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2012-Oct-18, Thursday 21:06
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Finally watched the rest of 8x02. Aside from a couple wtfs that other people's reactions have covered in detail, I have no comments at this time. Except that the viewing experience would have been better if it weren't on this thing: http://www.amazon.com/Visual-Land-2-Inch-Screen-Headphones/dp/B003SVQQN8/

I did not buy that player on Amazon. I bought it at the local CompUSA. As you can see from the Amazon reviews, this was a mistake. It took three tries to get it to charge fully, or indeed to charge at all. Going to the menu and picking 'all music' does not show me all the music on the player, and what it does show is impossible to navigate: stuff in subfolder A is ahead of stuff from subfolder B is ahead of stuff in no subfolder, but there is no way to show me only what is in subfolder A, or to show me a list of subfolders plus a list of songs in no subfolder. Most of the time when I pause it for a minute, it does not respond to any attempt to unpause it shy of turning it off and back on, and then it thinks the last song I was playing was number sixty-three when the actual song was number eighty-five or one-forty-four, and then I have to go to 'all music' and hit the next button eighty-five or one-forty-four times to get back to the song I was on. It does not respond to holding the 'next' or 'previous' button unless I am fast-forwarding through a song or video. Pausing a video is as bad as pausing a song, because I have to off-and-on it and then I have to fast-forward through the video till I get to where I left off; when the video is forty minutes long... There is no way to randomize song selection. I cannot take pictures or video if the battery is not sufficiently charged; the battery indicator currently shows about a third charged, which is insufficient. This is after three and a half hours of music and half an hour of video, when the package says the battery is good for twenty hours of music. I realize video takes more power than music, especially since the screen shuts off while playing music, but this is absurd. ETA: Half an hour of music later, it died.

Why yes, I do mean to print out this post and take it to CompUSA in hopes of a refund.


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