2011-Aug-15, Monday

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2011-Aug-15, Monday 00:14
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Dear Doctors Without Borders website:


Dear Doctors Without Borders:

I already donate to you monthly. Stop sending me please-donate-monthly letters.

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2011-Aug-15, Monday 01:24
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Work in seven hours cannot sleep ARGH.

So I just discovered [livejournal.com profile] fandomaid is doing auctions to help Somalia with the famine. My thread for fanfiction. My thread for custom jewelry. My thread for a custom Mary Campbell bracelet.

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2011-Aug-15, Monday 19:53
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I had a thought today, and I want to know whether, if I were to seriously pursue this thought, I'd be out of my tree or just out on a limb.

Opening a jewelry business. Like, an actual business. Borrowing startup capital, hiring employees, making a metric ton of inventory, storefront in the mall or downtown, the works. A particular storefront near my current place of employment is open, rent $650 a month, and I figure I'd want me and one employee to start at $15 an hour (and do not suggest lowering that number, that's only a little above a living wage) for forty hours a week apiece which comes to $4800 a month so $5450, materials could easily be another five hundred a month, so if I could get a loan for twenty thousand dollars (or hit up kickstarter.com for twenty thousand dollars) I'd have operating expenses for three months plus two thousand more to fix up the storefront with, and if I could pull in six thousand dollars a month I'd come out ahead. But I'd have to be very sure this would work for it to be worth quitting the state job, which I'd have to do to have the time and to avoid having the conflict of interest.

I keep thinking, Syn did it! I am trying not to think about all the experience Syn had working for LJ before she started DW. My experience in retail consists of the back room at Macy's and the production line at Subway. But I'm sure successful entrepreneurs have started with less.


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