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2017-Aug-25, Friday 19:49
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Every time I watch Disney's 1991 Beauty and the Beast, I spy a detail I missed before. This time, it's the asylum director's little giving-orders hand wave right before his minions grab Maurice.

Ran out of that, switched to Mulan. Belatedly occurs to me, the first character we meet, the wall guard who lights the signal fire? Died five seconds after Shan Yu said "Perfect."
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Headcanon: Belle and Beast are both queer as fuck.

In fact that's part of the reason for the Gaston shitshow—in the animated, that is, I have only seen the live-action once and I was too busy yelling about LeFou after to think of anything like this—anyway. Belle would rather have one of the blonde triplets than Gaston, though frankly that's not much of a choice if none of the four have anything interesting-to-Belle to talk about! And Gaston kind of knows all of that! But Belle's bi, not lesbian. Beast? Also bi.

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2017-Jun-28, Wednesday 11:31
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I watched Disney's Robin Hood last night. Things I wanted to say during the movie but didn't because the point of the exercise was Not Typing:

* If Little John is so heavy the Sheriff and his men wouldn't be able to get his neck in the noose, how did Robin Hood—a MUCH smaller than either Little John or the Sheriff—swing Little John and himself into the tree where they're having this conversation?

* Romani stereotypes, enough said. Also are those clip-ons or did Robin legit pierce his ears at some point? I doubt clip-ons, somehow...

* Helium balloons. In the reign of Richard Lionheart.

* Why do I have the feeling this movie is a lot more intensely political in the current climate? ETA: omg A POX ON THE PHONY ORANGE POTUS

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2017-Jun-22, Thursday 15:35
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so many recruits Mulan's village. why no one recognize?

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2017-Apr-30, Sunday 17:23
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Have you ever noticed how aware of her environment Belle is in her titular song?

The wolves appear twice: once to chase Maurice into the castle and once to threaten Belle such that Beast must save her and Belle care for him. Recalling how very precisely timed the fall of the last petal is with Belle's declaration of love and the subsequent pretty transformation lights: I wonder if they're enchanted wolves.

...Nearly halfway through the movie, Belle violates a stated boundary big-time. To wit: "stay out of the west wing" and she does not so much as attempt to respect this boundary because its existence means she's curious. In the argument after the second wolves scene, they're both in the wrong. I'd never noticed that before.

"coarse and unrefined" might describe flour as well as earlier-in-the-movie Beast. Fascinating, that, considering how much women's labor typically (before industrialization, certainly) went into making flour finer!

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2017-Mar-25, Saturday 11:51
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Hypothesis: when Maui in Moana says "I'm just an ordinary demiguy," he means he's nonbinary.

...yes, I know that's not what Disney meant. :(
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Fandango has, or anyway had, a special going where anyone preordering tickets to Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2017) would get a song from the soundtrack as a bonus. I do not know if the special is still going; I know it was supposed to end before opening weekend March 17. (I can't find the special now, so I suspect it's closed.)

Fandango is not permitting me to order tickets for my local theater more than a few days in advance.


It's March 5. Moana is supposed to hit stores in multiple disc formats March 7. Amazon, where the fuck is my preorder button?
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There is a spoiler on Facebook for Disney's Beauty and the Beast (2017). To wit: spoiler and commentary )

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2017-Jan-29, Sunday 17:22
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Hypothesis: Gaston isn't actually that well liked in Belle's little village; Belle's a lot more popular, however odd. Some of the young women adore Gaston's pretty face, and of course LeFou has eyes for no one but Gaston (in a patently No Homo way, because anything else would get in the way of Gaston's oh-so-fragile toxic masculinity), but the rest of the village puts up with him because he owns the pub.

The "Thank you all for coming to my wedding, but first I should go propose to the girl" scene? An excuse to laugh at him, because they all know how Belle's likely to react, and how Gaston's likely to react to that!

You'll notice how in the first town scene, Gaston proclaims his desire to marry Belle and half the town gets between him and her.

And yes, there's Gaston's eponymous song, but, you know, it's in the pub. Everybody singing is a little sauced!

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2016-Nov-26, Saturday 18:47
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2016-Oct-15, Saturday 09:59
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I'll be king undisputed, respected, saluted, and seen for the wonder I am!

I'm pretty sure that line's verbatim the same in "Be Prepared" in The Lion King the animated film and The Lion King the Broadway show. A thing that makes the Broadway version better: it addresses the dissonance between Scar's self-image before murdering Mufasa and the pride et al's actual opinions of Scar well after.

I mean, it does so in a kinda ableist way, and the song that addresses that dissonance—"The Madness of King Scar"—is also the one that gets rapey (which more clearly explains why Nala skipped town), so you may want to stick with the film over the musical.
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It's just hit me how gaslighty Mrs. Potts is to Chip: he reports Belle's presence, she immediately tells him to stop making things up, and does not believe him until another adult confirms his story.

Gaston must own the pub. Else it would hardly be his decorating.

...the bit where a villager is pulling out Babette's feathers is probably onscreen sexual assault.

So is Gaston an example of fragile masculinity (evidenced by when the Beast is holding him off the roof edge, because Gaston's behavior there is out of character for the rest of his persona) or just cunning and counting on the accuracy of Belle's assessment of the Beast to get the upper hand?

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2016-Sep-05, Monday 21:43
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I think I just solved the puzzle of the portrait in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. You know the one, that's ripped one way in the prologue and another when Belle finds it?

Well, obviously it's two similar portraits. But that's not the thing. "Ten years we've been rusting" in conjunction with "till his twenty-first year" meaning the Prince was eleven in the prologue, and yet both portraits depict a young man very like the Prince in the epilogue?


...what happened to him and both mothers, anyway?

