2017-Jan-13, Friday

is mah BIRFday

2017-Jan-13, Friday 01:12
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Hippo birdy two bees
Hippo birdy two bees
Hippo birdy, hippo birdy,
Hippo birdy two bees!


In totally other news, I made a Hellenic polytheist zine! (Well, the content and layout parts are done, I just need to go to Staples in the morning and then do a bunch of printing and folding and stapling.) Table of contents and acquisition instructions are at the link.

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2017-Jan-13, Friday 21:29
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Youngest sister—since I was taking off work today for my birthday anyway—invited me to her drama class production of Deathtrap. Very glad I went. That is an exceedingly twisty play. Exceedingly meta, too. She was sound tech—she told us after that she was doing a last check of the sound effects before the show and the first file for act two didn't open properly, so she was frantically re-downloading the file during act one.

Good birthday.

That said, though, seriously fuck the thing where it's okay for characters in a high school theatrical production to be overtly straight but not overtly gay or bi. Sister also told us the drama teacher insisted on taking that part out.


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