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So put your armor on the ground tonight
'Cause everyone's got to come down sometime

You don't have to be Superman
You don't have to be Superman
You don't have to hold the world in your hands
You've already shown me that you can
Don't have to be Superman

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2017-Jul-16, Sunday 21:11
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I am doing divination the next two days over [personal profile] alexeigynaix way. First card-equivalent is free, money-wise, though I do ask every querent to say something kind or encouraging to someone else by way of payment.

Other than that, don't expect to see much of me online until Tuesday.


[personal profile] balsamandash is doing a one-card draw, too.

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2017-Jun-02, Friday 13:22
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Somebody give me six words. I'm gonna try to write me an Athena sestina.

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2017-Jun-02, Friday 12:25
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*eyes [personal profile] seekingferret's spoilertastic review of Wonder Woman*

I was looking forward to this movie quite a bit until I found out the antagonist is one of my Gods.

Thanks for the heads-up, I guess? :(

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2017-Jun-01, Thursday 16:40
alexseanchai: Blue and purple lightning (Default) I'm kind of flinching at the prospect of knitting even a couple square inches with toothpicks and crochet thread. What do I want to do instead, though, to illustrate Athena as fiber crafter in proportionate size to this 15" doll? A lap loom made of toothpicks and crochet thread?

I'm also thinking a scroll (tea-dyed paper and toothpicks) and a bronze felt helmet. (And brown felt sandals.)
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OMG OMG OMG. *point point* *flail flail*

What Can and Cannot Be Done (1048 words) by LadyBrooke
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Metamorphoses - Ovid
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death, Rape/Non-Con
Relationships: Medusa/Minerva
Characters: Medusa (Medusa - Metamorphoses), Minerva (Medusa - Metamorphoses)

Minerva and Medusa, before, until, while, and after the story of Medusa as one of the gorgons.


In terms of stories not gifted to me...

lots! not counting the 7.6K and the 13K stories open in tabs, 'cause I have other things to do today XD but I'll get to them! )


And since the anon period didn't happen anyway, in terms of stories I wrote:

again several )

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2017-May-08, Monday 15:35
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I a poem :-D

it also belongs on Never Unmindful, but I can't post anything else there till I catch up with a couple things and apologize to a couple people!

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2017-Mar-27, Monday 14:25
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Kelliana's "Wild Maiden" is best song, I'm just saying.

We dance the dance of the Wild Wild Maiden
We dance so wild and free
We dance in the light of the sun and the moon
And the earth and the sky and the sea

I am however annoyed that it's too high energy for me in my current physical condition to actually dance to.

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2017-Mar-11, Saturday 21:21
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I used all today's executive function. Used it up. Gone.

Problem: One of the things I used it on involved moving ALL the clutter that somehow found its way back into the living room and dining nook, and ALL the laundry that was on the sofa, into my bedroom and the kitchen and what passes for a hallway in this apartment. Because that means both routes to the front door are mostly blocked, this is probably a fire hazard. Also, if I want to sleep tonight, I have to do something about the laundry and other clutter on my bed and blocking the way to my bed.

And putting all the clutter back in the living and dining areas does not count as a solution!

The thing in question is I livestreamed a libation ritual to Hephaistos. If you want to watch the replay, skip to 17:something. 17:04 is the closest to the end of the video I can get that's before when the—backwards, because apparently my phone's front-facing camera operates on mirror principles—"starting at four" sign leaves the frame, but I can only move in ten-ish-second increments.

I am not sure whether to advise any of you who are interested to watch the replay; the audio is neither smooth nor synced. I figured out an after-the-fact solution for next time: starting Sound Recorder recording before going live on Facebook and then messing around in OpenShot and uploading the results to YouTube. Problem with that is, one, it does fuck-all for the people watching the livestream live, and two, if I'm just going to upload to Youtube anyway, why don't I just record with Camera and get higher resolution visual and good audio, and forget Facebook Live? So my next livestream test will likely be on Instagram. But another Hellenion member did a live-on-Facebook festival ritual the other day, and her technical difficulties were "I set up outside but then it started raining" and "I have to do this one-handed because I have to hold the phone", not "the audio is three kinds of screwy". Which tells me the problem is either my phone or my wifi—probably my wifi, because the stuff I record with Camera comes out aces, sound-wise! (As well as being higher resolution video.)

