2017-Jan-14, Saturday

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Original fiction, 450 words of autistic lesbian romance, CN ableism, written for [community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam. This month's theme is "Laughter". Go forth and prompt and create!

Kay sits at her desk before class, flipping her owl pendant around and around and around its chain. )

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2017-Jan-14, Saturday 13:48
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As I just told [profile] bitesized_cleaning: It's not that I have zero spoons. It's that I have somewhere north of zero but south of two functioning lungs. Just now I went up one flight of steps to the laundry room, moved stuff from dryer to basket and washer to dryer, took basket back down to my apartment, and FLOPPED because breathing is hard. D: D: D:

And I can't even open the patio doors to get some breeze and that lovely rain smell. It's just north of freezing!

Let us not discuss the possibility of an incense offering to Hestia or Athena, okay, even though I badly want to, because that would be a bad plan...

(yes yes inhaler I know)


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