2012-May-08, Tuesday

Asagao Ni: Sand

2012-May-08, Tuesday 01:48
alexseanchai: AtLA 1x04: Suki leading the Kyoshi Warriors (AtLA 1x04 Suki leader)
Title: Asagao Ni: Sand
Rating: G
Summary: Katara talks to a Kyoshi Warrior. Missing scene from 1x04 "The Warriors of Kyoshi".
Pairings: None.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 300

at this rate, we won't get to the north pole till spring )
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I have to figure out what I'm taking over the summer and I have to figure it out kind of quickly. With limited assistance from my advisor, because I have not yet found out who my advisor is. I have, or so I understand, money for three courses. One has to be Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory. The other two...and this is the short list; registration's been open for weeks, so a bunch of the ones I was looking at have no space left. (I was really kind of hoping to get the biological science baccalaureate core requirement over and done with, but there are only three Ecampus courses that fill that requirement, at least that I've seen, and two are full this summer and the third requires on-campus lab work. And my one course in the fall has to be Intermediate Microeconomic Theory, and nothing's posted for winter yet.)

Communication and Culture in Cyberspace, which I am absolutely dying to take but I don't know if I can get it past the state, even though it will fill a liberal arts core requirement.

Introduction to Computer Science. I need something computer-science for the Bachelor of Science requirements, and I believe this will fit the bill.

Deductive Logic. Doesn't fill any requirements, unless I go for the Law, Economics, and Policy concentration (and even then it's an elective), but it's Deductive Logic. It's also contingent on how many credits of mine transfer, because I have to have junior standing to take it and I think there's a limit on how many non-equivalent-to-OSU-courses credits transfer so I don't know if I'll have junior status.

State and Local Government and Politics. Fills no requirements unless I go for the poli-sci minor, which I haven't decided yet, but I work for the state.

Introduction to Statistical Methods. Fills a BS requirement in a way that makes the economics department happy. Not this semester, apparently. Class is full.

Women: Self and Society. Could fill either of two baccalaureate core requirements or one of the liberal arts core requirements, and is required for the women's studies major I still want.

Women: Personal and Social Change. Ditto.



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