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So I worked up the nerve to visit the local Unitarian Universalist services today. (It helped that Mom was off at Girl Scout camp so there wasn't any issue over coordinating scheduling, because the service was eleven to noon and Mom does nine o'clock Mass followed by Sunday school.) I liked it, I'm planning on going back, but it really didn't help to tell Dad that the guest speaker was talking about this group going from being a community welcoming to LGBTetc folk to being a Welcoming Community (I admit the significance escapes me) and Dad's response was "probably shouldn't tell your mother that". Or, when Mom got home and went "Ellie church WTF" and "UU WTF" and read the about-UU pamphlet that's apparently standard issue to all visitors, she got to the bit about not having a creed or statement of belief and said "Oh, they believe anything and everything." With a gratuitous slam at moral relativism. Yeah, way to be encouraging, Mother. Also, don't try to tell me you attend a church that has the moral high ground over Unitarian Universalism, you're a Roman fuckin' Catholic.
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My understanding of the difference between "welcoming" and "Welcoming" is that the capital letter W means you've gotten actual certification from the UUA and like proved you're welcoming, or maybe had some sort of conferency-doodle about being welcoming.
And while my tendency (as someone who was raised UU) is to both praise and diss the religion in the same breath, the whole not having a creed thing is one of the things I love about it. But there are principles! Everybody always forgets about the principles! ...including many actual UUs. Like, I went to UU RE (Religious Education) my whole childhood and they taught us about tons of other religions, but not our own. So I didn't learn the principles until I sought them out for myself.
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i totally want a conferency-doodle now