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Been to see it now! If you wish to see it and have not yet, mind the ending—it is ambiguous but one character is convinced with reason that "tw suicide" is a potentially applicable phrase regarding another character.

spoilers! )

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2017-Jan-04, Wednesday 14:56
alexseanchai: Mai from Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai)
Kujaku Mai wallpaper now. am pleased.

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2016-May-24, Tuesday 20:25
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Meh. Can't figure out how to make manga chapter 008 work in context of what I've already established for Daughter of the Sun: With Flame and Fury. Because canonically it's a boys-only expedition Jounouchi's leading, you see, so here Jounouchi would still presumably go with Honda but not with Yuuki...

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2016-Jan-19, Tuesday 20:23
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Four more episodes before I've seen all of Yu-Gi-Oh! anime canon. (That I care about. I do not care about the sequel series.) I'm not ready for it to be over!
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(unless the source is something other than the sun, but then it's hardly sunlight, now is it?)

wait what is the deal with this time reversal shit

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2016-Jan-18, Monday 17:26
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Pharaoh and Mana

Check out the Pharaoh's expression right after Mana's messenger birdy named Anzu heads off for the palace.

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2016-Jan-18, Monday 16:03
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Wait. How has Yu-Gi-Oh! canon as of episode 202 been four years long? Even if we start the count at Yuugi solving the Puzzle, that makes no sense. Taken that long to air, certainly, but internal chronology? No. They're high schoolers at the start, they're high schoolers at the finish, and senior high in Japan is three years.

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2016-Jan-18, Monday 15:19
alexseanchai: Pharaoh Atem (Yu-Gi-Oh! Pharaoh Atem)
This episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! is ridiculously embarrassment-squicky. I do not think Yami Yuugi was at all prepared to regain his memories by reliving them sans context!

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2016-Jan-16, Saturday 21:00
alexseanchai: Blue and purple lightning (Default) has been eleven months since I made serious progress on Daughter of the Sun: With Flame and Fury. WOE IS ME but at least progress is now made! I am 56 words short of 8K. This morning I was just past 6.4K.

You know, I remember when I thought this whole thing would be 10K...

OKAY TIMELINE CHECK. Poking at the Yu-Gi-Oh! wiki, manga chapter 005 corresponds to anime episode 13. Since I just finished anime episode 02 (which corresponds to manga chapter 004) if I'm going with anime timeline (which I think I mostly am), I want to skip to chapter 006? That incident doesn't seem to have an anime counterpart. And then chapter 007 matches with episode 10? iirc? (wiki article: stub.) Then chapter 008 seems to be manga only, and then chapter 009 is the first of a couple chapters that correspond to episode 03. So I think I want to do 006 next, then 008, then 009 / 03.

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2016-Jan-13, Wednesday 23:17
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I can't make sense of the motivations of any of the escaped convicts in Yu-Gi-Oh! manga episode 004 or first-anime episode 02. Same fundamental storyline, just the anime version complicates it some and makes Anzu a lot more awesome. But I can't make sense of any of the antagonists.

Or for that matter the bit where nobody, in this whole (fairly crowded, in the anime) burger joint, sees a single bit of Yami Yuugi doing his thing. I'm not sure how many people hear him besides the convict and Anzu, but nobody but the convict sees a thing.

At least I can explain the vodka, cigarettes, and lighter by having the Shadows conjure them?

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2016-Jan-09, Saturday 11:28
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From [personal profile] naraht (and I'm not tagging anyone either):

Rules: go to page 7 of your WIP, skip to the 7th line, share 7 sentences, and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge.

But first I have to paginate the thing, because Scrivener doesn't so much do with pages...
Yuuki finally managed to move her head, only to see Jounouchi and Honda on the ground and Ushio walking away—but in her hand lay the last piece of the puzzle, and the puzzle itself was in her backpack, only a few tens of centimeters out of arm's reach.

She had to solve the puzzle. Only a few more centimeters. Her wish would come true when she solved the puzzle. Only a little farther—

The puzzle piece snicked into place.

A golden glow, and the world fell away.


