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let me hear your voice tonight ([personal profile] alexseanchai) wrote2017-04-13 01:18 pm

[bleepity bleep bleep bleeping] money, seriously, argh

If someone wants to spot me $150 for medication expenses, I will love you forever and also write a 3750-word story to your prompt. (I reserve the right to call do-over on prompts.) Lower dollar figures are 100% welcome and I will still love you forever and write to your prompt too, though it'll be a shorter story.

I am still selling my jewelry collection downsizing; there's ten pairs of dangly earrings still, one of which is sets with a pendant.

[ profile] SunbowArts is 100% a thing, though I grant there isn't a whole lot there yet. [profile] sunbowgems is also a thing, though also kind of bare. (Maybe I will spend the next two hours or so making jewelry and not just sorting jewelry makings?)

My Patreon has many shiny poetrys, some of which are available only to patrons.
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[personal profile] bethany_lauren 2017-04-14 12:14 am (UTC)(link)
50.00 headed your way. Can't do more, but that I can do.