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2011-Apr-13, Wednesday 00:07
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Forty-five hundred. Not bad considering I spent the evening away from keyboard and spent most of my time at the keyboard fuming at my parents. Still have no idea how I'm getting from 'Dean and Sam are seven and three' to 'Dean and Sam are twenty-seven and twenty-three'. Though I think Sammy's a older in this last scene, he's a bit articulate for a three-year-old.

Dear world, including but not limited to everyone het up by the incident in Seattle with the 'spring spheres' aka secular Easter eggs? NOT EVERYONE IS CHRISTIAN.


Dear self? You know that bat that was flying around madly this evening trying to get away from the big threatening creatures and didn't have the sense to leave the way it came? Yeah. You have less sense than that bat. You know saying anything in response to a political rant from Mom ends badly. Stop doing it.

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2011-Apr-13, Wednesday 06:36
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Whee up early enough to check my reading list before leaving!

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Feel free to inquire about any of them.

My only WIP is my Big Bang, Dance or Die (These Dreams are Forever).
Mary goes for a ten-mile run every morning and comes back just as the boys are waking up. She showers, they breakfast, and Mary drives Dean to school and Sammy to Missouri's and herself to the cleaner's. That brings her from six to nine. Mary spends five hours at the cleaner's, dealing with customers and paperwork and shuffling clothes through the Spencers, and stops at Jaybird's Diner the days she can afford it; nearly every day she eats a peanut butter sandwich. Then she picks Dean up from school, feeds him a snack in the car, and they both go over to the garage, where Mary bangs on engines and does paperwork until seven. Mary picks Sammy up from Missouri's and drives the boys home for dinner at eight. The boys go to bed soon after, leaving Mary time for an hour of calisthenics before bed.

Saturdays are harder. No side trips to the school or Missouri's, just taking the boys with her to the cleaner's and the garage, which means dividing her attention between the boys and her work. Sundays are easier, in one sense. After church, Mary stays home and chases the boys through their chores and does as much of the housework as she can manage.

Thank God for Missouri. Mary doesn't know how she managed without her.


2011-Apr-13, Wednesday 10:54
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Title: Unconditional
Rating: PG-13
Summary: For [livejournal.com profile] queenklu's months-ago Any Pairing, Any Fandom, Anything Goes Ilu Fest, to the prompt "I am perfectly happy co-depending on you" "because they're erotically co-dependent. Even the angels say so."
Pairings: Sam/Dean.
Warnings: You have seen canon, right?
Word Count: 510

the light of golden treasure )

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2011-Apr-13, Wednesday 17:38
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Oh for fuck's sake brain there is more story there.

Promptfest? Give me scenarios plausible for Sam and Dean being raised by Mary in Lawrence (with some help from Missouri, because she's not fool enough to let a baby psychic sprout unattended in her town) and I'll endeavor to write said scenarios for the Big Bang, PMing you the results so you see what you prompted but nobody else does until my posting date. I'm open to Mary/Missouri in these scenarios. Sound good?

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2011-Apr-13, Wednesday 20:58
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Dear Mother, I can hear you. For the record, I do not actually believe that if I cannot find something on the Internet, it never happened. I stand by the belief, however, that the incident where the burglar sued the homeowner and won is an urban legend, because I looked it the fuck up, and the only such incident I could find where the burglar and homeowner were named, the court opinion translates to 'the burglar was laughed out of court'.
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Top fics on AO3 by hit count and analysis thereof.

top fifteen out of...holy shit I'm prolific )

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2011-Apr-13, Wednesday 23:18
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Zero words on the Big Bang. Gaaaah. Didn't rehearse the speechbit I have to give tomorrow, either. At least the major writing project due tomorrow evening is done. And car loan is just about straightened out and car will have new air filter and oil and antifreeze this weekend. SLEEPING NOW.


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