(I solved the one-handed problem by parking the phone on top of my strategically positioned DVD shelves, with a couple nice thick books to hold it in place. I am proud of myself.)

That said, though, I'm told it was a lovely ritual. It went okay on my end; I haven't actually watched the replay myself to know whether it looked okay. And much thanks to everyone who helped me finish writing "Litany" to Hephaistos, Creator of Assistive Technology!
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...wait crap do I have to figure out how and where to grind the coffee I buy? Because I'm p sure those bags of ground coffee are ground too finely. :(

exercise )

Be aware that there is now weight loss discussion in the comments.
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I adulted SO HARD today. Go me!

*ponders what Athena Paionia might like as a thanks-gift*

(ETA 19:30: have I stopped moving in the past eight hours, though? Like, at all?)
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Okay. Let me clarify that I do not actually have any fluency with ancient Greek. But I do have a Liddell-Scott abridged lexicon, memories of conjugating verbs and declining nouns and adjectives in high school Latin lessons, and Wikipedia's ancient Greek declension/conjugation tables.

So. The particular maxim we've got here is ηττω υπο δικαιου: êttô upo dikaiou.

The lexicon at the only entry for eta-tau-tau-anything refers me to eta-sigma-sigma-anything, and that's all related to the verb meaning "to be less than, weaker than, inferior to another", "to be beaten, to give way, to submit", it's even a legal term for "to lose one's cause". It may have been too long since high school Latin lessons, I can't figure out the verb tense and voice, but I'm going to assume Oikonomides had a reason for translating this in the imperative.

upsilon-pi-omicron is a preposition. Its lexicon entry goes on for a solid half page, and what precisely it means depends on the case of the noun it goes with. Haven't got that far yet; I'll come back.

delta-iota-kappa-alpha-iota-omicron-upsilon okay looks like second declension noun in the genitive case, which means grammatical gender is indeterminate because of reasons, but English hasn't got that outside pronouns anyway so none of you care. (It's spelled wrong to refer to the Goddess Dikê anyway. I'm pretty sure.) So now I only have to comb through a quarter page of the lexicon to figure out that preposition! Might be "under" or "by" or "to" or "by reason of", though, depending on precise context.

The noun "dikaios" (or "dikaia" or "dikaion") might refer to justice or righteousness or equality or evenness or lawfulness or fairness or even moderation.

So I'm going to translate ηττω υπο δικαιου as "Submit to justice": don't set yourself against justice (or Justice), as [it, She] is stronger than you. (Oikonomides's translation, "Be overcome by justice", still reads more to me like, justice is a goal, work to get there.) It might equally well, if more loosely and verbosely translated, mean "When you lose a court case, accept the verdict"! But as you can see precisely how I got to either of those theres from here, you can translate it yourself how you choose.

Silly question

2017-Feb-09, Thursday 21:31
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It occurred to me I need, during the doll prep process, to apply spiritual/energetic/magical cleansing techniques. Lustral water is safe for doll, I'm sure, or at any rate plain water didn't do damage before. Obviously sound cleansing will do no harm either. The silly question is, do I need to worry about the smell of smoke from a candle or an incense? I know cigarette smoke can stick to dolls, but I'm not sure how much smoke exposure is necessary for that to be a concern.

I'm planning "work on doll" as my bribe for completing at least three, sometime this weekend, of:

✓ fold and away all the laundry, including that washed and dried this weekend
✓ visible progress on living room chaos
* visible progress on bedroom chaos
* clean bathroom
* clean kitchen
* at least 500 words written on any one of Val Brown, a memoir, or a Hellenion project

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2017-Feb-02, Thursday 22:32
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Doll will require attributes of Athena!

Armor is right out. But could I plausibly make a convincing-looking helmet? (Though that probably means doll needs loose or ponytailed hair, instead of the Janet-Stephens-demonstrated style I already linked.) How would I this thing? (Remembering I'm not a bronzesmith! Though I may well be taking a metalwork workshop in a few weeks, we'll see. I don't know; bronze and match-the-himation felt?)

Given doll's hands—will photo up close tomorrow—can doll hold (preferably without glue) a spear, or a book, or a pair of knitting needles, or a hand loom? (I doubt this. Unless I tie the things to her wrists with thread.) Think a couple headpins from the beading department would make proportional knitting needles?

