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2017-Jul-01, Saturday 17:25
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I went out to get my prescription and some photos and a pack of white zip ties. While out I put a foot wrong on the sidewalk and went down hard. I didn't actually hurt myself that badly—lost a square inch of skin and a couple drops of blood on the right knee; wasn't nearly so bad on the left or on the heel of either hand—but good fucking gods did it amp my overall pain levels from 6ish to 8ish what the fuck OW.

And I didn't even get the right zip ties. I got what Walgreens had, because I'd already banged myself up when I got to Walgreens and I didn't want to continue on to Walmart!

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2017-Jun-26, Monday 14:22
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I was going to have to run the dryer a second go anyway, so I took out the sufficiently dry stuff and threw in the peplos and himation fabric with a soaked washcloth on the principle that there wasn't enough water left in the insufficiently dry stuff to steam up and de-wrinkle the fabric. Which is now not not wrinkled, but certainly less wrinkled. Yay?

I think the saffron one shrank when I washed it before. I'm sure it and the violet started the same size. I hope it's still bigger than 18" x 19"? The violet I should be fine on 15" x 20", I think.

Errandy tiem!

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2017-Jun-26, Monday 12:30
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As I'm sure [personal profile] dialecticdreamer knew, my fabric for doll peplos and himation are not in fact unwrinkled, despite having spent hours and hours being flattened by piles of books. I have hung both pieces of fabric in the bathroom and shall now go take a long steamy shower. Then go buy gold or bronze spray paint for the helmet, and also one of those rectangular clear plastic rulers in adequate size so that I can use the rotary cutter I bought yesterday to cut the fabric to size!

After that, or anyway after shower, not necessarily after shopping, I need to deal with what is probably a dried cat vomit. (Under the coffee table, where one does not think to look.) How best, please? I've got spray-on carpet cleaner, which I think is my best option? ETA: carpet all clean \o/ thanks y'all

That's like five cat vomits in the past few days, after a month-plus of none, and also Thea is again not eating most of her food. I worry. What do?

YO [personal profile] synecdochic you know Thea—do I need to be picky about her dry food, and if so, what am I looking for?

Also it finally occurred to me that the way to keep Thea from breaking the blinds on my bedroom window is to raise the blinds some. There's blackout curtains, which is why it took forever for me to figure out where her hide is (it's the windowsill), so the light levels in my bedroom should be unaffected, but it is too late for several of the flat bits of blinds. Oh well; my security deposit here wasn't refundable anyway.

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 23:37
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I de-stuffed doll in preparation for hand-washing in cold water and Woolite, and it's a good thing I bought a thing of polyester doll stuffing earlier today because some of the stains and most of the off-white-ness were the stuffing's fault. So the old stuffing is all trashed now.

I noted the Woolite bottle's warning against ingesting it and decided I had perhaps better not use a roasting pan to wash doll in; looking at size and flexibility of de-stuffed doll, I repurposed the bottom half of a gallon milk jug.

Doll is currently lying on a washcloth on a plastic bag on the stovetop, for lack of other flat surfaces. Tomorrow when doll is dry, I will triple-check that doll is clean, and if so, stuff doll.

I've also got the sandals hopefully done. And the pencil marks on the feet from where I traced them onto the brown felt washed right off in the Woolite water!

Now I will wash the doll stand (which looks like part steel, part aluminum) in dish soap and hot water. I mean. It should work.

It worked. And now I am pressing the peplos and himation cloths by means of smoothing them out and putting heavy books on them overnight. Hopefully this works? Because I don't want to buy an iron or an ironing board?

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 21:02
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Doll head is 7" circumference, above eyebrows and ears.

talking through the helmet construction )

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 19:54
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The Delphic Maxims on an unrolled scroll.

The same scroll, complete and closed.

Both attributes down. Unless we're counting the helmet as an attribute.


2017-Jun-25, Sunday 17:26
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image )

One attribute down.

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 11:59
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image )

Doll's parchment scroll isn't quite dry yet, but I brought it inside anyway because it's a bit humid out. Above you see the scroll, with the paper it came from adjacent so you can see the difference the tea dyeing made. In another hour or so I will write the Delphic Maxims in Greek letters on it, as many as I can fit, and add toothpicks and glue and a piece of thread as wikihow directs.

