2017-Jan-04, Wednesday

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2017-Jan-04, Wednesday 02:06
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It would be nice to know why my lower back screams at me when I lie down flat. I mean, the answer is probably "shitty posture at computer" and/or "not enough stretching", but.

(This is a thing I have noticed before but am not sure I've commented on.)

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2017-Jan-04, Wednesday 12:06
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look it's a T-shirt with a flock of rainbow birds and the banner "GENDER EUPHORIA" I wants it

*looks at bank balance sadly* and it's gone tomorrow. :(

Nameless Woman: Fiction by Trans Women of Color Kickstarter. Already funded, which pleases me.

*looks at bank balance sadly*

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2017-Jan-04, Wednesday 14:56
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Kujaku Mai wallpaper now. am pleased.

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2017-Jan-04, Wednesday 18:20
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what failed: FLTMGR.SYS

I don't know what this means except it's different from previous bluescreens

...I feel like my whole public-facing journal lately, and no small amount of locked, is technical issues. /o\

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2017-Jan-04, Wednesday 18:58
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Okay, here's what I'm thinking of doing, because I am so sick of the bluescreening: HP Elite 8200 Desktop PC - Intel Core i5-2400 3.1GHz Quad-Core Processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 120GB SSD, Intel HD Graphics, Windows 10 Professional 64-bit (Refurbished), $260, and then (if it'll fit in the new machine) pull the hard drive out of the current machine and reformat it to be purely data storage. Failing that, 2TB Seagate external hard drives appear to be $90. (And I would want 2TB or bigger, because my 1TB external is 3/4 full and also a few years old and cranky.)

I don't like this plan, because money.

...though it occurs to me the credit union half of my paycheck hits my account in about five hours, doesn't have the pension deduction line item, and does have a fuckton of overtime. I can afford this thing, going by cash-about-to-be-on-hand. I shouldn't just buy this thing as soon as I see the money in my account, because I am supposed to be doing other things with that money, but I could.

The other problem with this plan is this existing desktop is 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Home 64-bit, Intel i5 3.0GHz processor. So not much of a specs improvement, unless installing more RAM in the new machine is an option.


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