Ooh, could I give her a sword belt and accompanying pointy metal stick to go with the helmet? And a "leather" satchel with the knitting needles and embroidery-thread knitting project poking out, and definitely a book. (By which I may mean scroll.) Then I will be covering Athena's three most prominent (to me) areas of expertise: wisdom, war, and crafts!

ETA: Or arm her instead like a fairly poor hoplite...tell me to stop, this is overambitious...
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I did not find my ruler, but I found a thing with inches marked on it. This is a fifteen-inch doll. (I will photograph doll when the sun's up and the lighting is therefore much improved. I may or may not photograph doll's pretty floral bonnet. It's...very floral.)

babble )

So, doll restoration tasks, more or less in this order:

✓ go to Walgreens or wherever, buy hair pick and baby shampoo
✓ go to Jo-Ann Fabrics and/or AC Moore, buy saffron-hued cotton fat quarter(s) (if that'll work) and a fat quarter of a heavier material in a suitable color (should work) and embroidery thread and suitable needle
* if fat quarter(s) won't work, find saffron-hued cloth (ideally wool, maybe linen or cotton) and other-hued heavier cloth somewhere online that will work
✓ find pins that will work
† take photos of doll (and photodocument whole process hereafter)
attempt cleaning ceramic, carefully
brush hair and if necessary more involved hair care
* style hair
clean cloth body
* deal with making eyes an appropriate gray
* cut and hem saffron fabric to result in as close to an 18" x 19" rectangle as is feasible—or sew the longer sides together to make a tube instead of hemming side edges
* cut and hem himation fabric to result in as close to a 15" x 22" rectangle as is feasible
* embroider spider(s) on peplos fabric, and other appropriate symbols if ambitious
* embroider something on himation fabric? ΑΘΕ or ΑΘΗΝΑ perhaps?
✓ clean doll stand
✓ make felt sandals
† make felt painted cardboard helmet
✓ make teeny knitting
✓ make teeny scroll
* braid wool yarn for belt
* dress and stand doll
* photograph doll with an eye to cover art for Strength of Storms
* dedicate doll
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I accidentally a thrifting. Because of reasons.

So now I have a doll, and a stand for her. (She came with a pretty floral bonnet and dress to match, and bloomers, socks, and booties. But those won't, like, do.) Cloth body, and I think the head, hands, and feet are ceramic? Bigger than a Barbie, but I can't find my ruler so I'm not sure dimensions beyond that.

There's a couple stains on the body and a mark on the face. How do I best remove these without damaging the doll?

Short of buying a Barbie hairbrush, best way to detangle the hair?

How might I go about [finding someone who will be competent at] changing her eyes from brown to gray without spoiling the look of her?

(Did I mention I don't own a sewing machine, can't sew a straight seam with or without a sewing machine, and don't need more craft projects to never finish? But, um.)

(I believe I shall begin the embroidery on the peplos, once I acquire suitable materials which probably won't be terribly soon, with an eight-spoked circle that people will graciously admit bears some resemblance to a spider and thus evokes the story of Arakhne.)
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“I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”
Athena shouts, Her lightning torch aflame
In tarnished-copper green on New York shore.
Escape-to-Refuge is always Her name.
It matters not to Her from where you come;
What God, if any, you might answer to;
What talents, wealth, or skills you bring with you.
She cares that you are safe here; don’t succumb
To tempest tossing you and yours around,
Or rich men saying you are less than they,
More fearsome, and they’d rather you had drowned
Than found this world-wide welcome, found your way.
Come, weary one, whose journey’s at its end.
Be welcome, stranger, who might yet be a friend.

(hat tip Emma Lazarus, "The New Colossus")

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2017-Jan-30, Monday 12:02
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things that are actually really difficult in my current brainstate: trying to read up on ethics, specifically ancient Greek ethics but also the entire history of ethical debate from then to now esp. feminist ethics, and assemble coherent thoughts on the lot of it, when nobody in power gives a shit about ethical behavior

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2017-Jan-25, Wednesday 12:28
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Call for submissions: Autonomous Press: Spoon Knife Anthology 3: Incursions. I'm thinking of writing a memoir exploring the intersection of my neurodivergence and queerness and polytheism—if you look at the possibilities AutPress sets out here, that's certainly within the bounds of the prompt.