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2017-Jun-25, Sunday 11:50
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Dare I machine-wash my doll body, given that the ceramic hands and feet are not removable? Because this page suggests hand washing if blotting with a washcloth and baby shampoo doesn't work. Well, it didn't work, and the cloth is a little dingy as well as the darker spots, so. But hand washing looks like too much work.
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I'm doing wikihow's tea scroll for the scroll doll will hold in one hand. If that doesn't end up looking good enough, I can always try the coffee-and-burning one.

Because I haven't figured out how to put together doll's loom yet, I'm going back to the knitting with toothpicks idea. I've glued one seed bead each to the ends of two toothpicks, and when those dry I'll have needles to knit with.

I did a nontrivial, if also not large, amount of quilting a couple days ago—I gotta toss the results in today's laundry and then photos for you—and lessons learned: I need an ironing board and an iron to press my freaking cloth with! To say nothing of a rotary cutter! (I don't want to spend money, though...) I also need to set up the sewing machine I bought months ago! What is probably going to happen here is I'll go buy the rotary cutter, cut the peplos and himation fabric to their respective sizes, and just hold them in place (un-hemmed) with pins. I should at least embroider one spider on the peplos? I don't know if I will.

I need to figure out the construction of the helmet. Sandals will be simpler.

Fuck styling the hair, fuck making the eyes gray, I'm on a bit of a timetable here. But I do need to clean the cloth of the doll body and also clean the doll stand.

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2017-Jun-07, Wednesday 15:21
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Well that didn't go according to plan.

*resumes glaring at the academic works on Homeric-era looms*

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2017-Jun-01, Thursday 16:40
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...so I'm kind of flinching at the prospect of knitting even a couple square inches with toothpicks and crochet thread. What do I want to do instead, though, to illustrate Athena as fiber crafter in proportionate size to this 15" doll? A lap loom made of toothpicks and crochet thread?

I'm also thinking a scroll (tea-dyed paper and toothpicks) and a bronze felt helmet. (And brown felt sandals.)


2017-Feb-26, Sunday 13:02
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dichroic glass dot tie tack inventory

I found my dichroic glass dot tie tack inventory! (They were in with the rest of my [etsy.com profile] sunbowgems inventory. Go figure.)

I have picked out two just-about-matchy blue ones to be peplos pins and one green one to be the himation pin. They're still gonna be ridiculously big on doll, but I don't think quite as comically large as I had thought.

Silly question

2017-Feb-09, Thursday 21:31
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It occurred to me I need, during the doll prep process, to apply spiritual/energetic/magical cleansing techniques. Lustral water is safe for doll, I'm sure, or at any rate plain water didn't do damage before. Obviously sound cleansing will do no harm either. The silly question is, do I need to worry about the smell of smoke from a candle or an incense? I know cigarette smoke can stick to dolls, but I'm not sure how much smoke exposure is necessary for that to be a concern.

I'm planning "work on doll" as my bribe for completing at least three, sometime this weekend, of:

✓ fold and away all the laundry, including that washed and dried this weekend
✓ visible progress on living room chaos
* visible progress on bedroom chaos
* clean bathroom
* clean kitchen
* at least 500 words written on any one of Val Brown, a memoir, or a Hellenion project

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2017-Feb-02, Thursday 22:32
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Doll will require attributes of Athena!

Armor is right out. But could I plausibly make a convincing-looking helmet? (Though that probably means doll needs loose or ponytailed hair, instead of the Janet-Stephens-demonstrated style I already linked.) How would I this thing? (Remembering I'm not a bronzesmith! Though I may well be taking a metalwork workshop in a few weeks, we'll see. I don't know; bronze and match-the-himation felt?)

Given doll's hands—will photo up close tomorrow—can doll hold (preferably without glue) a spear, or a book, or a pair of knitting needles, or a hand loom? (I doubt this. Unless I tie the things to her wrists with thread.) Think a couple headpins from the beading department would make proportional knitting needles?

Ooh, could I give her a sword belt and accompanying pointy metal stick to go with the helmet? And a "leather" satchel with the knitting needles and embroidery-thread knitting project poking out, and definitely a book. (By which I may mean scroll.) Then I will be covering Athena's three most prominent (to me) areas of expertise: wisdom, war, and crafts!