2015-Oct-27, Tuesday 17:37
alexseanchai: Dark Magician Girl and Dark Magician work together (Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Magician Girl and Dark Ma)
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Movie: Pyramid of Light. Did you seriously name two of your monsters "Dude Sphinx" and "Sphinx Lady". Do they have no other distinguishing characteristics.

(Yes. Yes they did. Andros Sphinx and Sphinx Teleia. And I suppose I am expecting too much of this series; remember they gave us Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl.)

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2015-Sep-02, Wednesday 01:11
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*rereads what is written thus far of Daughter of the Sun before work*

*reconsumes the next couple bits of canon to rewrite on lunch break*

*has plot revelation at half past lunch break*

*gets home*

*does not write a single damn word before going to bed*


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2015-Feb-22, Sunday 11:50
alexseanchai: Yami Yuugi with his face shadowed (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Yuugi shadows)
NEW HEADCANON seriously Yu-Gi-Oh! folks read this fic

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2015-Feb-17, Tuesday 13:28
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Snow day. Perfect day to blast through the rest of Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic canon, or at least most of the rest. I have twenty-five twenty- to twenty-five-minute episodes left, which should be eight-and-change to most-of-eleven hours; it is one-thirty, so I could easily get through most if not all of that by the time I have to go to bed in order to be up for the work thing tomorrow morning. (I was gonna work a shifted schedule today, two to ten instead of four to midnight, so I could be up for the work thing tomorrow morning. But I got woke up at fiveish by the automated call to the tune of no work today.)

...why am I not watching show?

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2015-Feb-17, Tuesday 01:16
alexseanchai: Yami Yuugi (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Yuugi from Bonds Beyond T)
Is it weird that I both want and do not want to watch the remaining twenty-odd episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic? I've been thoroughly spoiled, and I need to know more specifically how things went down in canon in order to plot my epic AU. But at the same time I'm into the very last arc of the series, and (unless I start in on the spinoffs, which frankly I doubt I'll bother—Bonds Beyond Time didn't exactly impress me, though it did give me this pretty icon) once I'm done there won't be any more.

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2015-Feb-16, Monday 11:10
alexseanchai: Yami Yuugi, Anzu, Jounouchi, Honda, and Sugoroku with one intent (Yu-Gi-Oh! five people one purpose)
Okay, metaphysical question about the Capsule Monsters arc. These people in the dragon village are just NPCs, right? Because it's a game somebody designed? So how come the victory rides on the actions of the volunteer-as-tribute girl and her buddies?

And epic silly question:

image )

That is a really sensitive area that armor leaves unprotected...
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I know for a fact that somewhere on there is or was a Buffy/Yu-Gi-Oh! crossover set post-canon for Yu-Gi-Oh! and after Buffy has come back from the dead, in which Yugi tangles with something Buffy's speed and calls Yami back from the afterlife so that Yami and Buffy can deal with the demon and its summoner.

I apparently neglected to favorite the story, and cannot for the life of me recall title or author or anything else of use in finding the story. Argh. Does this description jog anyone's memory?

ETA: FOUND! I looked in my review history.

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2015-Feb-14, Saturday 22:50
alexseanchai: A golden pyramid with the Eye of Horus upside-down (when right-side-up, the Millennium Puzzle) in front of sun, blue sky (Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 pyramid-puzzle)
*frowns at Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0*

*frowns at Yu-Gi-Oh! manga*


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2015-Feb-14, Saturday 16:13
alexseanchai: A golden pyramid with the Eye of Horus upside-down (when right-side-up, the Millennium Puzzle) in front of sun, blue sky (Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 pyramid-puzzle)
I knew I knew the name Ogata Megumi from somewhere. Turns out she voiced Yuugi and Yami Yuugi in Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0 and Tenou Haruka / Sailor Uranus in Sailor Moon Classic.

Now that would be an interesting crossover. But it would take hella lots of canon review, since Sailor Moon Classic, like Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic, is a two-hundred-episode anime...

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2015-Feb-11, Wednesday 21:17
alexseanchai: Dark Magician Girl attacking with pink light (Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Magician Girl attacks)
After apparently eight months I am watching Yu-Gi-Oh! again! (I finally skipped past the embarrassment-squicky bit.) I have also refreshed my memory on what I wanted to do with Daughter of the Sun.

