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2017-Aug-24, Thursday 10:31
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Thea is sitting on the windowsill, in front of the open window, scratching.

I must not have brushed her enough lately 'cause it's snowing cat hair.

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2017-Aug-09, Wednesday 13:03
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I am watching Disney Lion King and just got to the Timon and Pumbaa luau scene. Thea's unimpressed face is a memory to treasure.

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2017-Aug-05, Saturday 17:47
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OKAY CAT today we are done with the bit where it hurts when you scratch me

...well I got one claw clipped before she ran away

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2017-Jul-22, Saturday 22:09
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Do scented soaps and lotions taste good to kittan?

Clearly I am approaching due for either figuring out how to clip Thea's claw tips or how to apply the red plastic thingies.


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2017-Jul-02, Sunday 15:36
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oh good, Thea ate all her food today

...I mean, I forgot to feed her last night, sooo

but she hasn't been eating as much as she ought to be? so.

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2017-Jun-26, Monday 12:30
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As I'm sure [personal profile] dialecticdreamer knew, my fabric for doll peplos and himation are not in fact unwrinkled, despite having spent hours and hours being flattened by piles of books. I have hung both pieces of fabric in the bathroom and shall now go take a long steamy shower. Then go buy gold or bronze spray paint for the helmet, and also one of those rectangular clear plastic rulers in adequate size so that I can use the rotary cutter I bought yesterday to cut the fabric to size!

After that, or anyway after shower, not necessarily after shopping, I need to deal with what is probably a dried cat vomit. (Under the coffee table, where one does not think to look.) How best, please? I've got spray-on carpet cleaner, which I think is my best option? ETA: carpet all clean \o/ thanks y'all

That's like five cat vomits in the past few days, after a month-plus of none, and also Thea is again not eating most of her food. I worry. What do?

YO [personal profile] synecdochic you know Thea—do I need to be picky about her dry food, and if so, what am I looking for?

Also it finally occurred to me that the way to keep Thea from breaking the blinds on my bedroom window is to raise the blinds some. There's blackout curtains, which is why it took forever for me to figure out where her hide is (it's the windowsill), so the light levels in my bedroom should be unaffected, but it is too late for several of the flat bits of blinds. Oh well; my security deposit here wasn't refundable anyway.

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2017-Jun-20, Tuesday 09:47
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okay cat I'm up

...it is nine-thirty, not eleven-thirty; thanks, cat

cat what is so important about up

cat if I am on the toilet assume my lap is occupied

cat did you eat more than two bites last night

cat yes I hear your hungry noises

cat this is your own fault

...the last empty can had an orange label so I had better grab one of the blue ones

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2017-Jun-18, Sunday 10:11
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I figured out what Thea's problem is

why she keeps biting me, and why she keeps startling at nothing

the 5.5oz cans that I've been giving her half a can a day? say approximately one such can for every 6–8 lbs the cat weighs

she's a nine-pound cat

she's hangry

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2017-Jun-17, Saturday 12:13
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...cat have you been bleeding again

(it looks like there's a spot just above her left eye that has scabs)

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2017-Jun-08, Thursday 11:28
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Camera handle cord dangling off edge of coffee table is not toy, cat. Feathers on end of cord on end of stick are toy, cat.

I think Mighty Huntress here is offended I was laughing so hard. She kept catching the feathers without actually moving off of on top of my Hans Christian Andersen, and now she is sitting over there watching...something or other. There are no squirrels I can see at present...
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CAT, a drama in three acts.

ACT I: THEA sings the song of the empty food bowl.

ACT II: ALEX puts food in the bowl.

ACT III: THEA sings the song of the empty food bowl.


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2017-Jun-01, Thursday 00:25
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aw fuck me. so I stuck Thea in the velcro cone collar that arrived today, right? well the velcro collar has not got as far between the edges as the latch collar. she is once again scratching her damn chin. D:

dammit cat

2017-May-30, Tuesday 20:29
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Houdini here escaped her cone collar.

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2017-May-29, Monday 23:54
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Thea seems particularly distressed by the cone collar tonight. I suspect it's because I had it latched on the first set of holes when the washcloth first went on, and then earlier tonight she got the collar off entirely so I put it back on on the second set of holes and now she can't get it off again.

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2017-May-27, Saturday 11:23
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Kitty is pets me!

I think I might have to take the cone collar off, sanitize it, and put it back on with a washcloth taped to the inside. I haven't yet because that seems potentially uncomfortable for Thea, but there keeps being blood on the inside of the damn thing, which I think means the bandaids over the latches aren't enough padding.