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2017-Jan-21, Saturday 14:29
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So I forgot to set my alarm last night, and therefore did not wake up until nearly noon. (Having gone to bed before midnight.) The localish Women's March I was planning to attend, about an hour's drive from here, events started at nine...oops. (I mean, I wasn't sure I was going anyway, because lotsa people lotsa driving lotsa aaaagh, and I knew I wasn't marching because exercise-and-winter–triggered asthma makes marches in January a foolish plan, but.)

I am queer. I am genderqueer. I am not a woman, but I am an ovarian-morph, and consequently I am a target of efforts to control women, especially via restriction of reproductive rights. I am a religious minority. I am neurodivergent. I am multiply disabled. I am one of the scary-high number of USians who haven't got a thousand dollars in savings but have got most of two years' pay in debt.

My existence is resistance.

T-shirt: Trans Lifeline, 877-565-8860. Sign: We were never meant to survive; Audre Lorde, A Litany for Survival.

Today I march by getting my laundry in the washer. (It's also the second day of the two-day Women's Strike, but if my laundry doesn't get clean, it bothers no one but me.)

Today I march by tending my shrines. (Hestia Poluolbos, bring us blessings. Athena Nikephoros, bring us victory. Zeus Eleutherios, bring us freedom.)

Today I march by setting up my new desktop computer. (The peace of mind that having a desktop that doesn't bluescreen at irregular but frequent intervals will bring is vital. Peace of mind is, I think, part of the difference between living and merely surviving.)

Today I march by creating art in which people like me have agency, creativity, power, freedom. Not to mention happy endings!

Today I march by taking a goddamn nap, if I can't scrape together the spoons and executive function to accomplish anything else.

My existence is resistance.

Today I march.

Also: important reading. tl;dr: Morénike Umoye, a black autistic activist, says of the Women's March in DC, "#WhiteFeminism and #ableism strikes again - and today, they win. I'm attending the rally and then skipping the march for my own mental health and #SelfCare." Further down, "In the span of one day I have been extremely disrespected, disregarded, and gaslighted by the very people who are in town supposedly fighting for the rights of people like me!" I am not here for that. I am not marching to free myself at the expense of people of color, and I am not marching to free abled people at my own expense. And let us not forget: If Black women were free, it would mean that everyone else would have to be free since our freedom would necessitate the destruction of all the systems of oppression.Combahee River Collective Statement, 1977.

(hat tip [ profile] UntoNuggan)

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2017-Jan-17, Tuesday 20:36
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Poll #17896 Alex writes devotional poetry/hymns!
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 10

Which should Alex focus on, till they have a book-sized collection of material?

View Answers

Athena-focused stuff
2 (20.0%)

Hellenic polytheist stuff that is not to do with Athena
3 (30.0%)

Neither, there's enough other projects on your plate
5 (50.0%)

The end result will hopefully be an Athena devotional AND a more generic-Athenian devotional (so, like, content for all the Olympians at least) AND my assorted other projects, but, like, in which order?

ETA: thanks, closed poll :)

is mah BIRFday

2017-Jan-13, Friday 01:12
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Hippo birdy two bees
Hippo birdy two bees
Hippo birdy, hippo birdy,
Hippo birdy two bees!


In totally other news, I made a Hellenic polytheist zine! (Well, the content and layout parts are done, I just need to go to Staples in the morning and then do a bunch of printing and folding and stapling.) Table of contents and acquisition instructions are at the link.
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Talking about Hera on Bacchic Underground, predictably enough as She is the God of the Month for January. (Also it's Gamelion, which is kind of Her month!) And, uh, remember this? (Locked to [personal profile] alexeigynaix access list. Gist is, personal gnosis from Hera followed by divination followed by some months thought, and now my long-term plan includes some greater-than-zero number of kids.)

Now, I've got a lot of work to do in a lot of areas before kids can be a thing in my life, and also a lot of work to do before I'm, like, what are the words I want here, self-possessed maybe? something, anyway, enough to be part of the balance that a relationship between mature adults requires. And partner(s) has to precede kid(s), because I am absolutely not capable of raising a kid on my own. Certainly not on this paycheck!

