preferred a more straight-up urban fantasy adventure, with implications around the edges instead of front and center.

My only real WTF about the whole thing is that for a show that features demonic villains, angels, and magical powers, there was absolutely no appearance of the word "God." Constantine only invoked a Creator, and when he did other spells, he named symbols ("the power of the Star of David, the power of the Cross.") I'm a bit confused at the absence of any larger divine presence, and while I'd like to think it's because the writers are rejecting the standard either-or, good-evil, God-Devil dichotomy, I suspect the truth is more aligned with fears of alienating religious viewers. I need to go back to the comics now and see what sort of spells Constantine uses there.

But I'm eager to tune in next week, because as I said before, this show has a lot of elements that I do love, and I think with some time, it could really grow into a strong contender for an awesome, fun DC show. Given their track record thus far, I'm willing to give them a lot of leeway to get it right.

* If this means that Zatanna gets an appearance later on, I will probably die of SQUEE.


Oct. 26th, 2014 10:48 am
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"Crossroads" by angstytimelord
PAIRING: Will Graham/Sherlock Holmes
FANDOM: Hannibal/Sherlock
SUMMARY: Based upon prompt 13: Body.

Has just been added to Sherlock Holmes Slash and is listed on the new stories page and the other pairings page.

Crossposted to Chance's Archive.

Free Kindle Books.

potluck preparations

Oct. 25th, 2014 05:50 pm
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Juuuuust about done baking my hotdish thingy for tonight's church potluck dinner.

I bought a new, proper 8x8 baking dish, but it turns out that adding chopped green bell pepper to the mix (along with the ham I already added in my first experiment) means I had enough to completely fill that plus one of my older 6x6 Corningware dishes. So I will have a bunch to share AND a batch all for myself. :-)

They should be ready to take out of the oven in about five minutes, after which I will transfer the small batch into a refrigerator container, wrap the large batch in towels and stuff, and head off to church.
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The leg up at the end tho.

I like the coach, putting his hands on his knees like, “Welp, that wasn’t it.”

i was almost like “oh man that sucks” and then her leg popped and i fucking lost it

That leg is killing me


falling with style

i reblogged this a million times and i still dont know what it’s funnier: the leg or the coach

the fact that the coach is her father makes this funnier

i will never not reblog this

Weekly Roundup: 10/25/2014

Oct. 25th, 2014 05:16 pm
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So, yeah, no roundup last week for various reasons. It has not been a great couple of weeks; Monday we lost our oldest kitty, Button, and the week before that our oldest bunny, Jasmine. I'd seen Jasmine on Skype when she was ill this summer, but otherwise I've been out here since January, so I'm missing Button's silly meows and Jasmine's feistiness a lot. Jas was the bunny we found and caught ourselves after she was dumped, and lived in my room for the first couple of years; Button was one of the two kitties we got right after I got a job in Michigan. (Checking [personal profile] pantswarrior's archive tells me that we went to meet them about a week after my first day and brought them home about two weeks after my first day, because I need to be sat on and purred at.) Both can be seen here, and Button also here since the first video is mostly of Jasmine. (But Button always wanted to investigate any treats the bunnies were getting, because if the long-eared kittens were eating it, it must be delicious, right? (She tried so hard to eat the leafy green things but she usually just chewed on them a little and then spit them out.)) Button's meows were actually much sillier than the ones in the video, which are a pretty ordinary selection of cat noises, as opposed to the full spectrum of ridiculous noises she made. XD

I did get to start my volunteering last Friday, and continue it yesterday, and it seems to be going well. The smartboard is fun to play with and turned out to have a lot of useful Flash stuff right in its own library (which I had thought was just clip art until we took a closer look) that can be used for lessons, especially math stuff. It also might turn into an opportunity to do similar work for another related agency that also has, and isn't using to their full capacity, some smartboards, and that might even be paid work (and also might be expanded to include more things than just the smartboards, like iPads).

Also got to hike up Mt. Wachusett on Sunday with a bunch of folks from my church here, which was fun. Wachusett pretty much barely qualifies as a mountain -- the actual elevation at the summit is just over 2000 feet, and the height of the mountain in comparison to its surroundings is just over 1000 feet -- but the trail we took was unexpectedly rocky, so it was a pretty serious hike! I got to hang out with a cute goldendoodle, too, which is a ridiculous name for an adorable dog.