I am really, really not liking the 'Rebecca, Anzu, and Vivian compete over Yuugi' bit in the Rebecca-Vivian duel. Not that I think Rebecca and Anzu see each other as competition? But.

...not at all sure of what the plot of the Grand Championship arc is.

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2014-Jul-07, Monday 13:29
alexseanchai: Sailormoon backed by light (Sailormoon light)
You know, I don't think I told y'all where to find the initial Atheism Plus Recommends posts I made?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0, 01-04

Sailormoon, 001-004

Sailormoon, 005-010

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2014-Jun-17, Tuesday 19:46
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Oh hey guest WiFi at work is a thing. So is Kindle Fire autocorrect boo. I am not currently watching Yu-Go-Oh oh for ducks sake autocorrect. I do actually want to swear here! I am not watching it because Yuugi was not even warned he would be expected to say something to a ridiculously huge crowd at the opening ceremonies of the KC Grand Championship. Embarrassment squick ahoy.

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2014-Jun-12, Thursday 20:01
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...riddle me this. Dartz turned Timaeus, Critias, and Hermos into dragons because that made them less of a threat to him. Um, they're freaking dragons now. How are they less scary as dragons than as people with magic swords and armor?

(I have to genderflip Timaeus for Yuukiverse, I think. Possibly also Hermos, depending on whether I give the role of the third chosen duelist to Mai or Jounouchi. What a tragedy, right?)

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2014-Jun-12, Thursday 13:10
alexseanchai: Pharaoh Atem (Yu-Gi-Oh! Pharaoh Atem)
Just posting to use this pretty, pretty icon. Also to complain about timelines. Again.

(no subject)

2014-Jun-12, Thursday 12:36
alexseanchai: Mai and Yami Yuugi look quite similar, don't they? (Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai and Yami Yuugi sure do loo)

I wonder if Dartz actually killed Rafael's and Alister's families (and probably Valon's to boot) or if the 'captured' and 'survived and moved on' stories are true. I wonder what influence he had on Mai.

(no subject)

2014-Jun-12, Thursday 11:56
alexseanchai: Jounouchi the Mirror Knight saves Mai the Mirror Knight (Yu-Gi-Oh! Jounouchi saves Mai)
The Orichalcos duel disks are definitely magically produced artifacts; Dartz conjured one from the air. And I'm just gonna sit here and be Highly Amused that Yu-Gi-Oh! actually brought in the US military and had a presumably otherwise sensible officer say "Crazy as it sounds, we think our only hope is in a card game."

I mean, in this context it's true, but.

Also, I think I figured out where I stopped watching last time (however many years ago that was). This sequence doesn't look familiar. The sequence with Pharaoh v Rafael rematch did.

Did they seriously introduce Dartz's wife (I know he said her name but I'm not sure I caught it right) *checks wiki* Iona just to creatively fridge her? Yes. Yes I believe they did.

*eyes the Mirror Knights* OUCH.

(no subject)

2014-Jun-10, Tuesday 22:22
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Valon's flashback is to at least a couple years pre-Orichalcos. Valon's flashback contains an Orichalcos duel disk. The Orichalcos duel disks are, must be, a knockoff of Kaiba Corp's. (Can you imagine Seto Kaiba, who takes immense personal pride in his accomplishments such as designing tech, stealing a tech design? I can't.) Which first hit the market what, a week before Battle City began?

Even allowing LOTS of time between Battle City and Orichalcos, no way has it been more than a year. So what is that Orichalcos disk doing in Valon's flashback?

...I think I'm just going to write this one off as Valon editing his recollections to include the disk he didn't actually have.

(One of the episodes in this five-ep sequence included a floppy disk. I went "buuuuh? ...oh right 2004.")

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2014-Jun-09, Monday 12:10
alexseanchai: Yami Yuugi's expression shows he thinks Yuugi is missing something important (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yuugi missing something import)
How long have Rex and Weevil been friends? Because I had the distinct impression that they only met at that tournament just before Duelist Kingdom where they were both in the finals, and they only started sticking together at the start of Orichalcos, but this episode makes it pretty clear (assuming they're being truthful) that they've been buddies for quite a while.