Let us not discuss the anxiety and whatnot issues that have thus far made it difficult to find someone. There have literally been three people who have expressed romantic interest in me in my life, you know? That I know of, I should say, given I'm probably kind of clueless about this sort of thing, given my usual level of clue in human social interaction. Wait, no, are we counting the guy who asked me to prom? Four. (I didn't go to prom. Couldn't fathom wanting to.) Anyway, they're all men, and I'm a lesbian!

I don't even know if I'm asking for advice or sympathy or just a listening ear. I should, like, plan an offertory/petitionary ritual to Hera and Aphrodite, though.


I don't want to go to work. :(

*leaves for work*
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Forget this "watch the ball drop in Times Square" thing. (Not worth finding a livestream, probably. I've no TV.) I'm planning on eating The Foods Of My People--blackberry-jam-and-chili-sauce Lil Smokies with ciabatta and gouda, and steamed shrimp with cocktail sauce, and a root beer float--and ringing in the New Year with prayers to Athena and Zeus and I don't know who all else because I haven't written the prayers yet. Also spending the first hour at least of 2017 reading Something Hellenion-Clergy-Ed-Relevant and painting my nails.

What about y'all? How are you spending New Year?

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2016-Dec-29, Thursday 20:54
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Note to self. Is Black and Pink the LGBT prisoners pen pals program? Is there a comparable Pagan program? Find out.

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2016-Dec-06, Tuesday 15:01
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I wish to write a post that answers frequently asked questions about Hellenic reconstructionist polytheism for the benefit of people who know fuck-all about Hellenic polytheism.

So. Questions. Hit me! :)

(Don't be afraid to make me Do Research, either.)

Hail Asklepios!

2016-Sep-24, Saturday 12:46
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I have just donated blood and I actually feel a lot less shit than usual. Let's hope this keeps up! I have work to do!

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2016-Aug-16, Tuesday 09:29
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"A small bowl of water sits on my desk," she continues, "a reminder that even if nothing is happening on the page, something is happening in the room -- evaporation. And I always light a candle when I begin to write, a reminder that I have now entered another realm, call it the realm of the Spirit. I am mindful that when one writes, one leaves this world and enters another."
—Terry Tempest Williams as quoted on Myth & Moor

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2016-Aug-07, Sunday 12:21
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Metageitnion 4

I wish to report that I have official recognition from Hellenion of having successfully completed their Basic Adult Education class \o/

(now why can't I write this bleedin' four-page paper for my college course? /o\)

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2016-Aug-01, Monday 12:13
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Hekatombaion 27

I wish to direct your attention to today's Indexed, entitled "Good Work". Rather than bother to include the image in this post, I shall describe it: a Venn diagram of three intersecting circles. Top left, "Often tedious". Top right: "Time consuming". Bottom: "Intimidatingly difficult". The intersection of all three has an arrow pointing from it to the caption "Worth doing".

anxietypants :(

2016-Jan-23, Saturday 18:06
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also headache, which it belatedly occurs to me is because I haven't had caffeine today (except for whatever was in the mocha hot cocoa, which I doubt was much)

*grabs can of Barq's, fixes that*

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2015-Dec-19, Saturday 20:42
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Today's accomplishments: three and a quarter hours of overtime (thus discharging my mandatory overtime obligation so that I only have to come in Jan 2 if I want to and feel up to it), ten or so stitches on the cross-stitch ornament for Mom that will certainly not be ready by Christmas even though I had the idea for this thing in fucking January, washing and drying laundry, scrubbing the toilet. I still need to deal with at least some of the laundry folding, shower, and...actually the rest can probably wait till tomorrow.

I am confused as to why I had such a strong sense of Hestia's presence in the candle flames on my parents' Advent wreath.

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2015-Dec-08, Tuesday 10:59
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pics )

This pendant took about an hour and a half to complete. It's purple crochet thread in a granny square, with seven colors of seed beads on eyepins making a sort of fringe, and a crocheted cord. The other thing in the top pic is prayer beads. I need to make a better set—it was nearly four in the morning when it occurred to me I should make this set, and the quality is accordingly. The pendant turned out all right, though I kind of started out intending to make earrings and not a pendant.


2015-Dec-06, Sunday 14:10
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Ah, the marvels of English bastardization of Latin transliteration of Greek.