Tomorrow is Samhain at Asphodel, and since it's my third event I'll get to join properly and get on their mailing list and maybe get to see some of those folks more often than every six weeks. Next Sunday is the Rutter Requiem. Nothing much happening after that for a while. I might start playing some Path of Exile after the World Series is over, since it is a Diablo-like MMO that is apparently free, and now that I've acquired a working monitor and reinstalled my good video card, my desktop can actually handle it.

Yuletide letter at last!

Oct. 25th, 2014 05:32 pm
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I'm pretty sure I've finalized my signup. My letter is here.

Plant Sale, Day 1!

Oct. 25th, 2014 01:59 pm
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I took out some money just for this day. I'm going back tomorrow for some more, I've got my eye on herbs, but this time, I really wanted some stuff for my patio garden which always looks so sadly barren. This year, I purposefully chose plants that are drought-tolerant. The corner of my garden which I've planted hibiscus in before is dug up for some trench composting, but I also would like a flowering plant there.

I selected a red currant plant. I don't really know it very well, but if it is what I think it is, it should be pretty great in spring! If it flowers, that is. It's also good for butterflies, and hopefully bees and hummingbirds. (I was very tempted by a flowering rosemary that had a bee on it.)

I also bought a very large aloe vera... I think there're three of them in the one pot! And it was going for just three dollars! The last time I bought one it was five dollars, for a very small plant, at Home Depot. I'm still deciding where to put this one.

I also got another air plant, which I hope I will not overwater this time. I'll bring it to my office tomorrow morning and mount it on my cork board again. This time, I'll hang it upside down to prevent the base from rotting like my ionantha last year! Among all of them, apparently this is the one that does best indoors.

For another office plant, because I seem to be spending so much time there, I bought myself a mini-rose! It's a Redwood Empire and I'm hoping it will be okay as an indoor plant. Probably not since roses need a lot of direct sun but we'll see what happens.

- Painted Daisy
- Tidy Tips
- Bird's eye gilia
- globe gilia
- Dwarf California poppy
- Baby blue eyes
- Blazing Star
- Mountain phlox
- Golden lupine
- desert marigold

All of them are supposed to be Californian native plants and they all need to be sown at the same time. The plan is to wait an appropriately cold time of the year. The spot I've got planned for them has been dug up a couple of times already for trench composting of dry leaves, so I'll gently rake it out and toss them and leave them to it. They're wildflowers, they can't be that hard. The last time I tried this the seedlings didn't take because .... I don't know whether it was snails or the soil was weird and they couldn't get rooted enough. Anyway, we'll see!
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Draco and Teddy ^-^


I want him to be forcibly adopted into the Weasley family. I don’t even care for what reason. I just want him to be dragged to the Burrow one Christmas and presented with a Weasley sweater of his very own, and he grouches and grumps and generally is a little snot as usual, but he wears it and that’s good enough for Molly.

Is anyone else going to mention the mug!?

Fic: Escaping the Web, Part 3

Oct. 25th, 2014 10:00 pm
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Title: Escaping the Web
Part Three: Windsor & Eton Central
Rating: Teen (Gen)
Word count: 14,445 so far
Warnings: Some violence
Summary: The horror infesting the London Underground has been defeated, and now it's time for Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart to pick up the pieces and build for the future. If he can, that is, with the shadowy agents of a certain Institute doing their best to interfere...
Characters: Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, Other characters
Disclaimer: Doctor Who and its many associated characters and copyrights do not, of course, belong to me!

The next part, in which the Brigadier-to-be gets more indications that something fishy is going on in the aftermath of the Tube unpleasantness and has some aspersions cast upon his character. General Thatcher (by then promoted to Field Marshal) is mentioned in the novelisation of The Invasion but not in the televised story. And is also apparently an unexpected movie buff...!
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We are the first and the last. We are those that liveth and were dead. And behold, we are alive forevermore and have the keys of hell and death in our hands.

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“I know that I shall meet my fate,
Somewhere among the clouds above;
Those that I fight I do not hate,
Those that I guard I do not love;
My country is Kiltartan Cross,
My countrymen Kiltartan’s poor,
No likely end could bring them loss
Or leave them happier than before.
Nor law, nor duty bade me fight,
Nor public men, nor cheering crowds,
A lonely impulse of delight
Drove to this tumult in the clouds;
I balanced all, brought all to mind,
The years to come seemed waste of breath,
A waste of breath the years behind
In balance with this life, this death.”

- W.B. Yeats, “An Irish Airman Foresees His Death” (1919)


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