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Polyamory and autism conclusion, I am polya?

(I have not been so identifying because reasons. But this article points out a couple things I hadn't thought about.)
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Yep sounds familiar!

Poly, autistic person here. Peopleing is hard. Being honest and thinking outside the box is easy; finding the spoons to talk to people is NOT.

I'm not 100% in agreement with the article - I enjoy and benefit from processing emotions aloud with a trusted person, and I am okay with shared spaces - but there is a lot of resonance.

On the other hand, just because a label has strong overlap doesn't mean it is the right label to adopt. It takes some thinking, for me anyway.

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I'm not autistic (probably) but one of my partners is, and this basically reads like a page from their diary. Learning to deal with their self-contained, days- or weeks-long emotional processing style was definitely a challenge for me! I am very pleased that we've found ways to make it work.
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I don't know if Jay Edidin (of the much-quoted I See Your Value Now) ever addressed being nonmonogamous in any kind of standalone essay (they've always been reticent to talk about their personal life online) but they are definitely another example of someone who feels similarly about talking and feelings, yet has had multiple coexisting loving relationships.