Say, when do I need to worry about taking the red plastic claws off to clip the real ones?


2017-May-21, Sunday 23:02
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...aha. Caught you, cat!

...now what the fuck do I do.

Thea is presently engaged in licking at the inside of her cone collar. It rotates, you see. And a moment ago, and presumably whenever she's been doing this that the collar is in the right position relative to her face, she was scratching her chin with the collar latch things.

Seriously, what the fuck do I do now? Call the vet in the morning? I cannot physically stop her from scratching her chin open with the collar latch, not without removing the collar altogether (I'm pretty sure it's not reversible), and the flat collar is not effective at keeping her from scratching her chin with her paws!

...you know if I'd gone to Petsmart instead of Concord Pets, I bet I could have found a velcro cone collar there. (Concord Pets only had the one style.) I might try going to Petsmart in the morning, and call the vet only if I cannot find a velcro cone collar for cat-sized necks.

ETA: fixt? thank you, #yuletide!

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2017-May-21, Sunday 21:13
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Earlier today I emptied the recycle box and removed the rest of the recycle pile. Thea just now went to investigate the empty box. It tipped sideways and she fell in.

...She meant to do that.

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2017-May-20, Saturday 19:27
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I have the unpleasant suspicion that Thea has figured out how to scratch her chin despite this collar. Or possibly through its latch-holes.

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2017-May-19, Friday 12:55
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this cat. "you have removed me from your lap, hooman, so I will make a point of ignoring you, in your presence. oh, you are going to the kitchen? I will go to the kitchen and I will ignore you by eating!"

good kitty.

dammit cat

2017-May-18, Thursday 10:27
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Thea has now proven to her own satisfaction that if she goes far enough under the bed, I cannot reach her, and if she goes somewhat less far, I might be able to reach her but cannot extract her.

She is going to reappear with her chin scratched bloody, because I took the collar off so she could eat and groom and she escaped when I tried to replace the collar once she started scratching her chin. And then instead of maybe two more days of cone collar, it will be maybe a week. /o\

...and right on cue, there's the pitiful little yelps from under the bed /o\ /o\ /o\

ETA: At #yuletide's suggestion, I chased her out from under the bed with the mop. (Well, they said broom, but my broom is dustpan-sized.) Having caught her, I trapped her in the bathroom and reapplied cone collar and bacitracin. I am a hideous tormentor.

Poor kitty :(

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2017-May-18, Thursday 08:31
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Thea has ownership of my pillow by right of conquest.

If this phone is in another fucking bootloop... *waits, watches* *phew*

I am too awake to sleep more and too tired to get out of bed.

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2017-May-17, Wednesday 18:36
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In Soviet Russia, cat pet YOU!

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2017-May-16, Tuesday 19:11
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Thea heard my stomach growling and went really still to listen. This amuses me.

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2017-May-15, Monday 14:31
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Thea cannot find a comfy spot on my lap. She keeps getting up, walking around without getting off, and settling again.

Okay, kitty, time for more washcloth and bacitracin, and then I have to go to work.

...yes, Thea, the bathroom with the door closed is a place of hideous torment. (I managed to take off a couple scabs, which was probably more hurtful than helpful...)

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2017-May-15, Monday 11:39
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Either my recording of Thea purring really is just thirty seconds of static or I'm installing FFmpeg wrong on both desktop and laptop and thus Audacity isn,'t going to make any attempt to process the audio for conversion to mp3. Or both!

VLC admits only to the static—and I couldn't even hear that until I turned both VLC's and laptop's volume up as far as they'd go. :(

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2017-May-14, Sunday 02:56
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Monstrous Regiment: forty pages in, very pleased, will need to reread for comprehension in the morning

Thea: uh, let's put it this way:

image )


I have 30s audio of kitty purr, I just have to get it off phone and into mp3 format before sharing

(Also she did, in fact, pounce the back of my leg a couple times)


wiggled out from under cat

turned off light

got back in bed

...how does she have the bigger half of the bed

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2017-May-13, Saturday 15:40
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kitty )


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2017-May-02, Tuesday 03:00
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I have a GoFundMe to bring Thea home in hopes of raising a financial cushion so that I feel more confident that I will not fuck up being owned by this beautiful kitty.

I am perfectly happy to bribe you all to donate and/or signal-boost with the promise of cute kitty pics starting basically the moment I meet her.



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