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I have ten mini-essay questions staring at me and episodes of Nikita and Fairly Legal to watch. So naturally I'm scrolling through Dreamwidth and Livejournal and comment threads on Slacktivist. My DW and LJ feeds are mostly occupied with last night's Supernatural. I refuse to read ep reactions until I've seen the ep. I refuse to see the ep until I'm caught up on Affairs Magazine stuff and have finished my take-home test. SO MANY TABS OMG. ETA: Done the test, emailed in the test, not in the mood for watching Nikita or Fairly Legal. Bah. ETA2: My first watch of an ep should never ever have a pause button. (Yes, it's Supernatural.) ETA3: Seriously, never. It should not take two hours to get through an ep. I'm only twenty minutes in. Screw it, going to the ep reactions and the embarassment-squick-free version on [ profile] supernatural_tv.

The Big Bang Theory 'The Toast Derivation' Recap
The Big Bang Theory 'The Toast Derivation' Recap Hosted by Affairs Magazine
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Apparently this is what happens when I decide the cure for feeling like crap on a cracker is a comedy marathon. The Big Bang Theory, season one, Characters Count Wiki. Verdict: excellent representation of women except that they're nearly all sex objects. Much better than usual representation of characters of color. Shitty on Bechdel and race-Bechdel. And I am not ordinarily fannish about BBT so I have absolutely no idea where to pimp this.


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