(no subject)

2014-Jun-08, Sunday 22:16
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"Pompom sisters" to describe monsters Yami Yuugi's already described as "the Kuriboh brothers"? Really, show?

(no subject)

2014-Jun-08, Sunday 19:15
alexseanchai: Yami Yuuki wearing Domino High uniform girl edition and holding Duel Monsters cards (Yuukiverse Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Yuuki)
If I suppose that the only reason Jounouchi got Hermos (or whatever its Japanese name is) over Mai in canon is because Mai was with the Orichalcos lot in canon, and therefore give Hermos to Mai instead of Jounouchi in Yuukiverse, am I a bad person?

(no subject)

2014-Jun-08, Sunday 18:47
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When did horses become a thing in Egypt? Because Yami Yuugi seems to know how to ride, and I don't think Yuugi himself does.

(no subject)

2014-Jun-08, Sunday 15:47
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timeline. *sulk* make up your damn mind, show.

(no subject)

2014-Jun-08, Sunday 12:12
alexseanchai: Mai and Yami Yuugi look quite similar, don't they? (Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai and Yami Yuugi sure do loo)
Damn it, show. The "better hope the natives are friendly" joke? Not funny. The bit where one of the exceedingly few black people on the show is the one to steal Rex and Weevil's money? A little funny, because Rex and Weevil, but still racist.

TIMELINE. Either Mai's had time to wander the world and meet the Orichalcos lot, or the Orichalcos arc started right after the Battle City tournament. They flat out cannot both be true.

(Why did Mai's voice change? Change in voice actor?)

(no subject)

2014-Jun-04, Wednesday 22:36
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Okay, so I figured out how to make YGO have a massive effect on SPN in the crack YGO/SPN crossover wherein Bobby Singer is Mutou Yuugi's father. Next question: how do I make SPN have a massive effect on YGO? Bobby being Yuugi's father doesn't count.

timeline hell

2014-Jun-04, Wednesday 01:31
alexseanchai: Yuugi's right eye and Yami Yuugi's left eye (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yuugi and Yami Yuugi side by s)
Flipping through the Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia to figure out where the Pyramid of Light and Bonds Beyond Time movies happen in the canon timeline. Not entirely sure either movie does, tell the truth. Pegasus is in both. I vaguely recall there being much surprise when Pegasus showed up in the Orichalcos arc after being entirely absent since the end of Duelist Kingdom. And the impression I get from the wiki is that both movies happen after Battle City but before Orichalcos. (Which makes them next up, since I just finished the clip show closing out Battle City. Hate clip shows, have I mentioned?)

So, in Virtual World, which happened between quarter- and semifinals of Battle City, Kaiba makes clear that literally nobody has seen the plans for Kaiba Land. (Battle City from opening duel to final duel took what, a week?) Construction therefore has not begun. Orichalchos apparently begins within a day of the Battle City finals ending, and I saw somebody say they counted and Orichalcos took eight days. (So a hella intense fifteen or so consecutive days. That's three seasons, you realize.) KC Grand Prix seems to happen immediately on the heels of Orichalcos, and KC Grand Prix is a publicity stunt for Kaiba Land America.

Did nobody writing this canon TIMELINE THIS SHIT.

(At least I'm confident of where Capsule Monsters goes, and pretty confident that it's canon. Like I said a few posts ago, that's in my season five box set between KC Grand Prix and Dawn of the Duel.)

This is worse than Supernatural's "timeskip of a year! twice! the calendar is still in sync with the airing schedule!" Oy VEY.

ETA: Now watching Pyramid of Light. Pegasus says it's been nearly three years since Yuugi's first duel with Kaiba. That doesn't make any sense at all, unless there was a hell of a time skip between Duelist Kingdom and Battle City. Also, there's an explicit reference to King Tut, which puts paid to my theory that Atem and his father took the place of Akhenaten and Tutankhamen in the timeline. (Manga says Eighteenth Dynasty for the former pair, history says Eighteenth Dynasty for the latter pair.) And Pyramid of Light has a different narrative for the solution of the Puzzle than Season 0 and the manga, and the main anime flashes back to the Ushio incident which strongly suggests that the solution of the Puzzle involved Ushio in the main anime just like in Season 0 and the manga.