For some reason the Pleiades are on my mind today. I memorized their names ages and ages ago: Alcyone Asterope Maia Merope Electra Taygeta Celaeno. Except a more accurate English transliteration would probably be Alkyone Asterope Maia Merope Elektra Taygeta Kelaino. And my pronunciation is basically fucked, because, take that first one. I've been saying Al-sigh-oh-nee (rhymes with Hermione) forever. Correct pronunciation is probably closer to Al-koo-oh-nay.

I should...really be cross-stitching, while I wait for the laundry machines to do their thing. Or crocheting. Or reading. Or watching Sailor Moon, since Mom and Dad are upstairs and sister's in the library room and thus the living room TV is not currently in use. Instead I'm being irritated at the dishwasher noise, trying to figure out what's going on in my head, and otherwise not being very productive at all.

...I just finished my finals, after working a six-day week, can't I just rest today? Except I have Things To Do, and I don't actually want to be faffing around the Internet all day even if I am accomplishing the laundry thing while so doing. And fuck the internalized capitalist assumption that I am worth my productivity, anyway.

(And I'm still arguing with myself about whether to go to auditions or wimp out of same.)

book review

2015-Nov-24, Tuesday 21:06
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The Balance of the Two Lands: Writings on Greco-Egyptian Polytheism by H. Jeremiah Lewis (full disclosure: I'm reviewing this book as a favor to him for reasons, which reasons probably count as him paying me for the review, but he is not in any way influencing the content of the review) is mostly interesting to me for its descriptions of Hellenic polytheism as historically and currently practiced. The actual focus of the book is Greco-Egyptian polytheism, before and during Ptolemaic Alexandria and in the present day. Lewis quotes extensively from primary sources in translation, and when talking about historical practice, he cites everything he doesn't quote. It's a worthwhile read for the quotes alone.

Rick Riordan should probably have done his research before writing the Percy Jackson / Kane Chronicles crossover shorts in which he declared Greek and Egyptian magic things better kept far apart. There's certainly, as Lewis shows, enough historical syncretism and—words, gah—overlap? between the Greek and Egyptian deities around whom Riordan's respective series revolve.

The essay "Getting Started" is something I wish I'd had ten months ago.

Lewis describes the central value of Hellenismos as "beauty". I am not sure I agree with this but I am not sure I have any grounds on which to disagree, either.

So I don't have a whole lot to say about this book, but I'm glad I read it.

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2015-Nov-18, Wednesday 00:43
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You know the wisecrack that the ancient Greeks lived in reach of the eminently climbable mountain they believed their gods lived on and never tried to climb it? I know I have heard it before work tonight, but tonight it's really pissing me off. One, how the fuck do you know nobody tried. (Wiki says nobody reached the top till about a hundred years ago, which I do not disbelieve, but ten to one the successful venture used tech not accessible to the ancient Greeks.) Two, that statement evinces a blatant misunderstanding of how any of this works. Two people could be standing side by side on the mountaintop while one of the pair tours the palace of the gods, and the other one wouldn't necessarily notice a thing. Three, Mount Olympos was and is hardly the only holy ground in Greece! Not even the only holy mountain! Mount Helicon's height is not impressive; I bet people have been up and down it all the time dating back to prehistory, and I refer you back to point two.

I don't even know why this came up.
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It still bugs me that Disney made a movie with an African setting but no actual African people, most of two decades before they made a movie with a black princess.

oops actually this got long )

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2015-Nov-12, Thursday 14:49
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headcanon! autistic!Hades, who volunteered to take the lands of the dead as his realm because the dead don't generally talk to him. or get into scrapes that would, were he an Olympian, involve praying to him. it's a much less customer-facing position and therefore it suits him a lot better!

this has interesting implications for the Persephone courtship, too.

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2015-Oct-29, Thursday 16:45
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So I looked up a thing in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, for reasons, and here is a nearby thing, section 2121:
Simony is defined as the buying or selling of spiritual things. To Simon the magician, who wanted to buy the spiritual power he saw at work in the apostles, St. Peter responded: “Your silver perish with you, because you thought you could obtain God’s gift with money!” Peter thus held to the words of Jesus: “You received without pay, give without pay.” It is impossible to appropriate to oneself spiritual goods and behave toward them as their owner or master, for they have their source in God. One can receive them only from him, without payment.
Think that might explain why so many people, in particular those who came to Paganism from Catholicism, are squeamish at the thought of payment for providing spiritual services?


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let me hear your voice tonight

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