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no brain for anything but bejeweled. cannot has more bejeweled without spending moneys. not allowed to spend moneys.

no brain because at seminar all day (on four hours sleep), learning communication skills. the theory not the practice. anybody know of studies in which 'smile moar' is proven to work on depression? (interested also in the conjunction with 'smile moar' directed at women who are being insufficiently decorative. but mostly in whether it actually works on depression.) what about the efficacy of the principle behind [community profile] 3_good_things_a_day? seminar leader swears studies exist but there wasn't time to inquire about details.

car crash

Oct. 9th, 2013 11:49 am
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I'm okay. Other driver's okay. Our cars are not okay but Dad says he can fix mine and my insurance will doubtless pay to fix other driver's. I'm shook up good, though, still shook up nearly four hours later, and I got ticketed for "failure to remain stopped", and I owe the city money and I owe somebody else money for the tow and another somebody for repairs though I'm not clear yet who these somebodies are.

Thank fuck I have emergency money.

Hugs? Reassurance that I can rebuild emergency fund and that my car will be fine and that the world is not about to end?

(How in hell do I tag an email post? I know I have instructions somewhere but apparently I forgot to star them in Gmail...or possibly they're in the old Gmail...)
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Writing didn't happen. Media didn't happen.

Exercise did happen, in the form of ALL THE STAIRS. MY FUCKING ROOM IS FUCKING CLEAN.

Didn't spend anything except paying my Etsy bill, but not for lack of trying—I want a complete set of Supernatural magazines, and I found on eBay a set of eight issues including six I don't have, auction ending a few hours ago, and I bid $60 which was the absolute most I could afford to spend today, and I was winning at numbers from $25 to $50 until the last seven seconds. They went for $85. I'm currently trying to talk myself out of spending that $60 on five issues I don't have being sold individually on

I am frowning at my food diary spreadsheet, and either my eyeball measurements are underestimating what I ate or I'm eating a lot less than the government guidelines say I should be. The first makes more sense because this was pretty much a normal day foodwise and if I were eating about what I should be I wouldn't be gaining weight. (I'm now in the upper end of what the BMI charts say is normal, which is twenty-five pounds above what my driver's license says and it was accurate when I got it, and fifteen to twenty pounds of that went on in the past year.)

Sleep nao.
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Money: Get $1000 in the savings account designated 'emergency' ASAP. After that, save $20 per paycheck and pay off debts ASAP via snowballing in order of interest rate. The budget starts with the compensation for full-time work with no overtime and no unpaid time off; any money beyond that, such as overtime, sales, and gifts, goes 10% added to the spendy bucket, 90% to either savings or debt depending on whether the $1000 in savings has been passed. The first day of every month number divisible by 4, get a free credit report, rotating which credit-report agency it comes from, and check balances in 457(b) and Roth IRA accounts. The last day of every month, do the income summary in GnuCash and take a good look at all the expense numbers.

Nutrition: 2 cups fruit. 2.5 cups veggies, balancing over a week to 1.5 cups dark green leafy, 5.5 cups red and orange, 1.5 cups beans and peas, 5 cups starches, 4 cups whatever. 6 oz grains, at least half whole grains. 5.5 oz protein (beans and peas can count for either protein or veggie, and at any given meal some can be one and some the other, but not both at once). 3 cups dairy. Multivitamin. Three fish oil capsules. Extra sodium.

Exercise: Goal is an hour a day, divided equally between flexibility (yoga), cardio (walking), and strength (resistance training). Work up to that.

Sleep: In bed no later than four am every day and attempting to wake up no earlier than noon.

Hygiene: Wash face every time glasses get cleaned, because if glasses are dirty, face probably is too. Brush teeth twice daily, not once.

Charity: Starting the weekend of March 16, donate blood as often as the blood bank will let me.

Media: Watch at least one episode of scripted TV every weekday, at least two episodes or one movie on weekends, of which at least half should be something I own but have never seen. Watch Stewart and Colbert every applicable day. Read at least one never-read book, preferably something I own, every week.

Writing: At least a hundred words a day every day for a total of at least a hundred twenty thousand words in the year.

Social: At least one meatspace social activity every month, ideally at least one every week. Square dancing counts and so does UU services.

Meta: Regular locked DW post tracking all this shit.
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I just realized, I didn't say it here.

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Yoga this morning. Feeling pretty good. I should do this more often.

Breakfast, too. I should also do that more often. Even though the now-typical post-meal nausea has set in.

Resurrecting the 'mary project' tag because I'm doing a six-week healthy-eating program and the Mary Project is about health in all areas, not just exercise.
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Ten minutes of yoga and ow.

I suck.
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I do not like my body. I think I would like my body if I could run a 5K and start a damn lawnmower with it. And when I go too long without stretching, I hurt. That right there should be enough motivation for the daily yoga, the daily walk, and the daily resistance bands. Why isn't it?
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Contemplating New Year's resolutions. Famously ineffective, as Literata recently said on The Slacktiverse, but worth a try.

Everyone always says 'set achievable goals'. So how about these for goals:

Daily morning yoga.
Walk a 5K in April.
[Resistance bands goal, currently unspecified.]
Pay off the lowest-balance credit card by May. Pay off the next-lowest-balance credit card by December.
Before June, have enough saved to go to con.txt.
Read a book a week.
Write every day.

