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"Wishlists are only for December!" "JULY."*

Why should the sharing around of wishlists be restricted to the shopping season for the (heavily Christian-inflected) December festival of Commercialmas?

Write out a list of things you really want. Don't be afraid to include expensive things, and don't be afraid to write an extensive list (to wish is not to be greedy), but don't leave out things that don't cost any money. Then, when you see someone else's wishlist, consider how you might fulfill one of the wisher's requests.

No one is obligated to fill anyone else's wishes, but please do try to make some wishes come true: this is simply a good-cheer effort to increase the kindness and generosity on display in the world.

Happy gifting!

* pun intended :P

I'm going to sort my wishlist by price tag, for reasons. PM me for mailing address if applicable :) but (1) moving here (2) honestly expecting hardly any y'all can afford to look more expensive on the list than "Freeeeee" anyway. I'm also gonna just toss my Paypal here, and also bump my fiction sale.

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(If you want to send physical items, email me for my address, alexseanchai at gmail. Fannish requests are part of [community profile] fandom_stocking.)

(I will be delighted by charitable contributions to charities doing good work, or volunteer labor to same, but this year I'm not wishing for those things as gifts to me. Do them as gifts to you. Do them as gifts to the people who benefit from the charity's work. Do them as resistance to oppression. Gods know we need a lot of that last.)

* any amount of money

* more Patreon patrons

* other indications that people like my original writing; for example: comment on a poem at Sunbow Publications (or, if the comment thread is closed, on this post, indicating which poem); rec a poem to your friends; remix a Creative-Commons–licensed poem and link back to the original

* local polytheist friends

* jewelry that reflects my faith

* Cosmos Tarot, Wooden Tarot, and Earthbound Oracle

* Pampered Chef manual food processor (see this entry if you're thinking about this before Dec 14)

* pretty sky images

* book recs, or actual books (but before reccing and definitely before gifting, check my LibraryThing):
  ** ancient Greek mythology / theology / religion
  ** reconstructionist polytheism (bonus points if Hellenic-specific)
  ** worship of ancestors
  ** worship of the land
  ** anything on ecstatic contact with divinity regardless of religion (such as experienced by forex Teresa of Avila)
  ** ecofeminisms
  ** queer theories
  ** women-of-color feminisms
  ** disability wrt oppression or wrt feminism
  ** resistance to oppression
  ** SF/F with canon lesbians who don't meet a tragic end
  ** SF/F with canon genderqueer/nonbinary folks who don't meet a tragic end
  ** bonus points for crossover between above genres!
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to quote [personal profile] niqaeli: "look, it's a wishlist, not a 'things i expect' list >_>"

* fifty grand free and clear, lump sum after taxes

* a president-elect who isn't Cheeto, Pence, or Ryan, or possessed of similar flaws

* two cats who get along splendidly (and money for all kittan-related expenses)

* an all-expenses-paid, guaranteed-safe trip to Greece for a month or so

* ditto Ireland

* a self-cleaning apartment
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Sign up for [community profile] fandomgiftbox! It's like [community profile] fandom_stocking only the sign-up's a little different ("Original" fandom covers both original fiction and things like crochet and tarot, and it's a better organized sign-up form) and reveals are in late September instead of beginning of January.

ETA: my box
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To the best of my knowledge, no one has a winter wishlist masterpost yet. Which means I have no centralized location to visit in order to be winter wishlist fairy. (to the extent that my budget allows, anyway.) Thus: link me your wishlists! I'll edit them into the main post as I have opportunity.

wishlist list! )
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* a love seat, not upholstered in leather, max of five feet long because that's how much wall there is between my computer desk and the corner (yes I'm aware that makes it hard to sleep on the thing), ideally in goldenrod, pine green, or royal blue (—or black or white, but obviously I don't know what color cat(s) I'm getting and I am pretty sure cat fur the same hue as the sofa is harder to clean up than cat fur not so hued) (handled)

* Cosmos Tarot

* more Patreon patrons, on both poetry and Delphic Maxims blogging accounts

* Know Thyself poster and Nothing In Excess poster

* jewelry: right now my Etsy cart contains these, these, these, [this, this (stiletto), this (they), this,] this, and a bunch of stuff that is either far too spendy for me to ever actually buy or not available right now)

* a drop spindle kit with instructions for how to use it (something like this maybe; no, [personal profile] madgastronomer, it is not coincidence that the roving is purple; as for what it's not coincidence about, I need to think some more) (handled, see comments)

* Hekate and Brigid 8"x10" prints from EmilyBalivet

* icons of pretty sky things (astronomical or meteorological phenomena)

* suggestions for how to endure the fallout from when I tell my parents that oh hey I'm genderqueer and Pagan and also they're the last in the immediate family (well, bar brother) to find out, because knowing my parents (and knowing that I'm not going to stop loving them) it will be one fuck of a downer, of indefinite duration to boot

* moar bookshelf actually I think I have enough bookshelf for the nonce

* donations in my name to good causes you expect I will approve of (nb: time is a valid currency here just as much as money is; making art in support of the cause in question is also a valid currency here)

* all the Alexander James Adams (fka Heather Alexander, which I mention only because he didn't insist on changing the music credits when he transitioned) music ever (handled); also all the Damh the Bard music ever
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to quote [personal profile] niqaeli: "look, it's a wishlist, not a 'things i expect' list >_>"

* forty thousand dollars plus however much it'll take to clear student debt not yet accumulated

* my apartment clean and organized without me having to come up with the time and cope to do it myself

* an all-expenses-paid, guaranteed-safe trip to Greece and/or Ireland to explore all the history and ancient culture in person

* a cat, or (better) two cats who get along splendidly, and money for food / toys / vet bills for same

* if I am to sum this up in one word it has to be "girlfriend" but that seems to inaccurately convey the desired length and seriousness of relationship and definitely unreasonably limits the gender identity/expression of potential people to fill the role, but at the same time if I start going into detail about desired characteristics I will soon pass beyond the bounds of conciseness

* visual-artistic talent (every time I try to draw a thing for the Transgender Tarot I end up going "fuck this, this is crap" and not getting anywhere, which is not improving my skill any)

* my parents to be accepting adults about my upcoming coming-out and name change (don't start wishing me luck yet, though, plan is right after my birthday in mid-January I'll tell them)

* federal minimum wage to double or better, and my pay to rise correspondingly so that it's still as many dollars per hour above (or better, as many times) federal minimum wage as it is now

* more time that can be spent doing things I want to do

* people to stop being fucking jackasses and start being ethical and kind to one another

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2014-Nov-28, Friday 22:41
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A professor of Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies at my fine institution of higher education and also ordained Baptist minister, Dr. Susan Shaw, has published Reflective Faith, which looks potentially really fascinating to any feminist Christian or anyone who would love to be a feminist Christian if only they didn't see feminism and Christianity as conflicting.

I'm so tempted to buy my mother a copy for Giftmas. She will hate it, though.

I'm also tempted to buy me a copy. I can justify it as research for the novel trilogy beginning Abraham's Daughter, right?

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2014-Aug-09, Saturday 14:49
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This diverse steampunk anthology looks so fab but I cannot justify spending money on it. woe is meeeeee but those of y'all who do have $15 that isn't urgently needed elsewhere should totally buy it!


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