(I mean, still fond of the idea that Belle's mother worked at the castle, and part of the enchantment was a forgetting outside the castle about anyone inside it as of the enchantment, so Belle's parents had a tearful reunion at the first possible moment after he remembered her. But still.)

Also, Belle and the Beast are both ridiculously autistic.

Also also, why didn't anyone think to fill Belle in on the situation?
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It still bugs me that Disney made a movie with an African setting but no actual African people, most of two decades before they made a movie with a black princess.

oops actually this got long )
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Headcanon: Prince Adam was eighteen or nineteen when he was enchanted. Belle was eleven or twelve at that time. I don't feel this is an unreasonable age difference once Belle's twenty-one or twenty-two (see XKCD on Dating Pools). And nobody can tell the difference anyway, because physically Adam didn't age much if any while beastly. This eliminates the Enchantress as villain of the piece, because she is no longer in the position of having cursed a whole castle because Adam was being eleven. (It's more fun to hate Gaston anyway.)

Gaston is the least self-aware ever. Doesn't help that he's got the Busty Chorus hanging on his every word. (I don't recall as those three ever got names, or many lines...)

Headcanon: Autistic!Belle. Possibly Autistic!Maurice, too.

Fic idea: Belle's mother vanished when Belle was eleven or twelve. Assumed dead. She was employed up at the castle...

Still love the cleverness involved in Belle dumping Gaston in the mud puddle, and the implied "and stay out" in her putting his boots on the doorstep and closing the door behind him.

What happened to the castle's existing wardrobes and teacups when the transformation hit?

Le Fou is ludicrously un-self-aware.

I am totally here for queer (presumed bi) Belle and Beast falling in love. There may be something there that wasn't there before!

I have not got the "Human Again" sequence memorized, clearly. I keep forgetting they put it in at all. Though regardless of the age at which Adam was enchanted, and sweet as the "You read it to me!" "...I can't." scene is, shouldn't he have been taught how to read long before being enchanted?

Chip is most adorable.

Dude who escapes Wardrobe wearing a bra and skirt and then panics is not most adorable. Ew. Transmisogyny.

That is totally a magical girl transformation sequence. Except that sadly it is not.

I'm surprised the first thing Adam does when he wakes up human isn't check to see what happened to the stab wound.

The "people don't age [much] while enchanted into another form" theory above explains where Chip (who is not any ten years old yet) came from, too. He was born before the transformation!
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*watches Disney's Hercules for the dozenth time*

...did Hades just persuade the Fates to prophesy by complimenting their appearance?

You know, this whole movie's plot relies on that one drop the kid didn't drink. Given the general properties of liquids, shouldn't Hades have provided more potion, so there'd be some margin for error?

The expression on the river centaur's face when Hercules checks to see whether he's a "sir" before saying "sir" to him! (Oh hey. Transphobia.)

Meg is love.

Got to admire how Hercules gets the last thing he needs to win against the Hydra thanks to Zeus. (Lightning always means Zeus.)

Is Zeus just making this shit up as he goes? (The whole "True Hero" thing.) Because in Disneyverse, I don't think apotheosis is a thing that happens—Hercules seems to be a special case in that he started out a full-blooded god and then got mortal-fied. Actually even if apotheosis is a thing that happens, Hercules is a special case here. So why would Zeus know anything about how to re-deify Hercules?

Esp since Hades doesn't apparently know how to re-deify Hercules. In fact doesn't seem aware it's possible until it's happened. "Is there a downside to this?"
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It's really amusing watching this movie through an autistic!Belle, toxic-masculinity-is-a-thing lens. Autistic!Belle is best headcanon. And the fundamental difference between the Beast and Gaston seems to be that the Beast learns better and consequently gets the girl, and Gaston, being determined not to learn better, dies.

Though I gotta say, that one gifset on Tumblr to the tune of "enchantress punishes eleven-year-old for being eleven, and all of eleven-year-old's extensive household to boot, and yet Gaston is the villain of the film? wut?" has a point. Not a point I like, but a point.

And the scene where Lumiere and Mrs. Potts are giving the Beast contradictory advice on how to impress Belle is quite reminiscent of a genderflipped version of "be sexy, but modest; be bold, but demure", etc.

No way is Chip more than ten. I'd put bets on he's not more than five. How did Chip come about, exactly? (Do I even want to know?)

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2014-Jan-07, Tuesday 08:28
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*yawn* it is eight-thirty. I went to bed at two. *sigh* *yawn*

Looking at my progress with the daily meme and the snowflake challenge, one would almost think I don't want to talk here. Truth is I'm trying to figure out how to blabber on about the fun parts of Leah Far-Sighted without spoiling [personal profile] kaberett about what those fun parts are. Also what fanworks to rec for snowflake day three; they will probably all be Yuletide fics because that's what I'm trying to get through right now when I have time and brain that doesn't need to be something-elseing.

And I woke up with the revelation (though I'm sure people of color have said this before) that we're all perfectly happy, in talking about Frozen, to believe that Olaf is human. Olaf. The talking fucking snowman. But even consider the possibility of including people of color in Frozen...

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2014-Jan-04, Saturday 18:21
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Saw Frozen. Much feminist...very white.

spoilers )

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2013-May-13, Monday 12:06
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Day Eighteen: Favorite non-warrior female character

I'm going to go with Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. She was my favorite overall for the longest time, mostly because of her book obsession.

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2013-May-12, Sunday 00:24
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Day Seventeen: Favorite warrior female character

Define 'warrior'. Depending on how one defines the term, either Anna Milton or Jo Harvelle. Though I have a soft spot for Disney's Mulan and Merida.

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Day Twelve: Favorite female character in a movie

Historically speaking, Belle in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Most recently, Hecate in Ember Days.

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