(no subject)

2014-Jun-03, Tuesday 20:16
alexseanchai: calligraphy: "the beauty of words" (the beauty of words)
Why, as of the end of Battle City, is Anzu (well, Téa, anyway) assuming that Yami Yuugi finding out the secrets of his past equals Yami Yuugi leaving forever?

(no subject)

2014-Jun-03, Tuesday 19:42
alexseanchai: calligraphy: "the beauty of words" (the beauty of words)
Um. Why does a flashback to Seto and Mokuba pre-Gozaburo include a reference to 'Kaiba Land'? That's not their name yet.

(no subject)

2014-Jun-03, Tuesday 14:33
alexseanchai: Mai from Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai)
*eyes Yugi-Marik duel* Didn't Marik lose the memory of Strings in his duel with Mai? Or did that not stick because Marik won?

(no subject)

2014-Jun-03, Tuesday 03:23
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Huh. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Capsule Monsters mini anime series, that got released as two full-length feature films? Is divided into episodes as part of my season 5 disc set.

(I'm ripping ahead of where I'm watching.)

(no subject)

2014-May-30, Friday 22:26
alexseanchai: Yami Yuugi's expression shows he thinks Yuugi is missing something important (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yuugi missing something import)
Wait wait wait. I thought Gozaburo killed himself when Seto took over.

(no subject)

2014-May-30, Friday 19:19
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Another timeline problem with Season 0 vs main anime: in Season 0, Kaiba Land is a thing. In main anime, per Kaiba the blueprints are top secret and construction isn't scheduled to begin for four more years.

(no subject)

2014-May-30, Friday 17:12
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No, Virtual World isn't a null-time thing. Marik's in this episode expressing his impatience.

(no subject)

2014-May-30, Friday 13:33
alexseanchai: Yami Bakura, unimpressed expression, caption "not impressed" (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yami Bakura not impressed)
Seto Kaiba is a heartless piece of scum, and this was also true when he old was he in the flashback in which he bought 51% of a company ("any company, as long as it values its employees") for $10M and insisted on the former owner buying it back for $100M? Seto's Yuugi et al's age, and Gozaburo died (disappeared, says the dub) five years ago, so, what, twelve?

(no subject)

2014-May-30, Friday 10:44
alexseanchai: Shizuka in hospital pajamas (Yu-Gi-Oh! Shizuka)
You know, I know this guy's an antagonist, but does he have to keep referring to Serenity as "the female"? And Tristan, who is not an antagonist, keeps acting as though the important thing is 'protect Serenity', not 'defeat the Big Five jackass'.

(no subject)

2014-May-29, Thursday 18:39
alexseanchai: Yuugi and Yami Yuugi talking (Yu-Gi-Oh! Yuugi and Yami Yuugi talking)
Has anyone written the fic where Seto, Yuugi, et al lose their duels to the Big Five and Noah in Virtual World? Because that could be fun to explore, what with Kaiba Corp suddenly having an all-teenage slate of officers and directors.

ETA: "Big business always wins." :p to that.

(no subject)

2014-May-28, Wednesday 18:43
alexseanchai: Mai from Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai)
*finally gets back to watching Yu-Gi-Oh! from where ze left off in Battle City finals* I think my 'Mai is the reincarnation of Atem's big sister' theory may be disproved by canon. Mai can't read the inscription on the Winged Dragon of Ra. Kaiba can, because he's a reincarnation of someone who could, but Mai can't.

Though I think in Yuukiverse Yami Yuuki may read the chant repeat-after-me to Mai, through the mind link she established earlier in the duel to remind Mai that Mai's not alone no matter what Marik's magic is making her feel.

(no subject)

2014-May-25, Sunday 19:53
alexseanchai: Sailormoon in silhouette (Sailormoon in silhouette)
I'm starting two series of posts at the Atheism Plus blog, one on Sailormoon and one on Yu-Gi-Oh!, analyzing both shows from an intersectional feminist perspective.

Comments disabled here so that any commentary any of y'all might have will go there. I warn you it might take some time for comments to be approved (we have a bit of a problem with jackasses who think feminism is bullshit), but I'll try to keep on top of the comment queue.


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