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2012-Aug-15, Wednesday 00:21
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I'm worldbuilding what might fairly be described as a genderbent, racebent Supernatural in which nobody gets fridged and the creative force behind the project knows what 'social justice' means. (So, not very like Supernatural at all. Le sigh.) I'm currently trying to figure out whether the storyverse is theistic (Christian style, as I wish to play with angels and know the Christian mythos best), theistic (American Gods style, which does not preclude playing with angels), or atheistic (in which case, where did the angels come from?). I'm certain that my four most important characters have at least six different opinions on this, and somewhere in the course of the story they're going to find out who's right. So, in the interest of solving this mystery and figuring out what happens after, a survey:

What is your religious identity? I don't need more detail than 'agnostic', 'atheist', 'monotheist', 'polytheist', or the like, and if theist then the broadest term that accurately describes you (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Shinto, Pagan, Hellenic Reconstructionist, what have you), but anything you want to tell me is welcome.

If you're sure of how many gods there are, whatever number you think that is, what would convince you that there are multiple gods when you thought one or none, or that there is only one when you thought multiple or none, or that there are none when you thought at least one? If you're agnostic, what would make you sure of the number of gods, whether that number is zero, one, or multiple?

If you were so convinced, what would you do?

If some degree of publicity is necessary to convince you (which I know is true of at least some people, who say that if it can't be verified scientifically then it's not sufficiently convincing), what do you think the other witnesses, and anyone who heard about the incident from them or from you, would do?

As always, anon comments are on but screened. My usual procedure is to unscreen anything that isn't spam; for this survey, I will unscreen only those anon comments that say I'm allowed to unscreen them. If you're commenting anonymously because you have neither a Dreamwidth nor an OpenID account and you don't care to create a DW account (fyi free DW accounts don't presently require invites), rather than because you don't want me or spectators to know who you are, please identify yourself.

Thank you!

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2012-Aug-15, Wednesday 14:20
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FriendBlab. My profile's on there. My profile has ninety-eight friends listed and the names are all familiar, which means if you're reading this there's a really good chance your profile's on there too. The site keeps erroring when I go to check my timeline, so I don't yet know whether any of my content is on there, so I have not yet sent a DMCA takedown request, but y'all check y'all's, okay? The friend search thing on the homepage doesn't always work, didn't for me, so start with my profile, see if your name's there.


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