ETA: Or arm her instead like a fairly poor hoplite...tell me to stop, this is overambitious...

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2017-Feb-02, Thursday 14:26
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images )

Compare the first and third images over last post way. Applying a slightly damp soft cloth (well, not soft soft, but the softest I could find that wasn't actually a piece of clothing) pretty much removed the mark on her face. Not quite all the way, but the mark is plainly visible in the photos last post and hardly at all in the photos on this post. Know what it looks like now, though? A battle scar. I think I'll leave it just as is.

I do seem to have removed some of the blush paint on that cheek, though. Look, her face is a little lopsided now. She didn't look lopsided before.

I bought the fabric and thread and needles and a few other things. The himation fabric is not in fact heavier than the peplos fabric, it's the precise same fabric but a different dye lot, but whatever, it'll look fine. I just need to figure out how it's supposed to go on doll in order to both look authentically Greek and cover those parts of doll's arms that are cloth and won't be covered by the peplos!

Without real guidance on fabric color for the himation (I mean, I'm sure guidance exists, I am just not sure I can be bothered), I bought two colors.

images )

Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 8

Which color should the himation be?

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3 (37.5%)

royal purple
5 (62.5%)

And now I need to go do Other Things.

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2017-Feb-02, Thursday 11:56
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images )

babble )

Next step: the shopping trip.

—which does NOT include buying dichroic glass cabochons on Etsy and tie tacks and clutches on Fire Mountain Gems.

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I did not find my ruler, but I found a thing with inches marked on it. This is a fifteen-inch doll. (I will photograph doll when the sun's up and the lighting is therefore much improved. I may or may not photograph doll's pretty floral bonnet. It's...very floral.)

babble )

So, doll restoration tasks, more or less in this order:

✓ go to Walgreens or wherever, buy hair pick and baby shampoo
✓ go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and/or AC Moore, buy saffron-hued cotton fat quarter(s) (if that'll work) and a fat quarter of a heavier material in a suitable color (should work) and embroidery thread and suitable needle
* if fat quarter(s) won't work, find saffron-hued cloth (ideally wool, maybe linen or cotton) and other-hued heavier cloth somewhere online that will work
✓ find pins that will work
† take photos of doll (and photodocument whole process hereafter)
attempt cleaning ceramic, carefully
brush hair and if necessary more involved hair care
* style hair
clean cloth body
* deal with making eyes an appropriate gray
* cut and hem saffron fabric to result in as close to an 18" x 19" rectangle as is feasible—or sew the longer sides together to make a tube instead of hemming side edges
* cut and hem himation fabric to result in as close to a 15" x 22" rectangle as is feasible
* embroider spider(s) on peplos fabric, and other appropriate symbols if ambitious
* embroider something on himation fabric? ΑΘΕ or ΑΘΗΝΑ perhaps?
✓ clean doll stand
✓ make felt sandals
† make felt painted cardboard helmet
✓ make teeny knitting
✓ make teeny scroll
* braid wool yarn for belt
* dress and stand doll
* photograph doll with an eye to cover art for Strength of Storms
* dedicate doll
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I accidentally a thrifting. Because of reasons.

So now I have a doll, and a stand for her. (She came with a pretty floral bonnet and dress to match, and bloomers, socks, and booties. But those won't, like, do.) Cloth body, and I think the head, hands, and feet are ceramic? Bigger than a Barbie, but I can't find my ruler so I'm not sure dimensions beyond that.

There's a couple stains on the body and a mark on the face. How do I best remove these without damaging the doll?

Short of buying a Barbie hairbrush, best way to detangle the hair?

How might I go about [finding someone who will be competent at] changing her eyes from brown to gray without spoiling the look of her?

(Did I mention I don't own a sewing machine, can't sew a straight seam with or without a sewing machine, and don't need more craft projects to never finish? But, um.)

(I believe I shall begin the embroidery on the peplos, once I acquire suitable materials which probably won't be terribly soon, with an eight-spoked circle that people will graciously admit bears some resemblance to a spider and thus evokes the story of Arakhne.)


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