2012-May-18, Friday

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Major advisor says she cannot get me into Intermediate Macroecon. Boo. She also strongly recommends that every course I take from here out be upper-division if at all possible, because I have 61.5 credits to go and I need 60 of them to be upper-division. MUS 102? Not upper-division. Boo. And the only thing that fills the lit-or-fine-arts req and is Ecampus and is upper division is Modern Short Story. On the one hand, according to the spring syllabus (summer syllabus is not available), one of the choices for 'must do one of these for every story' is 'Write your own fictional scene that imitates the story’s voice or includes the same character. After ending your scene, explain to us how your creation was inspired by the published story.' If the fanfic needs explained, it is not very good fanfic, but still. On the other hand, my experience with non-fanfic, non-speculative-fiction short stories has not been something I care to repeat, and I don't get the impression that this course will cover any speculative fiction.

Contemplate contemplate. Register for Money and Banking and for Communication and Culture in Cyberspace (which is upper-division). (Registration for fall is not yet open.) Contemplate some more. State and Local Government and Politics? Deductive Logic? One of the starter women's studies classes? (not upper-division but required for both the minor and the major) Contemplate.


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