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Poll #8883 So I has Christmas moneys.
This poll is anonymous.
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 33

What to do with it?

View Answers

be selfish: pay credit cards
29 (87.9%)

be selfish: buy shampoo off Etsy or shampoo makings off probably-Bramble Berry
7 (21.2%)

be selfish: buy books for research for the SPN 7x01 Clairefic
8 (24.2%)

be selfish: buy earrings, likeliest from faultlesspajama on Etsy
11 (33.3%)

be very selfish: save for con.txt
10 (30.3%)

be selfless: donate to Philippine Red Cross or other charity
5 (15.2%)


View Answers

16 (55.2%)

12 (41.4%)

17 (58.6%)

19 (65.5%)

[personal profile] synecdochic, it's an anon poll, but if you put 'buy earrings', I WILL KNOW.

In other news, I was browsing my tags to see if I had anything appropriate, and hello 'mary project'. I have not posted on the subject of fitness since MAY. Or if I have, I forgot to tag it. I do believe it is yoga time. ETA: And I did not get dizzy! \o/
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The Mary Project would be going ever so much better if I could convince myself that sitting around with nothing to do and no reason to go to bed yet means it's an excellent time to do yoga or resistance bands and therefore I should get up off my ass.

I mean, it's going fairly well. I've walked at least half an hour every day this week. But that is only lower body strength and cardio. I need upper body strength and flexibility. Do I ever need upper body strength—I can't start the lawnmower on my own, nor mow more than a third of the back lawn at a time, and I keep needing both arms to operate the damn stapler. And I hurt less when I yoga more. And there's nothing on my to-do list that won't wait till tomorrow, and I'm not tired, so exercise would be an excellent way to fill the time.

Motivate me? Or explain why I am unmotivated?
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So apparently 'must shut down computer because thunderstorm' means 'must scrub bathroom'. *wince* At least the bathroom's cleanish now?

Which reminds me. I was doing Project Valkyrie. Clearly the name of my project is not sufficiently inspirational, so I'm renaming it the Mary Project. Mary would have the upper body strength to scrub the damn bathtub without wearing herself out. Step one, half an hour of walking every day. Easily enough accomplished at work, what with breaks. Somebody, [personal profile] tptigger, harass me if I haven't checked in after a walk Saturday and Sunday.

Remix Madness AAAAAAH.

Commission YAYAYAYAY. Unicursal hexagram charms smaller than pendant-size no longer exist on the Internet BOO. Neither do the Buddha charms I was using, for that matter, but there are other Buddha charms and for all I can tell from the pic on Superwiki it might actually be Kwan Yin, so.
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Yogaed. It has clearly been far too long since I've done warrior pose. Or the plank sequence. By way of keeping track, I did seven of the plank sequence. Upper-body strength, here I come.

Giving serious consideration to modifying my routine, where I can, to include a twenty-minute comedy show I'd be watching anyway (Daily Show or Colbert Report or Big Bang Theory, or apparently Community—she stirs the pot! she is a pot-stirrer!) during which I do not sit at the computer and instead I step up and step down and step up and step down on this exercise step thing that's supposed to go with exercise DVDs Mom has never used.

Broke two thousand words on the Big Bang! Only eighteen thousand words to go and thirty-some days to go in. That's still doable, right? Right? *crickets* Coherence, I not has it. Plot, I not has it either. I'd be doing ever so much better if I could write dialogue.
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Just watched the Community pilot. Britta is AWESOME. So's John Oliver's character, whose name I didn't catch. Apparently I am measuring awesomeness on a scale of Jeff-pwnage. Jeff I loathe, and please somebody tell me he isn't actually the protagonist. Shirley and Annie and Abed have potential, and I believe Troy won the fandom cage match so I'm sure there's potential there too. Pierce I'm not sure about.

Sleeping now. Yes [personal profile] tptigger I yogaed.
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Cramps = no yoga. Theoretically yoga helps with cramps but theory not work for me tonight. I tried. Also, feeling blah, for reasons I assume are unrelated.
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Wrote over twelve hundred words today, made two necklaces and two matching pairs of earrings, and am about to go do my yoga and go to bed. Good day.
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[personal profile] tptigger: I did my yoga for the day. Feels good. You see how well my pledge to not go back to the computer after yoga is going, though.
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Over on the Slacktiviteland we're talking about how the new year used to be in spring and it makes more sense to start the new year when everything's shiny new than in the dead of winter. Also I've heard quitting electronics half an hour before bed aids sleep. Therefore BE IT RESOLVED that starting tonight there will be twenty minutes of yoga every night last thing before shower and bed.

I'm also stealing it [ profile] truepenny? Somebody on my LJ flist, anyway. 'Project Valkyrie'. As in, becoming as capable as a valkyrie. If in a month I've successfully adopted the yoga-every-day habit, I'll add cardio, possibly counting steps for the walking-to-Mordor project that lives somewhere on the Internets, possibly training for a 5K. A month after that I'll check back in and if I'm doing well I'll add resistance bands. I need to figure out some sort of incentive, too, since if being valkyrie-like was enough I'd have done this years ago.


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