2017-Jan-12, Thursday

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2017-Jan-12, Thursday 13:39
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Introducing Daliyah, the 4-year-old girl who has read more than 1,000 books

look at this adorable little prodigy

(I am surprised that when this came across my FB, it didn't have the hashtag #BlackGirlMagic)

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2017-Jan-12, Thursday 14:28
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Therapist apparently builds computers for fun. So I am sitting here in my therapy appointment, watching her look at computer parts. I get the impression I'm returning the not-yet-opened computer I bought and then, with Therapist, assembling a better computer for less money.

...I was okay with paying the laziness surcharge, but THIS WORKS TOO.

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2017-Jan-12, Thursday 23:07
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Well hell. About that "build a new computer better than the newly purchased computer for the same or less price" thing?

Several manufacturers' policies and restrictions disallow product returns. The following manufacturer's products (not all inclusive) are also not returnable to us: 3Com, Compaq, Cisco, IBM, Intel, HP, Toshiba, Adobe, Quark, Lenovo, Sony and Polycom. Other manufacturers apply to this list, so please call us for the latest information. You will need to contact the manufacturer directly regarding return or replacement of these brands under their respective guarantees and/or warranties.

...Guess the brand of the computer sitting in an unopened box by my coffee table.


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