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I've broken my self-imposed starts-the-moment-the-ep-hits-the-air spoiler moratorium re 8x02. I have not actually finished watching 8x02. Excluding the wedding ep, which I have made a point of not seeing (gonna have to whenever I get back on the Epic Bechdel bandwagon, but I will be watching that ep very reluctantly and probably pause it so often in order to wait out the embarrassment squick et al that watching it'll be a four-hour endeavor), I don't think I've seen any spoilers for an already-aired episode since before 5x01 aired. (I caught a rerun of 4x01, must have been the week after 4x22 aired, and fell in love, and caught up with S1-S3 simultaneously with S4 simultaneously with that year's Big Bang. Spoilers did not concern me much that summer.) And the spoilers are telling me that I will love this episode. I quite like the twelve minutes I've already seen.

The fuck is wrong with me that I can't watch the remaining half hour? The problem today is not butterfly brain; if it were, I would not have made it through the three Daily Show eps I just watched. So I honestly do not know.
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To begin: I do not know which of my requests brought you here, and I am perfectly happy to tempt you into writing something we were not matched on, regardless of which fandom we matched on. Therefore, a bit on each of my requests:

fandom primers! )

Now, a bit about what I like: Ladies being awesome. Bechdel passing. People of color being awesome. Femslash, het, slash, poly, gen. Porn, pornless shippy fic, gen. (Obviously I am not asking you to provide all my likes at once.)

Things I dislike: Underage. Non-con. Disrespectful treatment of women and/or queer folk and/or people of color and/or people of religious beliefs other than Christianity. (That last, probably not relevant. Religion is not a factor in Cinderfella, and in Glenscar and Fallen London, everyone with identifiable religious beliefs is Christian, as is Florence of Florence + the Machine though of the nominated songs it is a factor only in Howl and then only barely. But I thought I'd mention it nonetheless.) Cross-generational sexual and/or romantic relationships, though if an involved character does not, in my head, have an age, then it won't bother me as long as all the involved characters are clearly adult. I can't really explain any better than that; this makes about as much sense to me as it does to you. Sorry about that. Anyway, in Glenscar everybody has ages, in Cinderfella everybody but the stepmother and godmother is about the same age, there's no age markers in any of the Lungs songs, and in Fallen London, well. Evidence from the Long-Lost Daughter storyline suggests the player is thirty years old or so, perhaps older but certainly no younger; the Quiet Deviless and Affectionate Devil are ageless.

and on to specifics! )

In conclusion: anything you write is likely to delight me. Write to please yourself as much as to please me, and thank you in advance!


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