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What the fuck is Evensi and why has my Facebook event in a few days been added to Evensi?

ETA: I bet I'd get p much same answers were I to ask what the fuck is AllEvents dot in and why next month's Facebook event has been added to that!
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Gross. Looks like an app that's hooked into/partnered with Facebook, because a quick look through google tells me that other people aren't happy about their events being added to this "search engine dedicated to geo-located events" either. Looks like they're also hooked into - and from my v. v. limited knowledge, there's no way to turn it off.

Nvmd. Apparently you can remove it if you put in a support request. Blerg. How did my event become listed on Evensi? I don't want my event listed. How do I remove it?
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But it's so much easier to just violate your privacy rather than give you an option that lets you ignore their capitalistic nonsense!

(Again, this is just my skimming over their website: it looks like they can take a cut of your ticket prices if someone buys a ticket to YOUR event using THEIR website. Fascinating. Like, this seems even more skeezy than hawking tickets on ebay at a 300% markup, because it doesn't sound like they actually have permission to be selling those tickets. They're invisble tickets. Schrödinger's tickets. If you don't buy them, they don't exist. If you do, you get to fight it out with the person running the event. I almost hope I'm mistaken and my comprehension of the site is just awful. Man, I'm glad I don't use Facebook except for in emergencies. Anyone who has to deal with this bullshit has my sympathies.)
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Hypothetical you. Because it's easier to scrape everyone's events up than it is to filter. IDK, I stopped looking and moved on to watching Clone Wars.