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You know what I haven't seen mention of in one single episode reaction to the latest Supernatural?

What happened to Maggie?

And Spruce, and (though I wasn't expecting to see her back after the webisode series even if we saw the rest of the Ghostfacers, given what happened therein) Ambyr. But mostly I'm curious about Maggie.
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No, brain. No. We are not putting Mazaki Anzu in the same vicinity as Dean Winchester. Nor Kujaku Mai. No, not even in the 'verse where Bobby Singer is Yuugi's father. That would go really poorly. Not that Anzu and Mai couldn't handle themselves, but, no. Bad idea.

ugh BRAIN.

Feb. 24th, 2014 04:50 pm
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The one redeeming feature about this idea is that it's sure to be wholly original.

The idea being Bobby Singer is Mutou Yuugi's father.

(I might still use it in the crack crossover set several years pre-Supernatural-canon and during the Yu-Gi-Oh! Orichalchos arc.)
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I have a confused. Apparently the Supernatural spinoff just cast its leads. *IMDBs the names* To everybody's shock, one of them is not a white dude.

The confused is something else, though. If you compare this report with this report, note that one mentions brown dude's dead fiance, and one mentions brown dude's dead fiancee.

This is kind of a crucial distinction, folks. Canonically-queer brown lead character? Sold, even given that the guy our lead is queer with is dead and also there's no sign yet of any women in the cast. Straight male lead character with dead lady backstory? Fuck the women-in-refrigerators bullshit, no matter how much I want to encourage brown leads.
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Things I am not doing: intersecting Yami Yuugi during the Yuugi's-not-home-right-now part of the Orichalchos arc with a Supernatural devil's trap. John Winchester optional. (And it would have to be John, given the respective timelines.)

spn 9x04

Dec. 18th, 2013 11:50 pm
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If Oz is a real place in Supernaturalverse, what about other portal fantasyworlds? Like, say, Narnia?

Probably won't see Narnia in canon for Doylist reasons—Oz is public domain and Narnia is not—but on a Watsonian level I bet we could.
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Things I am not doing: vidding Sam to Florence + the Machine's "Lover to Lover".
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So, uh, remember Joshua from 5x16? Anyone ficced what the deal is with him now, or what the deal was with him vis-a-vis Metatron, or do I have to do it myself?
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My first fandom was Sailormoon. I remember inventing my own Outer Scouts before discovering—and I don't know how I discovered this—that it was a Japanese show and there was more to it than had aired in the US. I latched on to the Sailormoon Millennia Trilogy fanfic mostly, which I think may have been after we got S and SuperS in the States? Never did get Stars as far as I know, and SMMT has an alternate to Stars as well as a prequel and sequel to the series. My first published fanfic was fanfic of SMMT, and it died with Geocities, and while I know it still exists on the Wayback Machine, please do not go looking for it.

My second fandom was Harry Potter. I spent every free moment between bus arrival at my high school and the bell for homeroom in the library, saving fanfics to a floppy disk so I could read them in leisure at home. And I read the first five books dozens of times. I wasn't as impressed with the sixth, only read it maybe a half dozen times, and the seventh I think I've only read twice. Needless to say, it's been a while since I've been in that fandom, except for Anne Walsh's Dangerverse. I wrote some fanfic for that, too, which still exists on

My third fandom was Supernatural. Lots of y'all know me through Supernatural. This was also my first slash fandom. I got into it the summer before season five, saw Lazarus Rising on a rerun and got hooked, and I was so busy marathoning the first three seasons that I missed the reruns of episodes two and three of S4. (Also the rerun of the stripper episode, but I think that one just didn't reair.) And I was reading [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang as I went. I was a little confused that summer, but once I got it all straightened out in my head I had a blast. I still mean to finish the Epic Bechdel Fixit Project. That's gonna be entertaining, though...

I've had flings with other fandoms, Community, Lost Girl, [personal profile] synecdochic et al's Clan Mitchell Stargateverse, but they were never my fandom, you know?

I seem to be between fandoms at the moment. Unless we count Fairy Tales and Related Fandoms. Or Blow That Trumpet Gabriel, which really shouldn't count as a fandom for me because I'm the canon creator... I'm really enjoying this year's Yuletide fandom, but for obvious reasons I can't name it, and equally obviously there's not a whole lot out there for it.
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Somebody else write the one where John Winchester knew Mary was a hunter from a hunter family and therefore, when he went off on his quest to kill Mary's killer, left his sons to be raised by cousins of Mary's. Say, Gwen's parents.

I have an awful lot of unwritten story ideas for this show for someone who isn't really in the fandom anymore.
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So, uh, for someone who's out of the Supernatural fandom, I seem to be doing a lot of Supernatural fanworking. Namely, finally attempting to vid SJ Tucker's "Mary Mary".

...I am experiencing a shortage of Mary footage.
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Happy birthday Supernatural. Huzzah. Can has celebration of more than just the cis white male leads, please?
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oh no, brain, NO

do NOT make me write the fic where, between the last scene of S7 and the running over the dog, Sam rescues Meg and takes her on a ride-along (safer together) and Meg is there when Sam runs over the dog and Meg tells Amelia she's Sam's sister (entirely true from one perspective, total lies from another) and Meg is there for the whole Amelia adventure being a smartass and passing Bechdel, and when Crowley tracks them down Meg explains things to Amelia and Amelia has the bright idea of abandoning Meg's host and letting Meg time-share Amelia's body and then I could have Sam/Meg and Sam/Amelia and no consent issues

I mean, I'd love to read it, but to write it I'd have to rewatch S8 and no

also, trying to draw Meg, and I just can not get the smirk right
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Not thrilled with my [ profile] spnspringfling assignment but not disappointed in it either.

My third [community profile] queer_fest is probably not happening. I have zero words. My posting date is, uh, today. Yay amnesty?
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Day Twenty-Two: Favorite female character you love but everyone else hates

BELA. She shoulda been around for quite a while longer, she had a lot of potential, still does have if it ever occurs to Carver to bring her back as a demon.

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Day Twenty-One: Favorite female character screwed over by canon

Anna was going to have Castiel's plotline, I understand. Instead she got sidelined and flambeed.

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Title: Love Is Such A Crazy Thing
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The homosexual agenda: spend time with family, be treated equally, buy milk. Written for [community profile] queer_fest.
Pairings: Sam/Jess, past Sam/Brady.
Warnings: Canonical character death. Sexist language.
Word Count: 1300

is it love for real? )
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Day Twenty: Favorite female antagonist


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