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2012-Aug-17, Friday 02:14
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It's been a while since I read the Le Guin stories involving sedoretu—does anyone remember if the moieties have associated constructions along the lines of gender roles or sex discrimination? I have the impression not, but that seems absurd: moiety is a dividing line between people, and people collectively insist on taking any division between people as an excuse for people on one side of the line to discriminate against people on the other.

Also, what's the deal with forbidding sexual relations between members of the same moiety? Seems to me that it's along the same lines as forbidding sexual relations between members of the same sex, which if you're reading this you're probably aware that the latter prohibition is stupid and one shouldn't obey it unless one wants to and one certainly shouldn't enforce it on others, so why preserve the former prohibition?

I have the feeling that these questions are similar to asking 'what about the women?' in alpha/beta/omega 'verses, namely, the question might need asking but the fact of asking it proves that the asker has missed the point of the trope.


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